UFOs in the Gulf Breeze-Pensacola Area:Contact Since 1955.

Part Five - The Alien Base

by Anonymous

The vehicle is resting on the floor and doesn't have wheels. It reminds me of a multi-seat roller coaster car. At the front, there is some sort of control panel with a bench seat behind it wide enough for three adults. There are three more bench seats behind the control seat.

The extra-terrestrial who greeted us seems to be the one to operate the vehicle. He, the host and hostess extra-terrestrials get in the front seat. I and the other kid get in the seat directly behind the control seat. The two teenage girls and young woman take the next to last seat.

The vehicle operates noiselessly. It rises about six inches off the floor. The driver has to take a zig-zaggy course between the various sized flying saucers. There are also numerous people around doing various tasks. It reminds me of the activity at a busy airport. The room is very large because there are numerous craft parked in there without crowding. I have no conception of size but it is HUGE. It would take a long time to walk across the diameter of it.

Where the flying saucer in which we arrived parked, I would say we were about a third of the distance from the point where we were to exit the cylindrical room.

The exits are unusual. They are arched topped, flat bottom tubes branching out from the round room. You can only see them by looking closely as they are slightly lighter in color than the surrounding material, whatever that is. It is definitely NOT normal rock.

When you reach one of these tunnels, an opening appears. As I mentioned, you can sort of see where they are but there's some sort of covering that seals the tunnel from the hanger activity. As you start to enter, an opening appears. When you enter the tunnel, the seal reappears right behind you. It reminds me of dark smoked Plexiglas. There was no movement. This opening or door was not mechanical. It had some similarities to the door on the flying saucer but visually, it appeared to have a different composition.

So we enter the tunnel and are silently floating down it in this golf cart like vehicle without wheels. The walls of the tunnel are perfectly smooth. The bottom is flat but there are no sharp edges where the walls meet the flat floor; they are rounded. The top reminds me of the arch of a railroad tunnel but it is perfect and one piece. The absence of any sharp angles seems to be a characteristic of these extra-terrestrials.

The tunnel is illuminated but there is no identifiable source of light. Unlike the large, cylindrical room that was bright, the tunnel light is diffused. However, as we approach the exit, the room beyond is bright again.

The room we entered from the tunnel also appears cylindrical with visible, or open tunnels branching off of it. There are a number of the little shuttle vehicles parked neatly so I assume this was some sort of parking area. The area where they are parked is denoted by a green color.

To my child mind, this reminds me of a large Tinker toy construction. It is like being inside of a giant, hollow Tinker toy construction.

This cylindrical room is much smaller than the "hanger" room. The parking area is right in the center of it. There's various colored tunnels branching off in different directions.

The driver parks the shuttle in the parking area. It glides over the floor and then when it parks, it just silently sets itself down and is resting on the floor. The floor is glass-like smooth but not slippery. The area is a greenish-yellow color. The closest color I can compare it to is a bright olive-drab, if such a color exists.

There's an orange or reddish-orange tunnel that appears to be our destination. As we all get out of the shuttle and start walking towards this colored tunnel, I'm looking around and noticing there are other tunnels of different colors. There's a red, blue, green and yellow tunnel that I can see. The reddish-orange tunnel that we are walking towards is by the red one.

The room is fairly large, I would say about the diameter of a football field. You would think there would be a great many tunnels branching off but there isn't. This cylindrical room is like a connecting hub.

We walk to the orange tunnel. It is the same arched shape as the one we rode the shuttle through from the "hanger". However, it is reddish-orange in color. It seems to be fairly long to my child-mind and reminds me of the typical floor length of a hospital corridor with exits or rooms off to the side on both sides. We enter the tunnel and it is glowing a slightly pulsating reddish-orange. It is very easy to see in this light. It's a very clear light.

We go down to maybe the third door or third entrance way on the right and we enter into this little room. And at one end of it, I'm trying to get a sense of the size of the thing. It's approximately 15 feet by 25 feet. It is rectangular but there are no sharp edges. Everything is rounded where it connects. At one end of the room is a screen that looks like a screen you see in a movie theater. It is not a projection screen however. It is like a TV, a BIG TV. An image appears on the screen and it is a male extra-terrestrail greeting us and telling us that we're about to undergo the transformation process.

Some portion of my consciousness obviously knows what this means because I am excited by the prospect.

Off to the right of the giant screen TV, is a series of cylinders that are the height of the room and about the diameter of telephone booths. There are door size openings, no sharp angles of course, on each of them. I would say there are 5 of them arranged in a row.

Each of us instinctively, at least for me, heads for a booth. I enter the booth and the opening disappears behind me. No noise, just suddenly the cylinder is sealed.

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