Fallout from Dec. 21, 2012

Well, as the non-physicals stated, the world didn’t end on December 21st of 2012. However, what did end was the old energy cycle.

December 21st was like the zero point and from that time, the new energy cycle has been building. The non-physicals said that everything that depended on the old energy would begin to deteriorate and eventually cease to work. So, in that sense, the world DID end on December 21st of 2012.

It was said that the change would not be immediate but as the new energy became stronger, more and more things would begin to malfunction. I have seen that myself. I have never seen so many thing break or tear up. As these things, such as appliances cease to function, they will have to be replaced. If you look at it this way, your world is not the same.

If you’ve noticed things that have worked for years breaking down, please comment on them so others can see just how 2012 is beginning to impact.

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