UFOs in the Gulf Breeze-Pensacola Area:Contact Since 1955.

Part 6 - Matter Transformation and a Conference with the Extra-Terrestrials

by Anonymous

Inside the cylinder, there is suddenly a brilliant blue light and a hum. the hum starts out fairly low-pitched and picks up in intensity. It's not the intensity of the sound, it is the frequency getting higher and higher causing the sound pitch to change.

As the frequency gets higher, I start getting bigger. When the sound stops and the light returns to white, I'm adult sized. I don't look like me, like my current adult version, I look different but there are some similarities.

Rather than the kid clothes I arrived in, I now have on coveralls like the personnel I saw in the hanger. The extra-terrestrial driving the shuttle device had on little moccasin type shoes. They're soft but have somewhat of a sole on them and now I'm wearing some myself.

Obviously, some serious matter transformation occurred. I felt really charged, really energized. The door of the cylinder reappeared. When I came out, everyone else was coming out too and everyone is different; full size adults wearing the same coverall type of clothes.

The one thing I quickly notice is that everyone looks ageless. By this I mean almost an ephemeral quality. I can't really describe it any other way. We're in different bodies but not really. It's a rearrangement our bodies.

It seems that the blue light in the cylinder corresponded with my vibration and that the others had different colored lights in their cylinders that corresponded to them.

So, I have this feeling of, "Well, it's good to feel normal again," type of reaction.

The little room with the transformation cylinders has an entrance to another rectangular room that now appears in the wall. We enter this larger room that is also rectangular. As I mentioned, there are NO sharp corners. Where joints meet, it is rounded.

In this larger room, there is what reminds me of a conference table. We go in and sit down on one side of it and a group of male and female extra-terrestrials, dressed similarly to ourselves, sits down on the other side.

This seems to be a information exchange session. They are asking us our impressions of being in our other form. They ask us how we like being in our regular form and the general consensus is that it stinks. It is too primitive.

The extra-terrestrials say that they are working on enhancements to it that they will introduce over time, to improve it's capacity, whatever that means.

They say that their main limitation is that they can't alter our physical forms too much or we could be readily identifiable to humans with even their primitive technology. Hummm, this is interesting. If we aren't humans as such, what are we?

In following the flow of this experience, detailed information will have to be presented separately in another article on the topics discussed at this meeting with the extra-terrestrials because the information was presented as if it was already known with no explanation.

Some background information is necessary for the next section. When I was a child, I never felt related to my biological family. The older I got, the more pronounced this lack of identification with my family and feeling of not belonging to them became. Thus, I was constantly seeking information about my birth because I had come to the conclusion that I was adopted. What other logical conclusion can you draw? Whenever I asked my father when I was born, he would always say the same thing, "You weren't born, you were hatched." This really aggravated me as a child. No matter how many times I asked the question, that is what he ALWAYS said. My father did have a sarcastic sense of humor, but his persistence on this topic was unusual even for him.

So, this next part of the story is dedicated to my father who passed on in 1991. You were right Dad, I was hatched.

Returning to the experience. Here we are in a rectangular conference room inside of a mountain; two 4 year olds, a 15 year old, an 18 year old and someone approximately 22 or 23. All TRANSFORMED into adults. Physically PERFECT adults I might add.

A group of very human extra-terrestrials are sitting there calmly talking with us like a business meeting. The conference table is oval shaped. Our transformed selves look similar to the extra-terrestrials sitting across from us. I know for myself that I felt and acted like a totally mature adult who knew the details of what was being discussed.

The extra-terrestrials at the meeting had their individual distinctions. There are four of them; two men and two women. Three of them have that ageless quality but one of the men doesn't. He looks more mature and appears to be the group leader.

One of the extra-terrestrial women is blond, one has black hair; both with a page boy type shortness. The other extra-terrestrial male has sort of a sandy colored hair. Those three look like the bodies we were transformed into.

As I mentioned, they asked how we liked the form we were in and the general concensus was that it was too limiting. They told us that they were working to improve the physical situation, to provide enhancements, but had to work within parameters so that we would not be detected. That we had physical enemies that must not know who, or I suppose what, we were.

Then they started talking about how we would contribute to a new generation from the genetic materials contained in our current body cells and how the new generation, literally our offspring, would have greater, enhanced capabilities. These new "people" would enter the world in a time when things were different and it was safe to do so.

Final - Genetic Engineering and Rival Extra-Terrestrials