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Paranormal Things Happen Every Day

People tend to think that paranormal events are big and scary. They rarely are big or, if you have a positive attitude, scary. Instead, they usually are so small, most people overlook them.

For example: a few months ago, I had need of a bottle of spray cleaner. I looked everywhere for it and could not find it. My wife looked everywhere for it as well. It was no where to be found. We even looked in places it was very unlikely to be.

About a week later, I again had need for the spray cleaner. I knew where an almost empty bottle was that I hoped had enough in it for the job. When I went to get the almost empty bottle, I looked down and there was the missing spray cleaner bottle sitting on the floor. It was in a place that had been searched by two different people and was clearly visible. It had not been there the week before nor did I recall seeing it there throughout the week. Yet, it was just THERE now when I needed it.

So, the question remains…. where was the bottle for a week and when it reappeared, who put it in a place that had already been searched. A place where it was very easy to see it?

Things go missing for people all the time. Then, they reappear in places they already looked. Is this paranormal? YES. However, most people just rationalize the experience away.

Start noticing these little things around your house. I think you will find you too have paranormal experiences. When you start to notice the little things, bigger things will happen.

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