My dear children and beloved colleagues. Tonight we shall continue our saga of how the physical plane came to be. If you recall the last time, I mentioned that the Solar System around Sol was chosen as an isolation point. Now to fill in the gaps between the time the decision was made for that and the time the isolation ward was actually put into operation.

The entities that existed at the Astral level did not die or become altered in the usual sense of the word, they were shadow figures to the terms that your physical senses would perceive them. So the infected entities could serve no more than a nuisance to their fellow entities. They continued looking for new territory to infect, and all the time there was a small percentage of their fellow entities that fell victim to their disease.

The creators decided on a bold course of action. And that was to descend amongst their creations in an attempt to rehabilitate them. Where the creators come from, the level at which they exist, there is no physical form. It is simply spheres of various colored energies. Energy spheres; that is their form, colored according to their frequency and illuminated according to their magnitude.

And so the first step in dealing with the infected ones was for the creators to lower their vibrational level so that they could descend and assume the Astral form that was common among the entities of the lower planes.

And over a long period of time this was done and the creators descended and began the process of collecting up the infected entities for rehabilitation purposes. However this was a monumental task because they [the infected ones] continued to spread themselves out around the Universe in many different Galaxies. And always, a small percentage of the inhabitants would be infected. Thus their numbers continued to grow. This is what necessitated the creation of the physical plane. The filter needed to be created to check the spread [of the infected ones] around the Universe. And the way this was initially done was by taking entities that were not infected, volunteers [from the Astral], slowing down their vibrations to the point that they could inhabit what became the physical plane. And so this physical plane was set up as a big trap essentially, and to be of significance it had to take on the proportions of a Galaxy. And so the Galaxy of which Sol is a part was created with Sol and the surrounding planets intentionally being left uninhabited.

Those entities that chose to give up their Astral existence were populated on Solar Systems a far distance from Sol. And in order for the trap to be set, they were to create civilizations and make developments that would be appealing to the INFECTED ONES. It was taken into consideration that a long period of time would elapse before the INFECTED ONES took notice of this new development in the Universe. They were so tied up in trying to be all powerful; to establish dictatorships among entities upon whom it would not work; that the whole system was created without their knowledge.

The original inhabitants of this Galaxy were not infected and they developed their physical plane civilizations to a high degree. But as many variables fit into the situation, they branched off into two forms; two types of civilizations. One type of civilization was highly spiritually advanced as well as technically advanced. The other civilization was highly technically advanced but more materially oriented. They inhabited these new vehicles and discovered that the physical plane was limiting in terms of how they had to interact among themselves and how they had to create more of themselves. Before, they did not have to create themselves; they lived indefinitely. Now they were faced with the task of creating new vehicles to allow more entities the opportunity to exist and this was part of the plan.

In the interim, the creators spent a great deal of time collecting up such INFECTED ONES as could be located and worked to rehabilitate them. Finally the trap was set. Both types of civilizations had millions, I should say billions of inhabitants, billions of vehicles, and a technology the power of which is difficult for an Earth person to comprehend.

This attracted the notice of the INFECTED ONES as it was planned and "word" spread quickly. Here were beings that existed that were of a lower vibration than themselves. Prior to this time, if you will recall, everyone was equal and they [the INFECTED ONES] could be nothing more than pests to their fellow entities on the Astral that were not susceptible to their disease. But now a new variable had entered into the picture and they immediately desired to capitalize upon it. They started pouring into the Galaxy of the physical plane.

Their plan was to overwhelm and rule the supposedly "inferior" beings. They viewed them as inferior because their vibrational level was lower than that of their own. What they didn't realize in their shortsightedness was that in actuality, the vibrational level of these physical beings was very similar to their own; just a bit lower.

And so almost overnight, so to speak, the difficulty in the rest of the Universe was resolved because the majority of the INFECTED ONES immediately sped to the new physical plane Galaxy intending to "Rule from Above".

The creators, as had been planned previously, left a small portion of themselves to patrol the other Galaxies, to pick up stragglers and the majority of them migrated to the new Galaxy. They continued to remain at this level that they had chosen analogous to the Astral level and collect up the now concentrated infected entities.

