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Should You Hunt Ghost?

Ghost hunting shows are popular. People find them exciting. However, is it a good idea to go around hunting ghosts?

In general, I would say it is not a good idea. Why? With a real ghost, you are dealing with a being; a person without a body. Some are nice and some are not nice.

A genuine ghost thinks and acts; they have and respond to emotions. Some can gather enough energy to produce physical manifestations. They can also follow you home!

I am a sensitive. I have perceived ghosts since the early part of my life. I don’t go looking for them but I do run across them and sometimes, they seek me out. I don’t frequent haunted locations on purpose.  And when I find myself in one, I DO NOT insult the ghosts which has become a popular tactic of the TV ghost hunters to “provoke”.

Think of provoking this way: you are in a pasture, there is a bull in the pasture, you start waving the red cape; you will have a problem if the bull is large enough. Same with a spirit; if the spirit can draw enough power, they can do physical things to you and can also mess with your mind.

Before you decide to ghost hunt, realize, it isn’t a game; it is serious business. Most of the TV ghost shows try to “debunk” a haunting. They do a crummy job of this and try to insult the spirits, probably because they don’t believe they are there. It’s funny when they cause a strong pheonmena by doing this and get scared. It’s not a smart thing to do.

Whether you are sensitive or not, you will have fallout from it. Ghosts will follow you home, they can invade your dreams, they can cause physical phenomena. Around me, they resort to physical phenomena when I haven’t tuned in to notice them; they get my attention that way. They are seeking help and I provide what help I can.

Ghosts exist. It’s been documented since there has been a civilization. You don’t need to prove over and over they exist by ghost hunting and have your rem pods or mel meters going off.

If you do decide to ghost hunt, just be prepared for what you are getting into. It is not a game.


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