We have given you only the barest essentials in the description of the individuals that make up the ancient Atlantean Pantheon. The best way to learn about a person's character is to watch him in action. We cannot recreate the past so that you may watch it as on a movie screen but we can give you the key characteristics (the how and why) of the relation of these entities. While you are reading about them, you will learn much about how the different rays relate to each other and the problems inherent in personifying each one onto the physical. This will reveal to you what each ray type should watch out for as potential problem areas.

..... The FIRST RAY deals with wholes and universals; the THIRD RAY - being MANAS - divides; deals with the empirical and actualizes intellect. The SECOND RAY relates the two to each other as well as to the resultant of their interaction.

The FIRST RAY is at home and comfortable dealing with totalities whereas a whole appears to a THIRD RAY as a jumble of chaos; chaos being a state without applied mental organization and form as a logical result. The THIRD RAY takes things apart and gains understanding by laboriously analyzing each particle right down to the last divisible part. The SECOND RAY is more interested in how the parts of a thing relate to the whole thing.

Here is an example of the interaction between the three. The FIRST RAY tells the THIRD RAY, "You cannot know a tree or any thing by analyzing its atoms. The whole is greater and different than the sum of its parts."

The THIRD RAY quickly responds, "The so-called whole is no more than the aggregate atoms in specialized functioning."

The FIRST RAY condescendingly replies, "You are referring to its body and the body is not the thing in itself."

THIRD RAY getting impatient with what is obviously an illogical mystic or weirdo sneers, "Show me this thing in itself! I'd love to analyze it! Then I'll believe you."

By this time the SECOND RAY seeing this needless argument about to take place between his two friends, burst in, patting each on the back, "Friends, come now, I'll show you how you are both right and both wrong."

"Off we go again", says the THIRD RAY giving FIRST RAY an exaggerated look of exasperation."

"I don't have time for your double-talk," says FIRST RAY, typical of their diplomatic style. (Example of FIRST RAY diplomacy)

But SECOND RAY is such a warm, radiate and positive person that it is difficult not to stay and listen, even for the FIRST RAY.

"You, FIRST RAY, say that the life (that which informs and animates the form) and the intangible are more real and important than the parts that make up the body/form); and true that which incorporates into its functioning greater and greater schemes of complexity usually, by necessity, is further evolved than those systems which have been subjugated to the benefit of the greater whole."

"On the other hand, THIRD RAY, you say that the parts are all there is because you can see, take apart, put together or in some way quantify them into one of your cerebral categories. And it is indeed true that the form is composed of parts."

"However, you glorify that which the mind can play its games with. If a phenomena fits into the boundaries of your preexisting mental constructs - you say its real and is a rational supposition. Yet, THIRD RAY, you cannot show me a thought; that very thing that you glorify. You cannot objectify it in any way to analyze. Do you deny their existence? If so, you have proved nothing by all your mental gymnastics of analysis."

"If on the other hand, there were no forms for life to inhabit, there would be no progress of evolution. I say you're both missing the point!"

The SECOND RAY pauses to breathe in and fill himself with the inspiration he feels coming on.

"I just bet you're going to tell us what the real point is, aren't you? says FIRST RAY, getting itchy to get back to work and making moves in that direction.

"The important aspect is not the higher or the lower as separate things, but how they ever get together into a meaningful relationship. Better still, that which relates the two is the prime factor and the essence of existent being. Your scientists", SECOND RAY points to THIRD RAY who stands with folded arms and an amused look on his face, "should be analyzing and delineating, for the good of all sensuous and developed or latent conscious beings, this Science of Relating."

SECOND RAY was clearly gathering steam. Several more of the lab personnel had collected around him with clearly admiring and intrigued expressions. THIRD RAY chuckled and walked away. He had seen SECOND RAY perform before. FIRST RAY had long since gone back to work and was, by now, oblivious to the growing crowd around SECOND RAY in a corner of the lab.

SECOND RAY continued to grow in energetic radiation directly proportional to the size of the group that collected around him and the amount of admiration and enthusiasm they showed for him and his fledgling idea. His continued elocution refined his seed idea until it developed into a GREAT method for people to Relate their higher and lower selves into a consciously working, cooperating whole. This GREAT RELATION, as he called it, you may have heard of or at least what it has become - Religion.

We did not include the four attributes, the FOURTH, FIFTH, SIXTH and SEVENTH RAYS, in the preceding dialogue for they are specializations of the THIRD RAY and react similarly to it with exception of the SIXTH RAY which vibrates in harmony with the SECOND therefore reacting similarly to the SECOND.


Remember our Cast:


-1 Anatau

+2 Jeortau

+-3-+ Prahakatah, Sanatau

-2 Isis

+3 Ra

+-6-+ Osiris

-3 Unessa (Venus)

+7 Tahuti

+-4 Dwul Quinn (Saturn)

-7 Genxicat

+7 Allayandra

-5+ Vulcrum

In order for us to show you how these entities relate and work together, we will have to go further back than 75,000 B.C., long before the beginning of the decline of Atlantis.

