UFOs in the Gulf-Breeze-Pensacola Area:Contact Since 1955.

Part Three - Flight to Alien Base Continues and More People are Picked Up

by Anonymous

The ship took off again. The next stop took a little bit longer but it was just a matter of seconds. However, it took a lot less seconds for the extra-terrestrials to open the door than when they picked up the second kid.

The man and woman said, "We are going to go get another friend." They were gone longer this time. It seemed to take a few minutes but it was difficult to tell time.

When the extra-terrestrial man and woman returned, they had a teenage girl with them. This girl, I'd never seen before either. She had blond hair, white blond hair.

The second boy knew her but I didn't. This was the first time I had heard a name call out because the second boy said, "Hi, ------" and she said, "Hi ------." There were no emotions; everyone was just "there."

The teenage girl had on her pajamas which I didn't understand because me and the other kid were dressed in regular clothes. However, this teenager had on pajamas and bedroom shoes.

Even though the other boy knew the teenager, they didn't carry on a conversation. It seemed to me like the experience was familiar routine to her. She appeared to be more interested in where we were going. She sat down on the right side of the ship. When the ship took off, she asked the extra-terrestrials to turn the floor on which they did. This was in that 1 foot deep depression in the center of the ship. You could seen the ground moving below. Although it was night outside, everything was evenly illuminated. The closest description I can give to the appearance of the illumination was what I have seen of current night vision technology. However, this was vastly superior.

Where we were going next took a little longer. I could tell we were going to land because they always turned off the floor viewer before they landed. So they turned off the floor, landed and the man and woman got out once again.

They returned with another teenage girl. This one was a little younger than the first with red hair. She was wearing a red blouse and black skirt. She didn't say anything to anyone and no one said anything to her. She went and sat down on the right side of the ship with the other older girl. Ironically, 20 years later, this girl was to become my wife.

Apparently, the red haired girl was real familiar with this extra-terrestrial experience also. I seemed to be the neophyte as the others appeared to know each other. This girl was more interested in the controls of the ship than anything else. She had set in the set closest to the control console.

I just sat there looking around. I'd look at the TV monitor, I'd look at the floor view which was turned back on, just taking in the entire scene. However, it was like we were all on sedation. Even though the ship had taken off again, there was no sensation of movement. Apparently when they reached a certain point after take off, they would turn the floor viewer back on and you could seen the ground that the ship was passing over.

It was apparent this time that the ship was higher than it had been because the ground look small, like the scene out of an airliner window. Everything looked tiny on the ground.

We must have been traveling North because we reached a point where I could see snow on the ground. It wasn't blanketed but there were patches of it.

It took us longer to get to where the extra-terrestrials picked up the next person. The only indicator of the passage of time was the moving scenery on the floor viewer or the flat panel console screen. It seems that the console screen also echoed what was happening on the ground. There was some other things like writing on the screen from time to time that changed; they were strange characters. It reminds me today of what I've seen of range finder binoculars that superimpose readouts on the viewer.

Once again, the floor viewer was turned off and the ship landed. Shortly, the man and woman extra-terrestrial got up and exited the ship. I could see snow through the door.

The extra-terrestrials returned with another woman. This woman seemed to be a little older than everyone else. Perhaps 22 or 23. Anyway, it was another person that I didn't know.

They were wearing a coat; the quilted type that was well padded. They also had snow bottoms on. No one introduced themselves. Everyone was just there and very tranquil.

The door disappeared and the ship obviously took off as they turned the floor viewer back on. I enjoyed watching it. The terrain underneath had gotten rugged like big hills and valleys. I guess you would say mountainous terrain.

When we picked up this woman, that was the last passenger that night. We were now heading to our destination.

The extra-terrestrial craft was flying over an area that reminds me of the Smoky Mountains today. Soon the craft was flying over a big V type valley. One giant hill on one side and one giant steep hill on the other side. From the air, it looked like it went down into a big V.

Then the ship stopped in midair. In the console viewer was a 90 degree rock cliff. One of the ship's operators sent some sort of signal; they pushed a sequence of buttons. In the upper left hand screen of the console monitor, a window popped up. Then, on the side of the steep, rocky cliff, a black hole appeared.

It didn't look like a hole to me on the monitor, rather it looked like a large black spot. Before the signal was sent, there was terrain. From the air, this black spot looked oval with the elongated part of the oval being towards the top of the hill.

The ship started descending and they turned the floor view off. But I could see on the console monitor that they lined up with this black spot and traveled into it. What a surprise!

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