In their lust for power and in their GREED, the first target of these INFECTED ONES was the Spiritually and Technologically advanced civilizations because they were by far the most powerful. The wisdom tempered from Spirituality allowed them to create great powers because they had the wisdom necessary to justly use such powers. And so, like a horde of mosquitoes, the INFECTED ONES descended upon these civilizations. But to their rue and dismay, they discovered that not only could these Spiritually advanced beings see them, but they could expel them and this they did over and over again. The INFECTED ONES, in their shortsightedness, could not believe that these lower vibrational frequency beings could see them much less get rid of them. They spent a great deal of time trying to influence and affect these entities but it was to no avail. These entities as one in their Spirituality; they were united. The numerous civilizations that existed on various solar systems effectively repelled these INFECTED ONES. And in the mean time, the creators continued to collect them up. So after a while the INFECTED ONES gave up. They realized the futility of their actions.

They set their sights on the Technologically advanced civilizations. These civilizations were not as powerful as the spiritually advanced ones, because they did not have the wisdom to handle such power, but they were vastly powerful compared to Earth standards. They had developed inter-Solar System space travel and they traded amongst themselves in the various Solar Systems. And so obviously, their method of transportation was vastly superior to what humanity has developed today because they did not spend dozens of years traveling to the closest planet. They went to other solar systems.

However, due to their line of development, they did not interact with the Spiritually advanced civilizations. They could not handle the magnitude of the energy that those beings represented; it was too much for their level of development. So once again the swarm of INFECTED ONES descended but this time they discovered that there was no opposition to their presence. These beings could not perceive them; they could not realize that the INFECTED ONES were trying to influence them. But the INFECTED ONES plan was impeded by the structure that these materialistic societies had developed.

They operated mainly on form and tradition and the tradition extended back for millennia. They were not war-like because they knew of the destruction that war results in. And so their greatest pride was their material creations and they had a unilateral agreement amongst themselves that they would not destroy each others creations. The INFECTED ONES tried their best to influence but it was difficult for them to do so. Tradition and form outweighed their singular influence. But they discovered a problem that they hadn't foreseen. And that is, if they weren't careful, they were pulled into physical bodies that were entering into the birth process.

This was accidental; it was not what they intended. How could they "Rule from on High" if they were down there amongst their subjects? But then they discovered that by so doing, they could evade the influence of the creators who were persistently collecting them up so that they were not allowed to be nuisances and, whether they wanted to submit or not, were working to rehabilitate them so they would overcome their disease. And what initially began as a trickle quickly became a flood as the INFECTED ONES dove into the new physical vehicles en masse. They were escaping from their perspective.

And so it once again became time for the creators to make a change. They would have to pursue the INFECTED ONES at their own level. Again it was decided that a portion would remain non-physical and continue the task of scooping up those INFECTED ONES that had not made it into physical vehicles. And so the creators set about finding a civilization whose vehicles were sufficiently sturdy to handle their energies.

In the meantime the INFECTED ONES descended upon the unsuspecting technologically advanced civilizations with the enthusiasm of a city con man rousting a tourist from the country. They fought each other over the opportunity to get into families that had positions of influence. I say positions of influence because there were no positions of power in these civilizations. As in other parts of the Universe, they coordinated themselves on a council system and everyone was equal. But when you have billions of inhabitants, you need a representative group to co-ordinate things and these councils were constructed of the wisest of the wise. And in many instances the children of the council members, after much training, assumed their parents position. Bear in mind that the councils were made up of both male and female members because there was no such thing as sexual discrimination and there was no such thing as racial discrimination. Because, yes, among these technologically advanced civilizations, there were different body types depending on the conditions of the Solar Systems in which the civilizations existed. The bodies took on different characteristics and there was a variance from Solar System to Solar System, and in many instances, from inhabited planet to inhabited planet within a given Solar System. And so the INFECTED ONES entered in and at first, their memories were clear in terms of who they were and they stealthily set about to influence the civilizations of which they had become a part.

The people of these civilizations did not realize that they had been infiltrated by entities that were not of their own; entities with a subversive purpose. And thus over time, these entities matured and worked to influence the councils. They did so by altering tradition a little at a time over long spans of time; and interjecting new elements into the societies that were very susceptible to them. The societies were ordered on material creations and [initially] dealing with people in terms of equality, but it was the material orientations that opened the door to the problems that the INFECTED ONES interjected. And so now perhaps you have a view of Pandora's box, the box contained the INFECTED ONES and they descended upon unsuspecting civilizations.

