It remains for us to describe the THIRD and SEVENTH RAY triads: but first let us illustrate what the THIRD RAY is to the function of the other two. This is best done by geometry, which speaks to the ABSTRACT MIND.

Draw two equal circles so that the circumference of each goes through the center point of the other.

Notice that the THIRD RAY is referred to as the lunar sphere, sphere of action, multiplicity of the one, and the realm where the only constant is change - which all relates to the work of manas or mind.

The THIRD RAY divides the power of the FIRST into manifold creations. Its subsidiaries, the FIFTH and SEVENTH makes the forms and binds the life to the form respectively.

The THIRD RAY is the great categorizor, the FIFTH RAY is the master craftsmen, and the SEVENTH RAY is the Magus (so called because he relates unseen things to the visible form). Hence he is called magician only due to ignorance of the laws that govern his work.

The FOURTH RAY, sitting as it does midpoint within the seven, acts as the balance point, and point of equilibrium. They make superb artist, for any art, and they are the great Law Keepers or Lords of Karma.

All of the above; the organizers, law keepers, master craftsmen and magicians are divisions of the THIRD RAY - Intellect in action; that action is at once in form and concerns form.

The THIRD RAY triad we have given you as Venus, Tahuti and Saturn. The name of Venus in Atlantis was Unessa. She was precise organization. The affairs of the THIRD RAY department worked like silk with her interjection of energy. Her personality was calm and peaceful and she radiated security. She arrived on earth in a vehicle like Ra's, consequently she too glowed. Unessa was exquisite of form and grace as you would expect a THIRD RAY to be. She personified divine intellect smoothly working amongst form.

Tahuti, SEVENTH RAY master magician, was feared and envied by humanity. They simply could not understand his knowledge and abilities. Humanity became greatly dependent upon him. He arrived upon earth within an almost human type vehicle, except it had evolved among beings that dwelled in underground cities which resulted in very white skin and large blue eyes. Tahuti still lives in legends about Thoth and Hermes. You will note that all magical sciences are referred to as Hermetic Orders.

Saturn, FOURTH RAY, Keeper of the Law; particularly the laws of karma. Note that he does not make the laws or judge but administers them. Saturn in Atlantis was called Dwul Quin. His job within the group was to see that all was done according to laws that best suited the purpose. Dwul Quin arrived on earth in the vehicle descended from a pterodactyl type bird. His skin was gray and eyes were beryl ringed with amber. He was a quiet, somber creature taking his serious job very seriously. Needless to say, his looks nor personality endeared him to humanity, so much so, that when humanity chose a creature to represent their devil they picked Dwul Quin, alias Saturn-Satan.


The SEVENTH and FIRST RAYs cause the greatest scandals, splashes and uproar among all the other rayed beings, who are more satisfied with the ordinary, the routine and the natural slow progress of evolution. While the SEVENTH RAY sumptuously entertains and is amusing, the FIRST RAY is merely feared due to misunderstanding and their role as destroyer.

The SEVENTH RAY can create illusions for everyone to see; the FIRST RAY can give life to the illusion and make it an illusion no more - but alive. The SEVENTH RAY is jovial, gallant and entertaining, but the FIRST RAY is seriously deadly or deadly serious.

Why the comparison? Because the FIRST and SEVENTH are ALPHA and OMEGA; two sides of the same thing; the serpent swallowing its tail. Naturally they work well together even though their personalities are vastly different. The SEVENTH RAY seeks the power of the FIRST in order to empower its forms. Or a SEVENTH RAY warrior working with a FIRST RAY female can wield energy as if he were a FIRST RAY thus becoming a "mighty" warrior.

Genxicat, SEVENTH RAY female, is known as the enchantress for her capacity to manipulate the minds of humunity and entertain males. Telepathy is a strong point for this creature. She arrived on this planet in an undefined body structure because she could rearrange her form as needed. When assuming a human form, she usually chose to have long black hair, indigo eyes and to be tall and slender. But she was equally at home in the form of a black panther or a condor. Around a male she naturally would assume the form of his dreams.

Volcrum, FIFTH RAY male, was master craftsmen; the ideal engineer. If some one could come up with an idea, he could build it. Thorough, exacting within his work, yet gentle with all life. He to was admired by humunity and lives today within the legends of Vulcan. Due to peculiar circumstances, Volcrum arrived here wearing the body of an android which had been designed by Schekamet and built by himself. Therefore, it looked very human. He personifies the capacity of the divine architect or artificer.

Allayandra, SEVENTH RAY male, master matter manipulator and warrior. Why did they bring a master warrior? Because all was not peace within "Ourtown". There were aliens of the same origin that opposed everything that was done by this group. Therein lies the great mystery and purpose of Earth and its Humunity.

Allayandra was created by the same triad that made Schekamet and Teonakaeean. There was much closeness and rapport between the three. Their minds were interconnected. Allayandra arrived in a body from the hawk-bird family. He too had a healthy wing span but whereas his brother, Teonakaeean, is a bird of love and peace, Allayandra's looks are those of a bird of prey. His colors were at times those of camouflage. At other times he was a bird of many bright colors; all of which were on fire; a spectacular creature. He personified divine protection of the creators purpose for its creations.