[Editor's note: This lesson was a specific mediation for the individuals attending the weekly meetings and is not reproduced in this presentation.]



Since you have begun to build the connection from the lower MIND to the higher MIND which will eventually lead to the conscious awareness of the MONAD and its faculties, we must address the issue of CONTINUITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS. You may comment that CONTINUITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS sounds great and it is but let us inspect what it really means and the responsibilities it incurs.

As you are now, when you lay down to sleep you experience an absence of physical consciousness. This allows you to get away from everyday trivia and troubles in order to just rest. Meanwhile, your other vehicles can take advantage of having more energy to go about their tasks unhampered by the emotional and mental drains that the physical has on all of the equipment. Most of these nonphysical experiences have elements within them that the physical consciousness does not relate to and after the connection of the ABSTRACT MIND almost all of them are incomprehensible to the uneducated physical consciousness - hence your study of symbols.

Upon adding CONTINUITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS, you no longer have the escape of sleeping oblivion. You will still be sleeping but your consciousness will be directed to many other states of activity. Due to this, you must have a a great degree of self-control and self-identity. Conscious control of our actions goes along with controlling our emotional body. For a long time we may not be able to deaden our emotions to where they are what we want them to be but we can make a lot of headway with controlling our reactions to the emotions we feel.

In this system and within its equipment, control of speech is the hardest problem to be solved before CONTINUITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS is permitted. Speech is the switch or "on" button to activate the elementals of the physical plane. When you speak, they vibrate around you to the pattern of the content and intent of the statement. That is why a great deal of idle chatter has such possibilities for negation within it.

Also, speech releases energy. Every time you talk, you are using some of your energy potential. Have you ever noticed that a conversation can be tiring? Have you ever noticed that upon immediately talking about a new idea, it becomes aborted? It can and often does. The reason is its premature "birth" upon the physical. Ideas have a gestation period upon the MENTAL and ASTRAL planes before they can safely be released into speech. This is why magicians were schooled in silence. If a person could not learn to control his tongue, he was not initiated.

That is also the reason Toth is most often pictured with his fingers to his lips, meaning: the seal of silence or the knowledge and the ability to know when and what to speak.

Now we know that most of you are SECOND RAYS, that you are in a SECOND RAY system, that you are social beings, that you spend a great deal of your social endeavors in relating and that a lot of verbal communication seems necessary. We suggest that you become aware of the quality of your speech patterns. An absolute must for the SECOND RAY is a habit of "affirmative or Positive" speech. This fills several needs: e.g. it gathers elementals of affirmative action around your physical which in turn affects all of your actions on the physical and how others react to you; it brings into your aura elementals that can move in a progressive manner. Putting it differently, success and accomplishment becomes a habit for that is all you have within your equipment. This in turn allows you to think and feel much, much better about yourself. If ones feels great about himself, he is much more compassionate and tolerant of others. This then frees you from the negative emotional and mental stresses that cause your consciousness to have the need for recuperation within "the sleep of oblivion". Thus you can deal with CONTINUITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

Practice making affirmative statements. Even if you do not like something, remain aloof; detached; keeping all emotion out of it. Analyze an idea or situation with the rational, concrete mind. You should never reason with the emotions!!! If you are asked for an opinion, first give your evaluation which comes from mental analysis. Usually opinions are personal prejudices and therefore not of much value. Abstain from presenting opinions and give evaluations instead. Many, many times you will find that an evaluation is inconclusive due to lack of physical, objective evidence. Don't hesitate to say that you don't know something or that you don't have all the answers - they aren't reachable on the physical anyway. Also, allow for the persons evolutionary state. What is good at one point in evolution could become no more than a crutch at another point.....

All observations concerning associates should be stated with detachment and a concern for the person's evolution; never in the context of idle gossip or to put the other person down. Also, as you tread the path, your statements will carry much more energy. So guard the intent of your statements about someone least you inadvertently cause them harm or discomfort.

In summation: a prerequisite for CONTINUITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS is to be able to maintain an affirmative aura. The largest obstacle to accomplishing this positive aura is found in the patterns of speech. In order for this to become habitual, it is of great assistance to practice seeing the positive; hearing the positive; thinking the positive. This does not mean that you deny that the negative is there; that amounts to the deliberate delusion of self which is an absurdity. Instead always give more stress to the affirmative because the negative is the line of least resistance since it is inherent in matter. [Matter was imbrued with it in the previous life wave where the negative was then the positive]. Therefore, acquiring the habit of affirmation requires more effort and energy than to simply float down stream with the negation.......