My dear children and beloved colleagues, tonight we shall continue the saga of the creation of man. If you will recall from the last time, two separate phases of the overall project were in progress simultaneously. That which we refer to as the Martian Project and the development on the planet Earth.

Tonight we shall attempt to put this information in more detail; in terms of filtering out the INFECTED ONES, the Martian Project was the secondary stage and the development on Earth was a tertiary or end product.

The Earth part was more difficult than that of the Martian Project because life had to be created from the planet itself in order to be assured that once the INFECTED ONES were incarnated on the planet, they would not be able to go out of the Solar System.

And so a specific team was assigned to develop the most suitable body or vehicle to house the INFECTED ONES and to accomplish the purpose of keeping them fixated on the planet Earth.

The Martian phase of the project was designed to serve as a step-down transformer so that the INFECTED ONES that inhabited the higher vibration alien bodies would be altered enough to where they couldn't get back into those alien bodies. And at the same time be altered sufficiently so that they could eventually inhabit the bodies that were being prepared for them on the Earth.

If you will recall it was said that the planet Mars was much like the planet Earth at this time, which is approximately 4,750,000 years ago. The orbit of the planet Mars as well as it's size is similar to the Earth's; the Martian day being just a bit longer. Thus, it was quite suited to serve as a step-down for the INFECTED ONES to eventually inhabit what is now referred to as human bodies.

Large cities were constructed on the planet Mars, but great care was taken so that the INFECTED ONES in alien bodies would not be aware of such structures until the time was right.

In the meantime, a great deal of difficulty was encountered in the creation of the various life forms on the planet Earth; many unsuitable forms were created. The environment of the Earth at this time was quite suitable for the proliferation of whatever life forms were created. As was mentioned before, all types of plant life had existed on the Earth and, except for animal life forms, you could say that it was a paradise.

The orbit of the planet was such that the extreme polar regions were much smaller than they occupy in the present time. The orbit was stable, smooth and symmetrical so there was very little, if any, variation of seasons; a particular spot on the globe maintained the same climate year around. This lack of adversity allowed the new creations to grow and expand much better than anticipated.

One of the greatest problems initially was over-population as each new life form was created and nurtured. There was no check or balance system yet inaugurated and you could say that nature went wild and deviated along several different lines. One of the biggest variations that is most noted by your science today is the extreme size that some of the creatures reached. Everything, every creature, was very large and this was allowed to continue for the time. There was no need to reverse that trend and the lack of climatic adversity supported such mutations. As each type of life form was created and turned loose, it flourished. Each that was created was more complex than what it was created from. It was done by altering the structure of the chromosomes; the RNA and DNA factors. And each succeeding life form served as the foundation for the creation of the next variation.

This was done, as has been mentioned, to tie the bodies that would become human to this planet; to have a close exclusive relationship between them and the planet. This is why the ancient teachings, the ancient writings, say that man was created from the dust or the mud; this is simply saying that man was created from the elements of the planet.

This creation process took an extreme amount of Earth time. The Sirian volunteers as well as the incarnated creators used up a goodly number of Sirian vehicles in the process. They had continuity of consciousness and other than swapping bodies or vehicles, if you will, never lost consciousness.

That which became man was created last. It was the epitome of the creation chain and the life form that could be classified as a human in a sense was first manifested 3,000,000 years ago. However this life form was not suitable. It did not appear this way initially and so the Martian phase had already been implemented before it was discovered that the new vehicle would not be suitable. Bear in mind that this was a trial and error process, something that had never been done before. It was engineering not only genetics but consciousness also.

And so the Martian phase was put into operation. If you will recall the clones, the vehicles without consciousnesses, were created and stored on the base at the planet Jupiter; many millions of them were created in this period of time. It was decided that it would be best to have a lot of extras rather than not enough. These vehicles were ferried to the planet Mars and stored there awaiting final activation.

The plan was as follows: The vehicles would be set up on the planet and they were magnetized in such away that if any non-physical approached them, they would instantly become incarnated; locked into the physical. The creators had a great number of INFECTED ONES contained and they were to serve as the initial animators of the Martian population. But it was also important to pull in those INFECTED ONES that inhabited the alien vehicles in the Pleiades and the other Solar System not yet named on the other side of the Galaxy.

At this point we shall pause in the tale and take it up at our next transmission. My blessings upon each and everyone of you; go in peace; go in love. Seek your purpose and fulfill it. So Be It.