Intergalactic councils for purposes such as interchange of ideas and advisory groups were formed as soon as beings evolved into the GALACTIC MIND. It was within such a council that the plan evolved for a planet that became Earth. There had been an inherited problem from the previous life wave and instead of it dissipating, it showed signs of spreading.

The plan was to quarantine the infected entities. To bring this about, they planned for a single star to stray away from all neighboring stars and within this solar system, they would entice the infected. Earth became the result; it is a planet in quarantine. Twenty-one specialists in the pertinent fields of science did the work on isolating the star Sol and proceeded hurriedly to establish a suitable planet for life to evolve. They then set about to establish life forms suitable for intelligent entities to inhabit. They wanted them to be especially enticing to the infected entities of the universe. All haste was needed, therefore measures were taken to speed up the processes.

The Galactic council then asked for volunteers to become "peace corps" workers among the entities within this test planet. They were to monitor the planet and all of its inhabitants, offering suggestions only when asked by the natives in which case they could become teachers. But mostly, they were to monitor and make sure that the problems of the infected entities remained isolated on Earth.

The civilization referred to as Atlantis was a result of the Aliens helpfulness. Although it was almost a debacle for the very purposes that this Earth system was created. Humanity was child like and trusting at that time and it was easy for the Aliens to want to help them by allowing them to see and play with Alien technology. But, included within the sheep, was the scourge of the Universe - "GREED" and it began to make itself felt within humanity about 30,000 B.C.

The Aliens had grown fond of humans and considered them as their children. The Aliens loved humanity and did not want to believe what was taking place; that their sweet innocent charges were being infiltrated and used by the old Evil. It wasn't something that they wanted to cope with.

The infected seized some of the Alien technology and became a threat to all life on Earth and threatened to take their greed back into space. There became dissension within the Aliens as to what to do with humanity as a whole, the infected ones in particular and their advanced technology in general. The Aliens splintered off into opposing factions which nullified any action they could have taken to save the situation. Finally, when it was apparent that there was real danger of the infected ones transporting themselves and their problem back into space, the 21 took matters over and triggered the sinking of that continent and destruction of its culture.

After the serious problem of Atlantis, it was decided that the monitors and Alien workers would become as earth men so that there would never again be the possibility of the infected humans seizing their technology and thereby becoming a threat to the Universe again.


Aliens were as much a part of my life as any mundane household chore, yet I adroitly managed to avoid facing this fact until 12-14-75 when I found myself paralyzed in the knees and ankles after a visit to their base. They had begun a series of energy transformations on my non-physical vehicles so that my physical body could withstand the influx of my Alien identity. This process took six years for my present Alien identity took complete control of this vehicle Friday, 1-9-81. The intervening years were filled with chaotic adjustments, too often quite painful ones, but very necessary for my role on this planet. I shall never forget what it was like to awaken in a human body and due to human limitations, having to stand helplessly by while watching the pain and suffering of humanity and this planet. And ever present was the memories of my Alien capacities and what I gave up to be clothed in human flesh. Will the results be worth the sacrifice? I have often asked myself that question. But the answer is most definitely yes; If I fulfill my purpose.

Since 1969, I had become accustomed to encountering and socializing with Aliens on the physical plane as well as in the sleepstate. It all began with an introduction to a very unusual man whom I will call Birch. He assumed three distinctly different physical appearances, yet claimed to be the same person. The anomaly of this person was noticed by my neighbor who launched an investigation into his identity and background. This seemed to be an easy task since Birch claimed to be in the Air Force. However, the Air Force claimed to have no record of such a person - ever!

I presented these unusual findings to Birch for clarification but his response was startling. The explanation given, which he told in all seriousness, was that he was an alien sent here to observe humanity as a psychologist! His job was to study the causes of aggression within humans so that they could better cope with their own deviant aggressives! He then asked if I was making a power play into their network. I was astounded and didn't know how to answer him for there was then no conscious knowledge, in my mind, of what he spoke of. Shortly Birch left the state offering no further explanations.

It was the month of his departure that I began an intensive sleep state association with Aliens. This was initiated by an Alien appearing to me, showing me a vision of Birch standing with a huge red X type cross upon a bright blue disk beside him. This flaming cross was beautiful and fascinating, so I watched it for what seemed to be a long time. The whole disk began to rotate counter clockwise moving toward me, slowly at first, then gaining speed. The presenting Alien, who was standing by me, stated that the symbol was being sent to me by Birch.

The adventures then began. I visited planets outside this solar system, moons and walked on comets. Two of the planets were easily recognized as having been my home and I longed to stay there. One had two moons and was not nearly as brightly lit as the earth. It was desert terrain with big boulders lying around with an atmosphere that was strewn with dark clouds surrounded by glowing edges. Lightning also was prevalent, dancing from cloud to cloud. More than once, I stood on the surface of that planet, soaking up its beauty, wishing I could stay for here was my kind and it was good not to feel alone. The residents wore clothing made from some kind of stiff, crinkly, pleated material. The people also glowed.

The other planet that had been my home was in a state of emergency. All inhabitants were underground and seemed to be existing on emergency rations. They were dressed in white jumpsuit style garments complete with helmets and boots. They would regularly go on surveillance missions around the planet. There seemed to have been a geological disaster of huge proportions and they were attempting to reverse the damage or at least to stabilize it.

Meeting with Aliens became common. The meetings ran the gamut of activities: I was taught, did lab work, took pleasure cruises in other types of Alien crafts. My body was often worked upon. Sometimes we just socialized.

In November of 1975, three aliens came with a proposal to do extensive work on my bodies that would eventually allow my Alien self to manifest more fully in this human body. After their second visit and discussing the ramifications upon my body - I agreed.

