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Practical Reincarnation – The Real World Importance of Knowing your Past Lives

When I was a child, I use to ponder why we are here and where we come from. All these years later, I still don’t have a complete answer but I do have some clues.

When I was seven, I got extremely ill with pneumonia. I was in the hospital for 4 or 5 days. When I went in, I felt so bad, I didn’t even notice the major painful IM penicillin injections for the first couple of days. As I got better, I began to notice and rebelled against them. My rear end looked like seam on a piece of cloth from a sewing machine.

It was an awful experience and one that took me a long time to recover physically. My lungs were not normal for months afterwards and I wondered if they ever would be but finally, they felt normal again.

However, this experience caused a very odd thing to happen to me. My mother was really wrapped up in religion at the time and was always dragging the family to church every time the doors were open; twice on Sundays and an evening killer on Wednesdays. She was always harping on saying prayers before bed so, I would repeat the Lords Prayer before bed:

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul shall keep, if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

A simple prayer that at seven, I was using every night at bedtime. However, after the experience in the hospital, something happened to me when I repeated the prayer. When I came to the part, if I should die before I wake, a brilliant, vivid scene came into my mind. It was if I was looking at an old style hospital room, much like the old hospital I had been in with pneumonia recently. All I could see of the scene was looking towards a hospital bed. The upper half of the bed was hidden by a white pleated cloth screen on a white metal frame. I could see the other half and it looked like a person was in the bed. I could see the sheet covering feet and legs, the legs of an adult.

This image came to my mind for years every time I would say the Lord’s Prayer. It was like a snapshot in my mind. I really didn’t know what it meant at the time.

I would intentionally trigger the image because as a child, I thought it was neat. At that time, I had been on television on a local children’s program and all those brilliant lights reminded me of how this image was illuminated. I didn’t discover until 17 years later, when I was exploring reincarnation for myself that this was a scene of my death in a previous life. It was actually good that I didn’t know what that scene was because it showed me years later, how previous lives affect the present one.

Here is what I discovered 17 years later and how it affected me before I knew what it was. In the life that the scene was from, I was a German. The lifetime was from 1903 to 1941. In this life, I was an academic teaching English literature at the University level. As a young academic in a rigid system, I only got the University position when the Nazis came to power and got rid of all the established academics.

I did not like the Nazis and joined the underground movement against them. Yes, there were many Germans risking their lives to defeat the Nazis. During the war, this group of brave Germans, did what they could, including helping allied POWs escape and sending vital information back to the allies. The Nazi gestopo was all the time working to catch the underground members and there were many close calls. They had suspicions but no evidence. However, in early 1941, I became ill with diphtheria. The Nazi controlled doctors were not allowed to treat and I suffocated from my windpipe being blocked by the illness. So, how did this life affect me in the present one?

A fear of suffocating. When I got pneumonia, my lungs filled with fluid making it hard for me to breathe. This is what triggered the image in my mind. The ancient hospital I was in, built in 1916, looked like the hospital of the past life further reinforcing the recall. Although for many years, I didn’t know it was a memory.

I became fascinated with WW 2 movies involving the allies fighting the Nazis. I watched them every chance I got. I enjoyed seeing the Nazis defeated.

When I went to high school, while others were picking French and Spanish, I went with German. Only a few weeks into the first year course, I had a vivid dream. In this dream, I was in an old style European Railway Station. It was if I was watching a movie where a young man, probably in early 20s was talking with an older woman with two boys. The young man, who knew this woman, was trying to borrow some money for train fare back to Frankfurt. Apparently the train station was in Munich. The woman was scolding the young man about spending all his money at the Oktoberfest. I felt I was watching but also WAS the young man. The entire conversation was in fluent German. At some point, my mind said, I don’t now how to speak German and the dream faded.

So, past lives do influence the present. By knowing your past lives, you can understand and be in better charge of your current life.

A Show Worth Saving – Forever TV Series

I don’t watch TV much. Instead, I pick out shows that have some meaning or value. One of the few shows I watch is called Forever, the story of a man who, over 200 years ago was killed trying to do the right thing, yet, instead of dying, he became immortal. The show is his story of trying to find out why and how it happened while he attempts to keep secret that he is over 200 years old.

A fantastic, spiritual show with a wonderful cast. Yet, ABC decided to cancel it even though it had a very large audience, e.g. in the millions. They also never bothered to promote it and put it in a crummy time slot. I found it just by accident as have literally millions of others.

Those of us who watch the show are trying to save it. There is a petition which I hope you will sign:


Another Petition to Save Forever Please sign all petitions; make a difference. Still another Petition to Save Forever. Please sign them all.

If you’ve never seen the show, I urge you to watch the first episode. It’s a great story with a warm, loving lead character: Dr. Henry Morgan.

Read about the movement to save this wonder series HERE!

Fallout from Dec. 21, 2012

Well, as the non-physicals stated, the world didn’t end on December 21st of 2012. However, what did end was the old energy cycle.

December 21st was like the zero point and from that time, the new energy cycle has been building. The non-physicals said that everything that depended on the old energy would begin to deteriorate and eventually cease to work. So, in that sense, the world DID end on December 21st of 2012.

It was said that the change would not be immediate but as the new energy became stronger, more and more things would begin to malfunction. I have seen that myself. I have never seen so many thing break or tear up. As these things, such as appliances cease to function, they will have to be replaced. If you look at it this way, your world is not the same.

