My dear children and beloved colleagues, tonight we shall start the bit of information that is of greatest interest to your consciousnesses. We will present this information slowly and in as much detail as we can get through at this time. It may take us several attempts to get the complete information through due to certain conditions on the Astral Plane at this time.

Where we left off the last time, the Sirians and the incarnate creators had formed a coalition to work together on the physical plane to concentrate and establish the conditions to rehabilitate the INFECTED ONES. The then uninhabited Solar System around Sol was selected to be the primary focal point of this project.

As mentioned before, the coalition sent personnel and equipment to the sixth planet which at that time was Jupiter; an elaborate base was established. As mentioned before, Jupiter was chosen for its central location and its natural environment which was concealing in nature. So this base was established, which took many Earth years to construct.

The two technologically oriented civilizations were still recovering from their losses. They were, at this time, remaining pretty much to themselves, each on opposing sides of the Galaxy. Neither wanting to confront the power of the Spiritually/Technologically advanced civilizations.

And so a plan needed to be formulated to deal with the INFECTED ONES. It was evident that they were satisfied being in the types of physical vehicles that they currently inhabited. It was realized that it would be unlikely that they would knowingly be lured to a vehicle of a lower vibration than that which they currently had. And so the coalition set about devising a plan to, in various phases, lure these entities into this Solar System, and eventually into the lower frequency bodies. The purpose of this, as previously mentioned, was to once again alter their vibrations to a low enough level that they could do little damage to the rest of the Galaxy.

So the first phase that was required consisted of the creation of a civilization that emulated the technologically advanced ones. This was to get their attention; to focus it on the Solar System around Sol. The planet selected for this endeavor was what you refer to as Mars. Mars at that time was very similar to the Earth. The planets most suitable for life at this time were the Earth, Mars and the planet between Mars and Jupiter which was referred to as Zyron. Mars was selected as the primary point for its removal from the major base on Jupiter and its environmental conditions.

Knowing how the INFECTED ONES operated, the bait had to be quite elaborate with close attention to detail. And so bodies needed to be created for this purpose in the research base on Jupiter. Genetic engineering was used to clone the vehicles that would be used to seed the then lifeless planet of Mars.

Let me qualify at this point. Mars was devoid of animal life as such; it did have plant life. Through genetic engineering, bodies were created from the genetic structure of the coalition. Using the analysis process, the most likely vehicles were selected and additional alterations programmed into the genetic structure. And over time, these vehicles were created and stored. They were clones in the true sense of the word; they had no consciousness; they were artificially reproduced; and artificially kept alive.

While the research team was developing the inhabitants, another team began the development process on the planet surface itself. Over thousands of years the complete civilization was constructed, lacking only in the people.

While the teams constructed this artificial civilization if you will, they lived in underground structures concealing their presence. At the same time other teams monitored the movements of the INFECTED ONES; they still weren't venturing out of their own Solar Systems. The INFECTED ONES had to travel a great distance to get to anything since they had devastated everything in their general vicinity and they were still recovering their populations.

When the Martian Project was nearing completion, it became time to prepare the next part of the project, which was the development of the planet Earth. Again, the planet Earth was devoid of life, or animal life; it did have plant life. The teams arrived on the planet and began the process of creating life to populate the planet. This was still 4,750,000 years ago. And so various creatures were created and allowed to run loose to see how they adapted to the environment on the planet. Creatures were created to serve in the long run as a balancing factor and as a food chain because this planet is where the INFECTED ONES would ultimately reside.

As each life form was created it assumed the consciousness of its environment. As has been mentioned, planets have a life system all their own and this created the consciousness or fed into the consciousness of the lower order animals, from the single celled creatures up to the more evolved or advanced vertebrates.

It was decided that over a long period of time, the vehicles that would finally house the INFECTED ONES would be created from the planet itself so that they would be tied to this planet. In this way they would be concentrated, reducing the chance that they would spread. [At the same time], the coalition was taking measures to neutralize the aggressive capabilities of the technologically advanced civilizations that were controlled by the INFECTED ONES.

And so at this point we shall pause. Again draw no conclusions concerning the Earth for you have insufficient data.

My blessings upon each and everyone of you, hold true to your heritage. Seek that which you are and do not let it be obscured in the muddledness of the physical plane.