The event took place around 1:00 A.M. December 14th, 1975. I found myself lying on a table, seemingly in the middle of a huge circular room, with male and female Aliens rushing around getting ready to alter my energy field. I would estimate that there were about fifteen Aliens all dressed in white; some quite active and some observing. My consciousness was fascinated by all the gadgetry around the room and my attention became riveted on a vertical crystalline tube-like structure that went from floor to ceiling. I thought it to be the energy source for their entire base. Huge glows of various colors would build up at alternating ends, then flash across the length of the tube to the other end. I could hardly wait to ask them about it but I lost consciousness when they began the process.

I regained consciousness to the voice of one of the Aliens giving instructions to "reverse the process." This caused my conscious some concern for the Alien voice sounded like it was an emergency. Further awareness dawned and with it pain! I was back in bed in my house. My knees and ankles were vibrating with pain. It was so great that I immediately tried to get out of bed to get a pain killer for there was no way I could sleep with that pain. But upon placing my feet on the floor and attempting to stand, I watched in shocked disbelief as my knees and ankles simply folded up beneath me and I fell to the floor.

The heretofore lark became real scary! Thoughts of being paralyzed came hurriedly into my mind and I questioned my decision to allow this energy alteration. I dragged myself back into bed and began wondering what to do. There was no one in the house but the children and they were too far away to arouse. Shortly, while I was still wondering what to do, three Aliens appeared bringing me some kind of white pill stating that it would kill all pain allowing me to sleep until morning. I gladly took it and fell immediately asleep.

The next morning the pain was still with me but by holding onto walls and doorways, I could walk. I would stumble, spill things and fall around. My knees and ankles continued to give way sporadically and, except for the intense pain in them, they felt dead. The most painful activity was driving a car as that position for my leg made the pain almost unbearable. This went on for five days at which time my sister insisted that I go to see her husband, who was a Doctor. I did. He ran every test he could think of and all proved negative. According to medical science, there was nothing the matter with me! However, the pain in my body told a different story. The doctor then gave me a small dose of cortisone and the physical pain left for good.

Before that event I had managed to keep all the other Alien activity at bay within my thinking processes. I simply refused to give it any value as to real or unreal, or form any opinions concerning it. I was busy making a living, raising two kids and just being very human. But the event shocked my consciousness into evaluating my life, my existence, and to strongly wonder who I was and what was my purpose for being here.

My nighttime activity was drastically changed after that night of energy manipulation. I began training with two Alien males who were also in human form on this planet. At that time, I did not know them physically but had known and worked with them for thousands of years as Aliens. By June of 1977, I had meet both of them and have worked with them ever since.

After becoming accustomed to my two working partners, my Alien instructors began to teach me about my Alien self; my true identity; who I was and what my special attributes were that made it helpful to Earth for me to be here.

One memorable night they informed me of my Alien name. It was beautiful; almost a sacred thing and I reacted like the name was the most precious possession I had ever had. It was weeks before I could bring myself to profane it by speaking it aloud.

At this time also, they began to instruct me as to my special function - I am a FIRST RAY female who channels and manipulates energy from the SOURCE. I began to do this and loved doing it. At times entities from other planets, places, or dimensions would ask for my assistance which I gladly gave.

This type of instruction continued until January 9th, 1981 when my Alien consciousness took over my physical body.

For six months I had been receiving messages that my Alien identity was ready to take over my physical body completely. Although I had been preparing for this for six years, I still didn't comprehend the degree of difference there would be in my personality nor the effects it would have on my physical body's functioning.

Wednesday night, January 7, 1981 my new identity began to flash in and?out of consciousness. By Thursday night, I was locked into this human body and found it to be very Alien to me! I began going over my new situation as a human and discovered that I was married with two children; none of whom I knew. My husband was my twin in my Alien state but as yet he was unrecognizable to me.

Marriage sounded like a contract of ownership, so I wasn't happy at finding myself owned by some man. To make matters more difficult, I didn't understand the language and was having difficulty speaking it. My body almost stopped functioning, food was disgusting to me, and I couldn't remember how to use the bath room. I was suppose to start a college calculus class the next day and was worried that I wouldn't remember how to drive such a primitive device as a car.

After calculus class, which I spent observing humans, I promptly went to the counseling department and ask to take a class in language construction. The counselor couldn't understand what I was talking about. I explained that I wished to learn how words and sounds were put together in order to form logical patterns of conceptions. The man gaped and told me there was "no such" course. It was my turn to gape. I couldn't believe that the whole race spoke a language for which there was no mathematical method of choosing sounds to form patterns to represent concepts.

My opinion of the inhabitants of this planet was accelerating downward and I was questioning my reasoning for coming here. Leaving the Counseling Department, I passed a human confined to a wheel chair. Once again I gaped! It was unbelievable to me that this race, having advanced as far in technology as they had, wouldn't have immediately made an all out effort at healing its citizens. The suffering of this person had the impact of an explosion on me; I mentally and emotionally staggered under it.

Something definitely needed to be done with this place. I further questioned my decision as to having precipitated onto this planet. I knew, from my memory banks, that humanity spent trillions of dollars every year on destructive devices to kill one another in wars and yet they let their people suffer with abnormalities, diseases, ignorance and hunger. I began to question if humanity, having allowed all this to come about, was worth saving from itself. I decided that I needed more information before I could make any decisions.

At that time I couldn't get in touch with my husband/owner and there was only one other person on Earth that I knew to be an alien. And I trusted this Alien's opinion. I promptly telephoned him for assistance in understanding this place. He did his best to explain the culture, human social customs, and that I couldn't go out and start a revolution to stop human suffering for it seems that there has been entirely too much of that already.

It took a good year for me to become humanized. My husband and friend were very patient with my intolerance of everything human. I still revolt occasionally just to keep them on their toes, of course.