UFOs in the Gulf Breeze-Pensacola Area: Contact Since 1955.

Part Two - Flying Saucer Familiarization and a Group Flight to an Alien Base

by Anonymous

The visit at the cottages in Gulf Breeze had been another get acquainted meeting. The difference was that I saw the flying saucer approaching. They came in and talked then left.

The family soon moved to another rental location in an old part of Pensacola. It was a house with a small apartment built on the back of it. It was the third house down from a cemetery that covered about two square blocks. There were several visits here which took on a new quality that was to remain the norm.

While asleep, there would be a deep, or low pitched electronic beep in my head. This would cause my consciousness to click on. I can't say I really woke up because I was in a different state of consciousness from my normal 4 year old self. With the beep, which I now call the activation tone, I would get up, get dressed and leave the house.

They were parking the flying saucer in the cemetery in the back part that hadn't filled up yet. Since I was fairly small, I would go through a gap in the fence and be greeted by the man and woman standing beside the craft with a ramp extended. I would accompany them inside.

There were two pilots in the saucer in addition to the man and woman. Their gender varied. It seems that these several visits were to familiarize me with the saucer and flying. It was at this time that I first became familiar with the floor viewer.

The floor viewer is something I can't describe. One moment, the floor would be its normal metal and the next, you could see through the floor in the middle of the craft. From the cemetery location, it seems that they always took off straight up and I would watch the ground getting smaller and smaller. I guess this is why I always liked the opening scene from the 20th Century hosted by Walter Cronkite because it showed a downward camera view of a rocket. The ground getting smaller always fascinated me.

There were several of these familiarization flights during the few months the family lived in this rental property. The year was 1956.

After a few months, the family moved again to another rental property, the last before my parents purchased a house. It was out this third rental residence that a very significant encounter took place.

By this time, it was late 1956 or early 1957. It was cold outside.

I received the beep signal and my consciousness activated. I dressed myself in blue jeans, long sleeve shirt, and my Buster Brown shoes. I went out the back and down the alley as the house had no backyard, it had a side yard. In the side yard was a ship sitting on three pads. It was pulsating orange. The man and woman were there standing out away from the ship with a ramp descending to the ground. There was a whitish-yellow light coming out of the doorway or opening at the top of the ramp.

The man and woman were waving to me. I walked up to them and recognized them. They said, "Hi, Hello." I said, "Hello."

They indicated that they wanted to take me somewhere. I asked where and they said that they wanted me to meet some people. This seemed all right with me; it didn't seem out of the ordinary. We walked over to the saucer, walked up the ramp and entered. The ramp then retracted and then blended with the side of the ship.

There were four aliens in the ship. Two woman pilots, the man and the woman. They were all dressed in one piece gray suits with integrated boots.

The man and woman, I'll call them hosts, appeared to be communicating with the female pilots who were busy operating the controls.

So I asked where we were going and they said, "We're going to pick up your friends." So I thought they were talking about these kids I knew that lived across the street at the second rental residence or the one kid I knew that lived across the street from the current rental residence.

At this point, let me mention a bit about the extra-terrestrial vehicle. It was the classic disk shape and about 25 feet in diameter. (SAUCER) From the side, the bottom looked like a Frisbee with a raised, rounded bell shaped portion a little back from the edges. There was a red rotating light on the top. The door appeared and disappeared - it didn't look mechanical. The ramp also appeared and disappeared. The interior was round with no sharp angles. Opposite the spot where the door opened, was the control console. There was some sort of instrument panel and above it was a flat panel display of significant size.

Around the interior rim, were black, form fitting high back seats that rose up from the floor(SAUCER). They sort of remind me of bar stools. There were two seats, somewhat different but still the black color facing the console. If you took the console as the center of the circle, there was a bank of approximately 5 stools spaced out on either side. The area where the door appeared was empty and the closest seat was approximately half the distance of the circle away. In the center of the ship, there was a round depression, perhaps one foot deep and 10 feet in diameter. This was where the floor viewer appeared. The interior metal was dull gray and smooth. Although, strangely enough, it was not slippery.

On this particular night, the pilots were two females.

I was seated on the left side of the ship with the man and woman on either side of me. The door disappeared but it was very brief. Although there was no sensation of movement, I figured, based on previous trips, that the ship had taken off.

Almost as quickly as it had disappeared, the opening and subsequent ramp reappeared. The man and the woman said, "Wait, wait a minute, we're going to get one of your friends." So they got up and left for a few minutes.

When they came back, there was another kid with them that I hadn't seen before. Actually, up to this time, I had never seen anyone but the man, woman and two pilots who seemed to swap out between trips. The boy was wearing light brown long pants and a light colored long sleeve shirt.

So he came in with them and they said, "This is your friend." And I said, "But I don't know this person." They said, "But you do!"

The seats could swivel to some degree, which fascinated the kid in me. The new kid sat down by me and we started chit chatting. Just kid talk.

So I felt like I had an ally. He was another kid and looked to be about my age. So we were like, "Wow, where are we going." At that time, the extent of my world consisted of walking with my mother and sister to the store.

The door disappeared again. The hosts said they were going to pick up some more friends.

I might add here that the boy they picked up that night in late 1956 or early 1957, I met in Junior High School in 1965. We had a commonality that we didn't understand at the time and became life long friends until the present day.

Part Three - Flight to Alien Base Continues and More People are Picked Up