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Do Extra-Terrestrials Exist? 1947 Roswell Incident says Yes!

For a long time, there has been the debate of whether or not extra-terrestrials exist. The official line is that they do not. What complicates the official line is the hundreds of thousands of people world-wide who have seen flying vehicles far in advance of human technology. Yet with all the witnesses, the photographs and video, as well as physical evidence from landing sites, the official line is: there is no evidence!

The truth is, there is plenty of evidence in plain sight. However, human nature is to ignore extraordinary happenings. Just look at the way psychic people are treated. When people don’t want to believe something, they will accept whatever information tells them it doesn’t exist. They will ignore the facts and in many cases their own senses!

Since it’s the 66th anniversary, it’s appropriate to talk about the most famous case of extra-terrestrial contact with Earth; the Roswell, New Mexico crash of 1947. For a short period of time, the military actually told the truth: they had recovered a flying disc. Then, someone up the chain of command decided they didn’t want people knowing that extra-terrestrials existed and put out the phony story that it was a downed weather balloon.

People accepted such a silly explanation because they wanted to. If they had thought about it, the military identifying a common weather balloon as a flying disc shows great incompetence. When you add to the fact, this particular group of the military was in charge of the atomic bombs, it makes the explanation even more outrageously unbelievable.

So, what really happened? The first story reported was the truth, an extra-terrestrial vehicle was recovered along with the dead alien crew. To make the outrageous story of the weather balloon work, all the military people involved were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements to never tell what they saw. Apparently, President Truman personally requested many of them to never talk about what they saw.

The crash site was scrubbed clean over many days. All the extra-terrestrial material was moved to a secure location. All the civilian witnesses were threatened with death to themselves and their families if they talked. All this has been documented with intense research done by many people.

Most of the witnesses kept silent until their death. However, one brave individual, Jesse Marcel, toward the latter part of his life, talked a little about it. He did not tell all he knew but he did say it was not a weather balloon or anything else man-made. Since he was the base intelligence officer at the time, it got some researchers interested and that’s why we know today, that a flying disc was recovered around Roswell in 1947.

Since that time in the late 1970s, many books have been written, some good, some mediocre and some pure disinformation trying to claim it was a weather balloon. The best books clearly demonstrate a flying disc of extra-terrestrial origin was recovered and documented by many witnesses who were persuaded to talk.

However, the final affirmation that a flying disc and dead extra-terrestrials were recovered around Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 was provided by two researchers who spent decades establishing rapport and earned the trust of many witnesses. Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt spent a great deal of time and money documenting the Roswell crash. They also accomplished something that no other researchers had been able to do; they got one of the principle military witnesses to go on the record as to what he had seen. Their book, Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government’s Biggest Cover-up (Revised and Expanded Edition), basically documents just what happened in 1947 when an extra-terrestrial craft crashed. The book provides much new evidence and puts all the evidence together.

But the highlight of the book is the military witness that went on the record. The man was former Lt. Walter Haut, the base public relations officer who was tasked with delivering the crashed disc recovery story to the media. What most people don’t realize is that Lt. Haut was close friends of the commanding officer, Col. Blanchard. It was at Col. Blanchard’s direction that the press release of the recovered flying disc was distributed.

As a friend of Col. Blanchard, he was allowed to see what was really recovered. However, Col. Blanchard asked him to promise he would never reveal it as long as he lived.  Lt. Haut honored that promise even though as the years passed, he really wanted to tell the truth about what has become known as The Roswell Incident. In fact, Mr. Haut was the founder of the UFO Museum in Roswell but never revealed what her personally knew. Toward the end of former his life, Carey and Schmitt came up with the perfect solution for him to both honor his promise to Blanchard and also tell people what really happened in Roswell; they suggested that he have an affidavit prepared of what he had seen and have it sealed to be released upon his death. Haut, who was getting elderly, felt this was a good way to do both; to honor his word to his friend and also, tell the world what really happened. The affidavit was prepared and sealed.

Just a few years after the affidavit was prepared, Haut passed away. His family released the affidavit to the public and this amazing testimony is included in Witness to Roswell. There were also very small news articles about the it buried in the back pages of news media.

In sum, it says that Col. Blanchard took him to the hangar where the recovered disc was stored. He saw the alien craft and also, from a distance, saw the bodies of the dead crew.  Yes, the Roswell Incident was an extra-terrestrial event.

Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government’s Biggest Cover-up (Revised and Expanded Edition) was published after Haut’s death which allowed the affidavit to be included. It is the most exciting book I have ever read. A true detective story of one of the most meaningful events to humanity. Read the book and you can laugh when someone says the Roswell Incident was a weather balloon. One of the actual witnesses went on the record to tell the truth; it WAS an extra-terrestrial craft and dead aliens were recovered!

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