UFOs in the Gulf Breeze-Pensacola Area:Contact Since 1955.

Final - Genetic Engineering and Rival Extra-Terrestrials

by Anonymous

As I approach the last section of this series, I would like to say that the information you have been reading was derived from a series of hypnosis sessions between June of 1989 to October of 1990. There were many details and experiences covered in the sessions that were omitted from this presentation for brevity. The information remained consistent from session to session for over a year.

In presenting what was discussed at this meeting with extra-terrestrials in late 1956 or early 1957, I am going to report an abbreviation of the conversation threads as they developed in the last hypnosis session of the series in October of 1990. At that time I did not know what this information meant because it's meaning was being blocked from my consciousness. It wasn't until several years later that I discovered the details. The content of these last few paragraphs are complete stories by themselves and will ultimately be presented in the detail they require and merit.

This information can be considered controversial but it is what happened. There is a big debate about the various extra-terrestrial civilizations and there are always supporters for every one of them. So this last section that characterizes a particular extra-terrestrial civilization in a particular way is not intended for debate. It is informational only. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Continuing the conversation flow: After the topic of the next generation of us, whatever we are and whatever that is, the extra-terrestrials began talking about their concern about the genetic breakthrough that the gray aliens had made in Nazi Germany. They said the gray extra-terrestrials had succeeded in contriving a way to make their alien gametes work with human gametes. The goal was a half human-half gray alien with the superiority of the extra-terrestrial portion.

It was obvious that the gray extra-terrestrials did not have the best interest of humans in mind.

Additional information was discussed, which may be presented later in it's appropriate context, about this topic and then logistic solutions about the situation were discussed but that was blocked from my recall at that time.

When the meeting ended, we went back to the matter transformation tubes and were returned to our "normal" selves.

The after effects of the process can only be described as feeling like....., the closest analogy, and it is not the best, is like a hangover without the headache.

We went back to the shuttle which took us back to the flying saucer. The saucer exited the mountain and we were dropped off in reverse order of pickup which is only logical.

That was the experience one night in late 1956 or early 1957. I hope that you found it interesting and possibly informative.