The following information was channeled on May 15, 1984. It is presented intact from the transcript except with minor deletions for readability. Such deletions will be designated with a string of period. Any changed wording will be enclosed by [ ].

The presenter of this information is the Entity Kathumi, a name well known in Theosophical circles.

Good evening my children and beloved colleagues


I would like to introduce myself. ..... Among my many names, the one that I have been most recently referred to is Kathumi.

Tonight, if at all possible, I would like to begin the revelations concerning the origins of your Universe.

The age of this Universe is much older than your scientists can comprehend and this is because they do not understand the creation process. And this I shall attempt to explain to a degree this evening.

Each Universe is a living entity in and unto itself. And, just like the poor analogy of the human form, it is born; grows; matures and then dies. This death is but a transition; a transition and a rebirth into a new form with added features and added challenges. And thus, the Universe that you now inhabit is the rebirth of the prior Universe. This prior Universe that existed and grew and matured and then passed through the transition.

And so, just as now, we of the hierarchy of this planet, joined with the hierarchies of other planets and the cosmic council, are working for the maturation of this Universe. The prior Universe also had such structures. And, as the maturation point was approached, the councils of the prior Universe set about the task of delivering the next Universe; the rebirth of the Universe.

And the elders of these councils joined together and formed the structure that was to transcend the barrier and serve as the organizing principal for the new Universe. And so these advanced entities set about to create their sons and daughters that would actually serve as the building blocks of the new Universe. And these sons and daughters were created and the training process began and lasted, up until it was time for the transition.

When you think of the transition, a small scale of that transition would be what you refer to as a super nova. You can imagine a super nova multiplied by a factor of ten to the trillion; you will have the magnitude of the transition energy of the prior Universe. And all the consciousness of that prior Universe were expanded and went on their evolutionary paths to other levels of reality, except for the small group that was to serve as the guiding force behind the creation and development of the new entity; the new Universe.

And so these elders and their creations, their children if you will, passed through the barrier into the void and began the building process.

The first order of business was the establishing of the various councils, the various directing bodies, to serve in the creation. However, in passing the barrier, several of the entities were damaged which has led to problems of which we will talk about in the near future.

The development of these entities has been characterized in recent civilizations as the "Gods". They were developed to the point where they were capable of creating consciousness, not creating a biological form, but actually creating the spirit that inhabits it. And so one of the first tasks of the council was to begin creating consciousnesses, spirits if you will, that were suitable for the new Universe and this they proceeded to do.

The purpose of this creation was not to have company. It was not to have adoring, humble worshipers, but it was to create the consciousness form necessary for the growth and maturation of the current Universe. And so the energies from the Universal SOURCE, the source of all life, was drawn by the councils and the creation process started.

The elders of the prior Universe serve as advisors, as the wise directors, which is not a good term for it because they do not direct as such. They were there to be called upon by their children, whose task it was to be the creators of the consciousness and the matter of this Universe. And so perhaps you are beginning to see why the myth of God and his Son has come to pass. That was a distortion that crept into civilization rather recently in the history of humanity.

For you see the task of creation is very large and it requires the primary elements of all life, the positive; the negative and the neutral. It requires a trinity and this is the trinity of creation. And this is what the elders of the prior Universe created to serve specifically as the creators for the consciousnesses of the new Universe. And so the various trinities or triads, as we call them, set about the task of creating consciousnesses. And this went on for a long period of time as you would measure it here on earth. However you must realize that the time passage on earth is a gross distortion of time passage in this Universe. There is a difference between spiritual time and biological time. Biological time has been steadily reduced due to the corruption of the spirit on this particular planet. And we shall talk about that when we talk about the creation of this planet in particular.

But referring back to the creation of spirits or souls, this was indeed done as the first order of business by the elders and their creations, their sons and daughters of the primary triads. At this point it is opportune to mention that the planet earth was long delayed in creation. In that I mean that it is very recently created. Other parts of the Universe were built initially and all this operated at a very high vibrational level.

And so the initial form that the sons and daughters under the guidance of the elders created was a form similar to the one that they'd used in the prior Universe. The purpose of this was to have a base of operation from which to branch out and start the construction process. And so as these spirits were created, the new consciousnesses that would inhabit this Universe, they were stored. You could think of them as little spheres of energy that would eventually evolve into the consciousnesses that you know today. And they were stored for use at a later time.

And so at this point we shall terminate our transmission for this evening. We are having to organize this information and put it into a form that the consciousness can comprehend. And so we have worked and put it in segments and we shall transmit a segment at a time.

And so the important points to remember from the first segment are [ORIGINALLY IS] that a prior Universe existed. The elders of the councils of that Universe created their sons and daughters to serve as the creators of the next Universe. And they all transcended the barrier into the void to serve as the nucleus for the creation of the new Universe. And the first tasks that they set about was creating a form that they were familiar with and the creating of the consciousness vehicles that would serve as the inhabitants of the new Universe.

As best as possible we shall attempt to follow a chronological pattern of development although these events that I am relating do not follow linear time. But we are working to put it into a form that is understandable and you must forgive us if it has an air of simplicity.

My blessings upon each and every one of you. Continue your work, continue your path of progress to evolve to become the entities that each of you are. So be it.