Dear children and beloved colleagues. It is I Kathumi returning once again to continue with our presentation of the creation. Hopefully as we continue, many of your questions shall be answered. It is fitting at this point to re-emphasize some of the earlier material.

One point that needs to be mentioned is the construction by the elders and the primary triads of a form with which they were familiar in the previous universe. This form exists well above that which was created. In a sense it is a carry over or an anchoring point from the previous universe and this construction was and is the base of operation of those designated as the creators. And it is also what has been distorted in recent times as the conception of heaven. In a sense the creation process started from the top and went down and branched off from this construction.

Another point that needs to be emphasized is that the elders did not actively participate in the creation process. It was up to their creations, their sons and daughters, to do the actual creating.

In this system of philosophy that we are presenting, the elders are referred to as the first life wave and their creations, the primary triads, are referred to as the second life wave.

Where we left off the last time, the primary triads were creating the consciousness vehicles that would serve as the life forms of the Universe. These were created and stored to be used at a later time because the Universe at this stage did not exist. So the creation process continued until a sufficient number of consciousness vehicles were created to populate the boundaries of the new Universe.

The next step of the creation was to begin building the actual structure of the Universe. It was decided that for this Universe there would be seven layers, seven planes of existence. And so each layer was created from the top down. We shall use the terms for them that have been used for the last hundred years. They are convenience; merely labels.

It is difficult to convey to your consciousnesses what the top-most portions are like. So the first plane of existence that was created was the Monad level. This level represents the highest frequency of vibration that the consciousnesses of the present Universe can attain; it is the reaction point. When a sufficient amount of consciousnesses in this Universe reach this level then this Universe will translate as the previous one did. And so for the consciousnesses in this Universe, this is the highest that they can attain until sufficient numbers collect to allow the transition and the subsequent creation of the next Universe.

The next level down is what we refer to as the Atmic. Again, this level is too abstract to convey into words at this time. The Monad level is pure energy from a very high frequency. Form as such does not exist on it, the Atmic level is quite similar.

The third level down is the Buddhic level, the level below it is the Abstract Mind level and the level below it is the Soul level. Further down is the Mental level, then the Astral level and thus were created the seven planes of existence.

And so you ask, "Where does that leave the physical?" And that is a special part of the story of which we will tell later.

So getting back to the creation process, the seven planes were constructed. It would be incomprehensible to your consciousnesses to understand how they were constructed. Suffice it to say that the entities that created them could manipulate energy and transmute energy into various forms and consciousnesses. And structure it and work with the consciousnesses to make the various forms.

And so now perhaps you can see where the myths of the seven days of creation, six active days and the seventh day of rest which was convenient and why your time is measured in a seven day cycle referred to as a week. Once again a symbolic representation of the original creation.

And so the various forms and structures were put into play. The Soul level was the mid-point at this time of the original creation. It was the point where the consciousnesses were given the necessary faculties to start at the Astral level working to learn and evolve; to begin their climb upwards to the ultimate collection point of the Monad level.

And so on these two lowest levels, the Astral level and the Mental level, what you would classify as forms were created. With each step up these forms were represented all the way unto the Monad level, but each upward representation was of a higher vibration and symbolic in nature so that it did not necessarily match that of its lower element on the plane below it.

It would be very difficult to put a time span on how long it took to create the seven planes of reality. However it took longer than in terms of earth years than your scientists have currently calculated.

And so referring back to our stored consciousness vehicles, they needed a school; they needed playgrounds; dwellings; all things necessary for the growth and development of children. And so the primary triads constructed all these things on the Astral and Mental levels.

The perfect shape in the Universe is a sphere and thus collection points in the shape of spheres were created. On the physical plane you refer to these as planets. Energy sources were installed which you could correlate with suns; quasars; black holes; all of these strange structures that your scientists are beginning to discover out in what is called space.

And so the forms were readied, the educational structures were created and all was going smoothly or so it seemed in, to use the analogy, heaven. So all the structures existed but that which you call life. This was still in the storage sections. There had to be a place or something to send these consciousnesses to and so the seven planes of existence or the seven levels or the seven days were created.

Then began the distribution process of the consciousness vehicles. For this to occur, it was necessary to create forms that the consciousness vehicles would enliven or animate. And the creators designed these forms to be much like themselves - they had the positive, the negative and the neutral charges. Thus the saying that God created man in his own image which is in a sense humorous because at the level of creation, there is no, what you would classify, physical image. It is energy but that's another issue.

And so the forms were created, the bodies were created, if you will, to reside on the Astral plane, which at this time was the lowest level of creation. And these forms were created from the materials of the Astral plane. Again an understanding of where God created the bodies out of the mud and the dust. So these structures were created. And as each structure was created, it was enlivened by the consciousness vehicle and thus the inhabitants of the Universe were set into motion.

These vehicles that they inhabited were enduring vehicles. They did not need to reproduce as is necessary on the physical plane. You might say they never wore out; they lived forever. But then there was no time as such.

And so the stored consciousness vehicles were animated in cycles. In other words, even though all the consciousness vehicles were created essentially at the same time, they were not animated at the same time. And so in terms of evolution, there is a differential between entities; some have been enlivened if you will or have more experience in the Universe.

But the first crop of children; the first crop we shall discuss in our next segment because it was with the first crop and subsequent crops that problems developed.

It was mentioned earlier in your discussion as to my credentials and we entities as such do not have credentials. We have no diplomas hanging on our walls because we have no walls. Suffice it to say that I am among those that were first animated; the original first crop of children as it were for I am of this Universe and working to see that it does translate and grows for the even bigger and better production of the third life wave.

We hope that over time, some of these confusions will be removed and your consciousnesses can have a better understanding of your nature and who and what you are.

In the next segment we shall discuss more about those first animations of consciousness vehicles and at that point shall begin the element of the damaged entities from the previous Universe.

And so I give my blessings upon each and everyone of you. Open your minds; seek wisdom; seek to evolve; to attain your highest being; to reunite yourself with your highest self. Until next time, Good evening.