UFOs in the Gulf Breeze-Pensacola Area: Contact Since 1955.

Part Four - The Flying Saucer arrives at the Alien Base and Flys Through Solid Rock

by Anonymous

This black spot was the strangest thing I have ever seen. Even with current day recall, I have never seen anything like it. The only way I can describe it is like jet black light. If you take a spotlight and shine it on a surface, you have a white beam with a white spot; make that a black beam with a black spot and it describes what it looked like. It is hard to describe but what it was and what it led to was even more difficult to explain.

This black beam created an opening through solid rock! It was of tremendous size because the 25' diameter ship was dwarfed by the opening. I watched the flat panel console monitor, obviously not an invention in 1956, as the ship entered the black spot. It was dark briefly like going through ink. Then from the center of the monitor out, an image reemerged opening out until there was a panoramic view.

What a view. We were inside a huge, and I mean HUGE, circular room with flying saucers of every size and configuration parked in various places. There were ships much larger than the one we were in and there were some smaller ones as well. The only analogy I can draw is an airport, or I guess you would call it a spaceport.

The room was cylinder shaped. The walls, floor and ceiling had a shiny black, glass like surface that had a faint orange glow to it. There were no sharp angles anywhere. It was the same in the flying saucer. Where surfaces met, it was rounded. This giant room was the same way.

The ship maneuvered through spaces between the parked ships and ultimately landed. The door opened. It was weird how that door worked because it seemed to not be there one minute and the next, it just materialized.

This was the first time I had ever been to this place although it appeared that the other passengers had been there before. Everyone, including myself, stood up except for the pilots. I knew I was suppose to stand up but didn't know why. There appeared to be routine to the other passengers. There were several people, three men actually, waiting outside for us.

The man and the woman extra-terrestrial stuck by me and the other kid, I suppose to assist us since we were rather small.

So we walked down the ramp. I was a little curious about everything there. Because well, the room was gigantic. It was HUGE! There was all different types of ships parked there. I could see some that were exact duplicates of the one we arrived in. Then there were other ones too, different sizes and configurations. My child mind was curious about all this.

But no one was really talking at this point. One of the three men seemed to be the spokesperson and he said, "Welcome. Let us go to the meeting room."

Before I continue the narrative of this extra-terrestrial contact experience, it is necessary to discuss an unusual but real phenomena that occurs around this group of E. T.s. This is the phenomena of consciousness expansion.

This was not explained to me until 1991 when it became necessary to understand why Missing Time occurs and also, why contact experiences with extra-terrestrials of any species are difficult to remember.

The life energy field of the least developed extra-terrestrial civilization is significantly greater than that of a human. Human beings, like all life forms in this Galaxy are electromagnetic in nature. If you consider the brain, and its corresponding consciousness as a light bulb on an adjustable dimmer control, it will be easier to understand the phenomena.

Under ordinary circumstances, the typical human is at the lowest setting. Rather dim compared to E. T. s. However, the potential for more exist. Some individuals have higher settings with corresponding talents that primitive human science labels as phony or, if being charitable, extrasensory perception. The extra-terrestrials, on the other hand, have their dimmer switch turned way up all the time. They perceive at what they call a tri-level. For humans with a philosophic or Theosophical orientation, that translates to the etheric, astral and mental planes of reality. The E. T. s have a 360 degree field of conscious perception that is spherical in nature. The only analogy I can make about it is that they are aware of EVERYTHING at once, constantly.

When a human gets around an extra-terrestrial, the enhanced energy/electromagnetic field of the E. T. has the impact of turning up the humans dimmer so that the consciousness is "brighter". This pushes the individual's conscious into areas that normally are relegated to the "Subconscious." This produces a duality effect. The person is "themselves" but they are "more". I won't digress into the sorts of things that are stored in every individual's subconscious. I will say that the normal individual is incomplete without access to this information. Being around an extra-terrestrial brings out this completeness and the extra-terrestrials respond to the total individual, not the limited view of self that everyone sees in the mirror.

It is necessary to understand this in order to understand what happened when this group of human passengers finally reached the meeting room. To understand how two 4 year old kids were functionally equal to two teenagers and a young adult.

As I mentioned, the wall, floor and ceiling of this gigantic cylindrical room were shiny black with a strange orange background glow. There were no obvious light sources but everything was brightly illuminated. There were ships of various sizes around but the largest appeared to be only twice as big as the one we arrived in. The 25 foot model seemed to be the most common but there was a mixture of larger and smaller craft as well.

There were different color striped lines on the floor. My interpretation of them were parking zones.

The three extra-terrestrials that greeted us were standing by a rectangular vehicle, a bit larger than a golf cart.

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