The INFECTED ONES worked their task in a manner similar to the way they operate in the present. The first task was to cause the creation of weapons of destruction. Prior to this time such was unnecessary because all the civilizations of the technological group agreed that they did not want to destroy each others creations. They realized that in each of the Solar Systems resources existed that needed to be shared amongst all the technologically advanced civilizations. And this is why they had developed their rapid mode of space travel.

But now a new element was interjected into all the civilizations and it had various impacts at various times. Planetary Nationalism was the guise that was used. Weapons for defense; what if another planet or another Solar System decided to come in and, rather than trading for the resources, take them instead? It had never happened before but the INFECTED ONES were creating the doubt; creating the distrust. In other words, implanting their own disease upon the inhabitants. And working within the system, they began to manipulate it on many different planets in many different Solar Systems.

And so the councils could see no reason not to be cautious; to have weapons for defense. It was authorized that such weapons were to be created and these weapons were indeed powerful; you could look at them in terms of "DOOMSDAY" weapon, because they could annihilate entire civilizations and destroy entire planets. Such was the power that these technologically advanced entities had tapped. But compared to the destruction of planets, the Spiritually/Technologically advanced civilizations had developed or tapped a power that could destroy the entire Galaxy. So from an Earth perspective, the Technologically advanced civilizations were potent, but compared to the Spiritually advanced civilizations they were still a drop in the bucket. You can see why the INFECTED ONES had tried to assault those civilizations first.

And the wars began. Interplanetary and inter-Solar System wars. In some Solar Systems the planets fought amongst themselves. In other Solar Systems, they joined together to attack other civilizations in other Solar Systems. Billions of people or physical vehicles were destroyed; numerous planets ceased to exist; entire Solar Systems were destroyed. This went on until there where only two major civilizations left, each on opposing sides of the Galaxy. The shear distance and the need to recover their losses initiated the peace that then existed.

The creators had quickly discovered that they could not use the physical vehicles of the Technologically advanced civilizations; they could not withstand their energy. This was the converse of what the INFECTED ONES had experienced. And so the creators had to sort through the various Spiritually/Technologically advanced civilizations to find bodies that would be most suitable. Finally they found one that was a most likely candidate. These physical vehicles were quite durable; quite hardy; they easily could function quite nicely up to 10,000 Earth years. And so the creators approached the council of this Spiritually developed civilization and discussed with them the peril that existed in the Galaxy. This council well remembered the threat that they had thwarted ages past, and were more than willing to allow the creators to use the physical vehicles of their civilization as vehicles for manifestation on the physical plane. Analyzing the situation, it was discovered that in addition to being wasteful of time, it would be impossible for the creators to enter or incarnate into these vehicles in the normal manner.

What would have to occur was an exchange with the inhabitant of a particular physical vehicle. The incarnating entity would vacate it and the creator would be spliced into it. The difficulty was in finding vehicles that could withstand the energy and were close enough in frequency to be functional. At this point, let me say that all this was occurring simultaneously with the influx of INFECTED ONES into Technologically advanced civilizations, so view this as occurring concomitantly.

From the non-physical level, it was very difficult to accurately perceive the necessary requirements and conditions of the physical vehicles in terms of suitability for the newly incarnating creators. And so the process was carried out in a trial and error manner and there were many failures; either the bodies would die instantly; die in a short time; be impaired or damaged beyond function; or the frequency would be off so much that the creator could not manipulate or work the vehicle - similar to being blind, paralyzed or mentally impaired. And so it became imperative that the scientists among the creators have top priority in becoming physicalized; anchored into physical vehicles that were more or less functional. And over a long period of time and numerous attempts, this was finally accomplished. Three were successfully spliced into physical vehicles and they set about the task of creating the equipment necessary to analyze the bodies that existed in terms of frequency and energy carrying capabilities. They determined that approximately 3 percent of the vehicles would be as suitable as possible for the purpose of incarnating the creators physically.

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All right, the vehicles of the population contained 3 percent that were more or less suitable. The screening process eliminated the destroyed vehicles of the trial and error process. However, the magnitude of the energies were so great that even the more suitable vehicles were halved in terms of their useful function, which was approximately 5000 Earth years. And so the creators, one by one, were spliced into the vehicles until the group of them resided on the physical plane.

