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Visit from the Christ

Those people who don’t want to believe in anything feel that the Christ is mythical. Those people who go to various churches talk about Christ but believe that he is impossible to reach. Of course, this goes against the teachings of the Christ.

I spent quite a bit of time in church when I was growing up.  Being an individual that processes and organizes data, I noticed a great many contradictions. The one thing that was consistent was the teachings of the Christ. Those things actually contradicted much of what was talked about in the sermons.

Although Jesus was revered, there didn’t appear to be any understanding of the message that he presented throughout his life.

For instance, the Christ always made himself available to anyone at any time; he treated everyone as special with unconditional love. Yet the church, and most churches, made it seem that communion with the Christ was out of reach. And the last thing you wanted to do was convey to people that you had ACTUALLY been in contact with the Christ.

Yes, to churches, it’s all words. It’s like the scene from Heaven Sent where the angel is in the church to meet one of his assignments and notices that the priest is being harsh with the choir of children. He approaches the priest and calms him with a touch on the shoulder. He tells the priest the voices of the choir sound like angels which he has heard. The priest looks at him like he was crazy. But the choir then goes on to perform the song in a beautiful manner.

All words but no belief. Yet, the Christ was serious when he said he would be there for you; I had my own personal experience about 37 years ago.

At the time, I was practicing hypnotherapy and had a client who was conflicted with what his subconscious mind was trying to tell him. I suggested a hypnosis session to clarify things.

I wanted to record the session but he refused.

A hypnosis session is always interesting as the subconscious mind is infinite. The client was just a regular person. He was not philosophical or artistic. Yet, he immediately starts describing a beautiful meadow with a path. Someone is at the top of a hill on the path. I tell the client to take the path to the person he sees standing there looking at him.

He does this in his mind and then he starts repeating a message for me.

The message is about issues I have been dealing with in my life; issues unknown to the client.

After the message has finished, I asked the client who is providing the message. The client is very upset and says that he isn’t worthy to touch his sandals. Finally I get out of him that it was Christ.

My client didn’t know that I had been focusing on Christ for guidance. I guess I was blocking or not recognizing the answers at a conscious level so the Christ used another method to communicate with me. I regret that I did not turn on the recorder for that message needed to be preserved.

The impact was traumatic. With his Catholic background, he couldn’t accept that the Christ had come to him and worked through him. It was the last time I saw him.

It’s sad really. It should have shown him of great things but his own beliefs were such that the power of Christ directly working through him just didn’t happen.

I hear from the Christ from time to time. He presented an Easter message that I hope you will read by clicking on the title:

The Power of Creation is Unconditional Love

Remember the power of Christ is there for you too.

Are OUIJA Boards Dangerous?

I’ve seen so much garbage about Ouija boards, I wanted to write a post to present my experiences.

Ouija boards have been marketed as a game for probably 100 years. It is a board with letters of the alphabet printed on them. Two people operate a pointer that moves to the letters spelling out a message. Sometimes, a single person can operate it.

Pretty harmless, really. Yet, all the ghost hunter shows act like they are evil.

In reality, most of the messages through a Ouija board are from the subconscious; just a convenient way to have subconscious communication.

Over time though, a sensitive person can actually develop spirit communication because spirits look for such people. If you are sensitive, it’s going to happen so you need to learn how to deal with it effectively. It’s not the Ouija board doing it, it is your own talent.

Just as with ghost hunting, if you draw attention to yourself in the spirit world, be perpared to deal with it.

In reality, if you are a sensitive, the spirit world already knows it because they can see your energy signature. So learn what to do so you can benefit from your talent.

But don’t fall for the garbage that ouija boards are evil or cause ghosts to get after you.

2012 Is Coming! Are You Ready?

There has been a great deal of speculation about what is going to happen on December 21, 2012.

The Master Kathumi has kindly provided some insight and guidance as to what December 21, 2012 really means to humanity and the planet. I encourage you to read these communications in the new section, 2012 Communications.

The Main link is here: 2012 Communications

The first communication in the series is here: Kathumi Speaks about 2012

I hope you will find the information useful. Much more to come before December 21st.


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