Any time that a small group of entities, such as this one, work together for eons, there will develop patterns of interaction and close ties. Camaraderie and love of each member for the other was strong. They were a family of specialized Gods. Their devotion to each other and their purpose was, and is, unequaled in humun history.

Our SECOND RAYS are always busy relating, whether it be relating people to people, ideas to ideas, or people to ideas; they are gathering together and nourishing. In the lesser evolved, this characteristic can make for an expert busy body. They make superb diplomats and social butterflies. Where ever you find them they will be genuinely concerned about everyone's welfare - body, mind and spirit.

Our THIRD RAYS are very much into creating ever increasingly complex systems of organization and methods whereby they can be administered. These complex institutions, or organisms, are designed by them to serve the purpose of the group at the time and to make sure that their created forms, laws and rituals not be vitiated. Whether it be a business institution, a branch of government, a judicial system or the best way to perform a religious rite; our THIRD RAYS will organize, administer, and regulate it. Naturally, it would follow that law, order of the law and periodicity are big on their list of interests.

Our FIRST RAY (for one is all that can usually be tolerated) is always consumed with perfecting one job after another so that the overall purpose can be brought about as fast as possible and be in a state of perfection. Work is their only play and you will find their main interest lies in the manipulation of energy. They enjoy making things live, disintegrating and rearranging patterns of energy to facilitate evolution. To them everything is divine and has life, therefore they think nothing of destroying forms.

Isis is a radiate, kind, gentle, caring and genuinely concerned person. She makes a great hostess and guest.

Unessa would organize social or political functions and arrange for Isis to serve as hostess and Genxicat to entertain. (You will notice that Anatau was left out. She attended nothing outside of her lab unless Sanatau demanded it for social gatherings were a waste of time .....)

Isis was loved, Unessa was admired, Genxicat was desired and Anatau was feared.

Being male grounds as Sanatau, Osiris, Dwul Quin and Vulcrum are, causes these entities to be less flamboyant than they could have been. This is particularly the case for Osiris. This group of males were and are the solid foundation that kept the group entity alive, vital and uncorrupted.

The ground is a very important person to the female of the triad. Therefore, a very long standing and seemingly stable relationship existed between each female and her ground. That is why Osiris was so important to Isis in the legends. This necessitated the grounding male to stay in general proximity to the female, whereas the other male of the triads could and did freely hop around the universe. The female and the ground kept the foundation secure and the energy flowing for the other male to accomplish that which was the purpose.

Due to the closeness of Isis and Osiris, Ra was able to carry out diplomatic schemes with Jeortau all over the Universe. (Although we have not mentioned the fact, this group was not only involved in the planet earth but the whole of creation. This has probably become apparent to you by now.)

Osiris, being SIXTH RAY, found being a grounding agent very confining to his ray nature. He would be pulled away from his power base, Isis, occasionally by his natural need to be relating and helpful to people. If he were engrossed in physical matter, this would be his undoing. He would be pulled apart by conflict between his ray type and his position. However, being enclosed in the matter from his own system, this was not an insurmountable problem.

SECOND RAY males like to be radiated onto by females and the females like to radiate upon them, therefore Isis and Jeortau got along well.

Dwul Quinn is Unessa's grounding agent which added to Quinn's more than somber nature and also accounts for the legends of the beautiful Venus being married to the ugliest god.

This left Tahuti free to gad around teaching and impressing humanity with his art and craft, which he did with enjoyment. He also accompanied Ra and Jeortau on some of their diplomatic tours.

Vulcrum was the ground for Genxicat. He too was a solemn individual although he was very tolerant of everyone outside of his lab. Vulcrum and Anatau worked well together. Both were perfectionists and workaholics, although for different reasons. Schekamet's reason was to accomplish the purpose and Vulcrum simply loved making the things she would come up with. Vulcrum would frequently accompany Anatau on a short junket within the galaxy, that is, when she could sneak away from Sanatau.

Allayandra was left free to be the Protector of the Purpose. He often went with Jeortau, Ra and Tahuti on their "diplomatic excursions". Just how diplomatic these tours were was the subject of many group jokes and produced a notoriety for them throughout the Universe. Being a SEVENTH RAY warrior, he also worked with Anatau. Within her energy domain, he could wield her energy as if he were a FIRST RAY male. Allayandra loved Venus; these stories are still around in the form of Mars and Venus.

Within this system, the females were the true warriors, and if things got very bad they were called out. If it was not a major issue, the females were protected. In situations of the worst possible enemy confrontation, Anatau was sent for. She would respond with alacrity for she enjoyed throwing powerful bursts of energy. But she had a habit of destroying everything and Sanatau would have to call her off. You can read about this in the stories of Sckmet of Memphis wherein she almost destroyed all humunkind.

The THIRD RAY, being concerned with mental action does not respond with as much ardor, enthusiasm or interest to relationships with the opposite sex. This causes difficulty with their relationships within a SECOND RAY system or with a SECOND RAY of the opposite sex.

SECOND RAYs enjoy the game of socializing, courtship (interplay between charges) and the intensity of their feelings within their often infatuations. They are willing to spend much time and emotional energy on their relationships whereas the THIRD RAY would rather approach the matter logically, cutting through all the extraneous courtship to get to the reason for the relationship.