If you’ve noticed things that have worked for years breaking down, please comment on them so others can see just how 2012 is beginning to impact.

Visit from the Christ

Those people who don’t want to believe in anything feel that the Christ is mythical. Those people who go to various churches talk about Christ but believe that he is impossible to reach. Of course, this goes against the teachings of the Christ.

I spent quite a bit of time in church when I was growing up.  Being an individual that processes and organizes data, I noticed a great many contradictions. The one thing that was consistent was the teachings of the Christ. Those things actually contradicted much of what was talked about in the sermons.

Although Jesus was revered, there didn’t appear to be any understanding of the message that he presented throughout his life.

For instance, the Christ always made himself available to anyone at any time; he treated everyone as special with unconditional love. Yet the church, and most churches, made it seem that communion with the Christ was out of reach. And the last thing you wanted to do was convey to people that you had ACTUALLY been in contact with the Christ.

Yes, to churches, it’s all words. It’s like the scene from Heaven Sent where the angel is in the church to meet one of his assignments and notices that the priest is being harsh with the choir of children. He approaches the priest and calms him with a touch on the shoulder. He tells the priest the voices of the choir sound like angels which he has heard. The priest looks at him like he was crazy. But the choir then goes on to perform the song in a beautiful manner.

All words but no belief. Yet, the Christ was serious when he said he would be there for you; I had my own personal experience about 37 years ago.

At the time, I was practicing hypnotherapy and had a client who was conflicted with what his subconscious mind was trying to tell him. I suggested a hypnosis session to clarify things.

I wanted to record the session but he refused.

A hypnosis session is always interesting as the subconscious mind is infinite. The client was just a regular person. He was not philosophical or artistic. Yet, he immediately starts describing a beautiful meadow with a path. Someone is at the top of a hill on the path. I tell the client to take the path to the person he sees standing there looking at him.

He does this in his mind and then he starts repeating a message for me.

The message is about issues I have been dealing with in my life; issues unknown to the client.

After the message has finished, I asked the client who is providing the message. The client is very upset and says that he isn’t worthy to touch his sandals. Finally I get out of him that it was Christ.

My client didn’t know that I had been focusing on Christ for guidance. I guess I was blocking or not recognizing the answers at a conscious level so the Christ used another method to communicate with me. I regret that I did not turn on the recorder for that message needed to be preserved.

The impact was traumatic. With his Catholic background, he couldn’t accept that the Christ had come to him and worked through him. It was the last time I saw him.

It’s sad really. It should have shown him of great things but his own beliefs were such that the power of Christ directly working through him just didn’t happen.

I hear from the Christ from time to time. He presented an Easter message that I hope you will read by clicking on the title:

The Power of Creation is Unconditional Love

Remember the power of Christ is there for you too.

JFK – Why Was He Killed?

November 22, 1963 was a tragic day for the United States when the President was murdered in a hail of bullets. Witnesses identified gun fire coming from several directions with multiple shots fired. Yet, almost immediately, a coverup was initiated to hide what really happened.

Why was so much effort put into covering up the crime of the century? What was there to hide?

It’s been 50 years since that tragic day. From the beginning, competent researchers such as Harold Weisberg and Mark Lane demonstrated there was a cover up.  Since that time, many other researchers have sifted through the evidence, at least the evidence that was not destroyed or altered, and come to the conclusion that President Kennedy’s death was the result of a conspiracy. Even the House Committee had to begrudgingly admit there was a conspiracy. But why the elaborate cover up?

There have been many reasons for the murder of JFK proposed by numerous researchers, however for myself, they didn’t make sense. Everything that Kennedy supposedly did to aggravate various groups who likely were complicit in the murder could have easily been undone. Why the extraordinary spectacle of a public execution by multiple shooters?

Finally, after 50 years, a book was published that I feel gives the real reason President Kennedy was murdered. The book is called Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination.  The conclusion is simple: President Kennedy wanted to reveal to the world the existence of extra-terrestrials, their technology and the fact the government had contact with them.

The book by Dr. Michael E. Salla provides documentation that it was this quest by President Kennedy that got him murdered.

Those of us that were alive when John Kennedy was President remember that the media loved him and actually created an image of brilliance and trust. I can assure you that if President Kennedy went on television and announced to the world that extra-terrestrials existed and were in contact with Earth, it would have been accepted at face value. Not only that, people would not have freaked out because President Kennedy was a trusted man.

Of all the things President Kennedy wanted to do to improve this county, things that researchers have speculated as the cause of his murder, all could have been undone easily. Some probably would have not even been possible due to Congress. In other words, what traditional reseachers have listed as the reasons President Kennedy was murdered make no sense. However, the reason presented by Dr. Salla is one thing that COULD NOT be undone. If President Kennedy addressed the world that extra-terrestrials existed, that we had some of their technology and had on-going contract with species from other planets, it would never go away.  It would also, in my opinion, make the world a better place which I feel is WHY he wanted to reveal the existence of extra-terrestrials.

President John Kennedy was murdered because he wanted to unite the world. It’s sad that most people will never believe why he was really killed because the disinformation campaigns to hide the existence of extra-terrestials have been effective. I urge you to read Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination. If you need background information, read Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government’s Biggest Cover-up (Revised and Expanded Edition) .

Rest in Peace President Kennedy; We Will Never Forget!

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