It was decided, judging from the length of time necessary to complete the process of accumulating and rehabilitating the infected entities, that a continuation of these [suitable] vehicles was necessary. And so the procedure was adopted that the vehicles were reproduced amongst the creators. [While carrying out] this [reproduction] process, the creators were acclimating to the physical.

Now these vehicles that were created as a result of the connection of the creators were not inhabited initially by themselves. Time was too valuable for them to go through the birthing process and have to grow up. An arrangement was made with the incarnating entities of this civilization that they would provide suitable entities to function and mature the vehicles until such time as a switch was necessary. And the creators would simply exchange vehicles or bodies and continue their work without interruption.

Once physicalized, the creators adapted to the technology of the civilization of which they had become a part, set about to improve it so that it would be more suitable to their needs and also physically went to observe what was occurring amongst the civilizations that the INFECTED ONES had contaminated.

It was very obvious that from the physical standpoint, that it would be impossible for the creators to physically intercept and deal with the physicalized INFECTED ONES. It was also reported from the non-physical creators that a new variable had entered into the picture; when the INFECTED ONES incarnated into physical vehicles, they were altered in such a way that they did not respond [to rehabilitation] on the non-physical level. Their entities could be collected up but it served no useful purpose; they could not be reached for rehabilitation purposes.

And the INFECTED ONES had rapidly destroyed their opportunities to incarnate by destroying the civilizations that they had incarnated into. This is a classic case of a parasite destroying its host. They needed the host to perpetuate their greed; their lust for power; their lust for enslavement of peoples; but they destroyed that which they had desired which is a characteristic of their disease - shortsightedness.

Knowing the eternal nature of life, the creators were not concerned with the entities' bodies that had been destroyed because they were but a fraction of the total entity. But they were concerned with the fact of the alteration in the INFECTED ONES that did not allow them to be rehabilitated at the non-physical level. And this is where the necessity for the Solar System around Earth came into being.

The creators, along with volunteers from the Spiritually/Technologically advanced civilization, formed a coalition to deal with the problem. It was blatantly obvious that it was necessary to deal with it from a physical level.

The technologically advanced civilizations did not attempt to attack those that were more powerful than themselves; the Spiritually/Technologically advanced civilizations for they knew from ancient tradition that the power that these groups commanded was more than they had even thought about. They could destroy entire Solar Systems, but that was a pittance to the destruction of an entire Galaxy.

And so approximately 5 million years ago this coalition was created. Ships were sent to the Solar System to discover planets that were suitable for the purpose. With the technology of this civilization, along with the augmentation of that of the creators, all of the twelve planets around Sol could be used. Some were more suitable than others and a plan was formulated to make the necessary alterations to allow the INFECTED ONES to be lured to the spot. But it was more than that. In addition to the hardware of the Solar System, software needed to be created to, once again, trap the INFECTED ONES.

So number one priority was the creation of physical vehicles that functioned at a lower vibration than that of the technological civilizations or what was left of them. The INFECTED ONES would be pulled into these vehicles and there they would have to remain in a constant cycle of incarnations.

One of the largest planets in the system was chosen as a base of operation; this was Jupiter. The coalition began the process of creating the material; creating what was needed to establish a base on that planet. This planet was chosen mainly due to its environmental structure; it would be easy to hide on this planet due to the gaseous covering and with the technology it was no problem. The gravity would be neutralized to acceptable levels and artificial atmosphere used. This planet would serve as the focal point for the modifications that needed to be made on the other planets. So many earth years past and this phase of the operation was put into effect.

It was discovered that suitable life forms needed to be created in order to serve as an efficient lure and trap for the INFECTED ONES and that was the next priority.

At this time Jupiter was the 6th planet from the sun. Plans were made to utilize the resources of the 5th; 4th; and 3rd planet in the next phase of development.

And at that we shall rest and continue the Saga of how Earth came to be at our next transmission. We apologize for the length of this session but there was much information that needed to be given; very important information because this story will one day reverberate around the Earth and it will be something that rings true to many people.

My blessings upon each and every one of you. Continue your growth; continue to evolve; and be mindful of the energies; make certain that they are utilized properly. So be it.