FIRST RAYs care almost nothing for relationships between the sexes. They have nothing against sex; it simply takes up too much time that could be spent much more interestingly, such as working or warring.

A SEVENTH RAY does enjoy playing around creating illusions within the framework of a sexual relationship but this can become a problem for them for as with everything with a SEVENTH RAY, they may confuse the real and the illusion; they may begin to believe their own illusion or they may decide that nothing is real. This then is their major problem within the physical.

This became the problem for Genxicat as she approached grosser physical matter in the later days of Atlantis. She began to have anxiety attacks concerning her identity. She could be anything or all things to anyone but who she was to herself became a major concern to her. Also, if people liked what she appeared to them to be, did anyone like her for her real self? The fact that she had no definite physical form contributed heavily to this problem of identity. She was withdrawn shortly after the FIRST RAY triad.

Allayandra was fiery, elegant and a smooth talker. Anatau was his sister. SECOND RAYs were a bit too sincere for his taste; Genxicat competed to see who could create the best illusion but elegant Unessa was just right except she wasn't easy to move with fast talk or illusions. Oh well, there was the whole galaxy to pick from, he thought!

Dwul Quinn was such a somber creature that it obviously evoked the maternal instinct within all the females. They all liked him including Anatau. He didn't seem to mind but accepted their attention and companionship as if it were his due.

The RAYs have their inherent problems under adverse conditions. The THIRD RAY, when organization and form are squalled, can be thrown into complete indecision and inaction.

Under continuing adversity and suppression, the SECOND RAY can learn to enjoy depression.

And of course the FIRST RAY wants to destroy the whole mess and start over - frequently!

The SECOND RAY has within its equipment the active intelligence of the THIRD RAY. The FIRST RAY has within its equipment the quality of love and active intelligence, all of which is powered by the relentless pursuit of purpose. This means that the FIRST RAY has all the assets and liabilities of the other two. The quest of mental pursuits is strong within them; so is the desire of and for love but the THIRD RAY attribute harmonizes with the FIRST RAY better and is more useful in the pursuit of the purpose so the FIRST RAY hides and even tries to deny all of the SECOND RAY qualities. Of course, this does not work and creates conflict within.

The whole of the FIRST RAY triad is influenced by this inner battle. Most overtly affected is Jeortau, a beautiful creature, powerfully driven toward his goal of cosmic Quin; yet he is inwardly haunted by the need to be loved, to socialize as other SECOND RAYs and to be admired for his sacrificial role. He is a dove of peace and beauty at war with his desires and purpose. Actually, he was the most admired, appreciated and loved for the work he did cosmically by the whole of this galaxy; but was never able to accept it as being good enough.

Sanatau was the oldest member of the whole group and Anatau was the youngest. Sanatau, as elder to the group and grounding agent for Anatau, had to be as solid and unmoveable in judgment as granite. He had to ride herd on his volatile and rebellious female while he remained calm enough to make the right decisions for the groups' organizations. This was an exacting task for some of Schekamet's antics could teach granite to have a temper.

Sanatau was good friends to all the other females and males. He was just in his decisions, therefore, he was a bit feared. This was due partly to his position as elder, partly because he grounded the energy for the whole of the group and partly because he was responsible to the counsel from whence he came for the groups success. He took his responsibility seriously. This caused him to be almost a recluse. He lived within a mountain with Anatau and came out seldom.

Anatau, for all her fire, protest and rebellion; adored her ground, Ptah's; loved her brother, Jeortau, dearly; and would have gladly given herself to save any group member; but you would never get her to verbally admit to any of the above.

We of the Sirian Cortege hope that this information will help you in your quest for identity, help you to recognize your strong points, and help you see how to make the weaker points into strengths.




The preceding descriptions of the entities that made up the Atlantean pantheon were intentional humunized. That is, we pointed out the problems that would be encountered by any entity that attempted to bring into the physical plane of planet Earth, in a physical body contributed by that planet, unadulterated Ray Energy. These entities were and are pure personifications of their Rays and in the state in which they came to earth, were not subject to those faults that we used to illustrate. They were perfected energy manifestations and as such could not occupy what you would call physical matter.

Millions of years ago, they arrived on Earth for the first of many periodic visits and began a careful process of genetic manipulation of life. They shortly set up a permanent base within a mountain range which remains secret to the present.

When munkind began the process of developing the CONCRETE MIND, these entities had to withdraw from their presence. In order to further assist munkind, these entities attempted to step their energy down into more physical type vehicles but this allowed problems to crop up. Finally, they completely withdrew themselves. Occasionally, after the sinking of Atlantis, one of these entities would overshadow an already advanced entity that was in physical incarnation and would cooperate with them.

At the time of the sinking of Atlantis, munkind had rejected their pantheon and the teachings given out by this group. Subsequently, Mun has lost all records as to the fact that munkind was manipulated into being by these alien creatures. Munkind has rejected his alien and divine ancestry. Therefore this pantheon retreated to await the time that they would be called upon. They left a method whereby a mun could contact their energies and qualities within the mystery schools; although that has been lost now for over a thousand years.....