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Do Ghosts Exist?

There are no such things as ghost! How many times have you heard it? Adults telling children this while they themselves are spooked. Why? Because ghost do exist.

I am a sensitive and have been since early childhood. Because of this, I don’t like old houses and I don’t like antigues? Why? Because the vibes of the previous owners or inhabitants are always there. Sometimes, THEY are there as well. So, I limit my exposure to those places and things.

However, in small doses, I find it fascinating. So when I was invited to go on a Ghost Tour of the Pensacola Lighthouse, I agreed. It was a place I’d never been to before. It’s on the Navy base which of course, is restricted access. However, the lighthouse is a museum and a few times a year, a Ghost Hunter group comes into town and conducts paid tours as a fundraiser.

In general, I’m not impressed with Ghosthunter groups. They go out of their way to downplay data and they are disrespectful to psychic people. However, I figured I’d go on this tour and see what happened.

As I figured, this batch of Ghosthunters were just a clueless as most of them seem to be. However, the Pensacola Lighthouse really is haunted! How do I know? Let me tell you what happened.

I arrived early so the Ghosthunter group were collecting money and keeping people outside. The lighthouse has a two story wrap around porch building with the lighthouse attached to it. Since I had to wait, I decided to tune in to see what was going on.

The first thing I perceived was on the first level porch by the door. There stood a man, probably in his 30s dressed in a uniform of some sort. I was trying to figure out what it was because it looked like an antique Navy uniform. He was just standing there looking out into space.

Then my attention was drawn to the second story and on the left side of the porch, was a young woman. She was leaning on the rail staring out at the Gulf of Mexico. She, like the man on the lower level, seemed to be in their own world. She was dressed in a white dress with those sorts of short sleeves that puff out and had her hair in a wrap around bun. I thought this was interesting. On the right side of the second story porch was a man with a beard who appeared to be dressedin a Confederate uniform. What was odd is that he wasn’t wearing a hat.

So I thought, this is interesting. Still waiting, some people were allowed in the building to use the bathroom so I went in and went to the little museum room filled with artifacts and pictures. Among the pictures was the guy I saw on the porch! The uniform was a lighthouse keepers uniform. He had been there around the turn of the 20th century! It was the same guy! Wow, instant feedback. Needless to say, I had never been to this place and didn’t even know lighthouse keepers had uniforms.

While I was pondering this, everybody had to leave the building and go back outside.

Finally, the Ghosthunter people started organizing the tour. There were so many people, there were several groups. I have to admit, the people conducting my group attempted to involve the tour members. They had someone carry and EMF and someone else a digital thermometer. So off we went.

Down to the basement. A very closed, oppressive place. Apparently, a couple of spirits, a deceased slave and a deceased native American have been spotted down here in the room we were in. The guide put a rem pod on the floor and started calling to the slave to activate it. The rem pod started alarming but it wasn’t the slave doing it. It was a little girl, about 10 years old, thin with long pigtails. She was giggling at the device going off. Yet, the clueless guide kept talking to the slave spirit who was not there.

Finally, I asked, “Who’s the little girl?” At this point, the guide said there was a little girl spirit who was upstairs in the keepers quarters. I said, no, that’s who is activating your device. He said she was upstairs and I said she was here. At this point, one of the people who work there, I guess each group had an employee along, said that she worked in the gift shop right above the basement room we were in and that she had heard music coming up through the floor that was associated with this little girl spirit. The tour guide continued to be clueless. So, another spirit identified. The little girl, BTW, was following this tour guide around!

So, out of the basement and upstairs to the room where the little girl was suppose to be. Well, she was there because she followed the group. At some point the guide went to do something else and left us in the room. The little girl spirit left with him giggling.

Back downstairs, the tour guide wanted to go back to the basement to the other room. I could tell that was dark energy down there and I sat that one out. A couple of people got sick down there.

As we were going upstairs, I asked the guide who the woman was that was on the porch. He didn’t have a clue. These people, ghosthunters, would get better results with a psychic along.

The last spot on the tour was a bedroom where a young woman died in childbirth. I walked and on the wall was a picture of the young woman; it was the woman on the porch.

So, the guide put the rem pod on the bed and started calling out to this woman. She did come off the porch. However, he was trying to provoke her which was upsetting to her by accusing her of murder. I really had to restrain myself to stop that harrassment of the spirit.

Finally, the tour ended. Back outside, I looked back up to the left side of the second story porch and the young woman was there. However, this time, she looked at me, smiled and waved! I think she was happy that someone could see her.

Bottom line: The Pensacola Lighthouse IS Haunted. Take the ghost tour. You will Love It!

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