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Are OUIJA Boards Dangerous?

I’ve seen so much garbage about Ouija boards, I wanted to write a post to present my experiences.

Ouija boards have been marketed as a game for probably 100 years. It is a board with letters of the alphabet printed on them. Two people operate a pointer that moves to the letters spelling out a message. Sometimes, a single person can operate it.

Pretty harmless, really. Yet, all the ghost hunter shows act like they are evil.

In reality, most of the messages through a Ouija board are from the subconscious; just a convenient way to have subconscious communication.

Over time though, a sensitive person can actually develop spirit communication because spirits look for such people. If you are sensitive, it’s going to happen so you need to learn how to deal with it effectively. It’s not the Ouija board doing it, it is your own talent.

Just as with ghost hunting, if you draw attention to yourself in the spirit world, be perpared to deal with it.

In reality, if you are a sensitive, the spirit world already knows it because they can see your energy signature. So learn what to do so you can benefit from your talent.

But don’t fall for the garbage that ouija boards are evil or cause ghosts to get after you.

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