Dear children and beloved colleagues. I am here once again to continue the saga of creation.

A point to be clarified from the last time is that the plane that was labeled the SOUL LEVEL was not the midpoint as such; it was the point where the transformation into form began. It only became the midpoint at a later time but it has always served as the transformation point.

Where we left off the last time; it was about time to animate the ASTRAL PLANE with the first group of children of the New Universe. Vehicles were created and enlivened. And thus, the new consciousnesses of the Universe was born.

As with any new addition, the proud parents took a great interest and devoted a great deal of attention to the new lives that they had created. They watched over them, assisted them and guided them as much as possible. And the conditions that were created would be referred to in your culture as paradise or utopia; all was perfect.

And most of the elders watched on in approval. However, a new variable entered into the picture; one of the elders of the SEVENTH RAY energy frequency had been altered during the transformation of the previous Universe. This alteration could be classified as a form of insanity. This entity became obsessed with power and began to look upon himself as a God. However, he was very skillful in shielding this from the rest of the elders; he used his SEVENTH RAY energies quite effectively.

So he decided that as a God he should be worshipped and he needed worshipers. So he descended amongst the children of the new levels and began to influence them to the best of his capabilities, which were massive. His primary goal was to establish himself as an object of worship and to turn the children against their creators. This he began to do.

So clever was his illusions that many other groups of enlivened spirits were introduced into the system before his deception was discovered. Not all fell victim to his games but a percentage did. And in a sense, it was like a disease that a minority were susceptible to. And over a period of time, he established a group of followers or, I should say, servants. He established himself as "THE" supreme being and charted out his kingdom.

He represented involution, regression, inertia, because he did not want his servants to have the opportunity to become better than himself. And he trained them to be worthless in their own opinions and to do his bidding without question and without thought. And he spawned within them greed, envy and all of the traits that he had himself acquired for he knew by doing this they would never in mass rise up against him and his power base would be insurmountable.

At the same time this entity worked to influence members of the SECOND LIFE WAVE, again using all his talents at illusion and deception. His primary task with that group was division and dissension; to turn each unit against the whole; to make the machine self-destruct.

And as the spiritual time passed, he amassed a number of followers and he'd planted the seeds of dissension and disharmony within the Creators so that they did not function as efficiently as they had in the beginning. Fortunately by this time, the majority of the creation process had been completed.

He had waited to make his move until territory had been created that he could claim for his own and he staked out all of the ASTRAL PLANE as his domain.

With the problems, or thinking problems, that this entity had, he had difficulty perceiving objectively or assessing objectively and he was believing his own propaganda. And he thought he grew stronger by those of the children that followed his bidding and that the Creators grew weaker by the dissension that he had interjected into their midst. It reached the point where he felt it safe to declare himself; to, among his peers, stake the claim of being "THE" supreme being and this he attempted to do. However, his power was insufficient against the united group of elders. Their combined powers or energies far surpassed his own. And so, he was neutralized; put into suspension if you will. However, by this time the damage had been done.

Without a specific leader, his servants vied amongst themselves for positions of leadership. They began to aggress against each other and against those of the children that were not infected. They worked to spread their poison throughout the entire system.

It, of course, would have been possible for the creators to destroy that which they had created. But this was a difficult thing to do; to destroy your children. If you would contemplate that. All these consciousness vehicles that were created were as a part of the creators. And so it was decided that a new procedure needed to be implemented; an isolation ward created so that this infection could be checked. It was decided that since this infection was inherently limiting, regressive and involutionary that the filter to catch the infected ones needed to be at a lower level than that which existed. And that these infected ones, due to their nature, would more readily sink into the physical.

It was by no means perfect and not all of them sank but, all in all, the plan worked and thus was born the PHYSICAL PLANE and the solar system you now refer to as centered around Sol with earth as the third planet.

Of necessity we have been brief. The events that we have described this evening took a great deal of what you classify as earth time. And it would not be possible to give you a reasonable figure of how much or how many twenty-four hour periods elapsed. Also we have been brief about the dissension concerning the Creators. However, this myth has been brought down in other cultures and other religions that refers to the discord in heaven and the casting out of Satan, which that is not his name by the way, but it shall suffice so that your consciousnesses can understand.

We shall end on that note this evening and ask that you not draw any conclusions or interpretations for insufficient data has been given on the make up of the PHYSICAL PLANE at this point. The important points of the transmission tonight are that this injured entity did create a problem. He spread qualities that certain of the children were susceptible [to] and they in turn, when he was neutralized, began to create problems on their own and aggress against those that were not infected.

So our area of quarantine was created to capture and attempt to rehabilitate these infected entities. And that shall be the next part of our tale of the make-up of mankind.

My blessings to each and every one of you. Continue to seek wisdom; continue on the path back to the SOURCE.

Good evening