The word ASTRAL was a word used by Chaldean Mages to refer to any state of consciousness or matter that was other than physical. Its literal meaning was starry and the term is still used today in your astronomy. If you should read any old mystical literature you will need to keep that in MIND.

The ASTRAL to us is the plane responding to the radiation of the SECOND RAY. Its lowest manifestation is that of the emotions. This radiation or wave is produced on the MONADIC plane and activates the BUDDHIC and ASTRAL. In other words the waves cycle is 2, 4, and 6.

Therefore the perfected ASTRAL vehicle is to receive information from the 4th and 2nd planes for the use of the personality. It also receives energy from those levels and transmits it into the HEART CENTER.

Between each plane, there is a force field which is sometimes difficult to cross. It is caused by the interaction of the charges set into motion by the two different keytones of the two different planes and by the higher keytone and its adherents moving through and around the lower keytone and its scale of matter. This latter explanation helps create the "Fire by Friction". You may have already experienced crossing this force field into the ASTRAL. It appears to some as going through a static charge. They see flashes of light and hear the interaction of the charges. Some even feel a mild electrical shock.

Many entities fear the ASTRAL. There is no need to if you have a good guide book and know its seven areas and qualities. Once again, ignorance of the situation is the cause of the fear reactions.

Let me ask all of you if, at this moment, you are afraid of what might happen to you if you project to the ASTRAL plane. Now let me ask if you are afraid since you are on the ASTRAL? You may answer that you are not on the ASTRAL now. Think again. You have a vehicle whose home is on the ASTRAL all the time. Do you believe that it is constantly afraid or in danger? Of course not. The only difference is that you are not consciously focused there so that you are not aware of what happens to it all the time. Consider the amount of information you could acquire and the benefit it would be to you if you could at will use that vehicle consciously. Fear stops you.

Let us review the difference in the levels of the ASTRAL plane. They are divided into three different units. Sublevels one, two, and three form one unit; sublevels four, five, and six form another; and the seventh sublevel forms the final unit.

The seventh sublevel, that closest to the physical, is the part to which people are referring if they have had a loathsome experience upon the ASTRAL. It is the "pits" containing within it all the unconscious horrors and fears that MUN's MIND and emotions can create. It is viscous with dark, dank fear and fog. It is the ultimate horror show and the setting of the "Dungeons and Dragons" game. Some entities' emotional bodies crave fearsome exploits and here they get more than enough. This subplane is automatically avoided by students such as yourselves. You would have to put forth a concerted effort to visit this place.

We will discuss the types of entities that reside on the different levels after we have discussed the scenery.

The next unit up, composed of the sixth, fifth, and fourth, appears much as the physical except the scenes are much more beautiful. The colors and sounds are those that do not exist on the physical.

The topmost ASTRAL unit, composed of the third, second, and first subplanes, is even more beautiful and separation from the physical is becoming evident.

The material of the ASTRAL plane is very malleable to the desires and thoughts of the MUN. If upon death, MUN thinks he is to be in heaven, the ASTRAL obliges complete with angels dancing around a throne. If he fears that he may go to hell, he will wall himself up in a shell of fear and stay that way for ages.

If the entity has lived a life of extreme selfishness to the point of evil, then he will have to spend time on the seventh level of the ASTRAL serving his time in that dismal place. Aside from that instance, you find almost no evolving entities on that level. Sometimes, if a person is snatched from his body by drugs and is unprepared for it, he will go there. Some nightmares occur when an entity coming through the planes inadvertently makes a stop there. It was this subplane that many ancient initiates had to endure to pass initiation.

The ASTRAL world is peopled by incarnate and disincarnate MUNs and DEVAs. And some of each that no longer require incarnation but are there to teach and help.

When MUN dies to the physical and shortly leaves his etheric, he finds himself on one of the ASTRAL levels that best fits the needs of the lessons he will need to absorb.

From the lower levels (6th, 5th, 4th) entities can communicate with the physical through a medium. This is the reason for some communication to be of a coarse nature. Mediums should tune themselves to a higher level for meaningful dialogues. The exception is when they have messages for some one physically left behind or when there is something left unfinished.

On these in between levels the discarnate MUN usually busies himself with existence as if he hasn't even left the physical. He constructs what ever he desires to do so. Finally he will evolve from this isolation, and move into the highest three subplanes; where he will live in beautiful cities with others and some even go to classes being taught by the more evolved.

Something needs to be said here about the incarnated MUN when he is out of body in the sleep state. The great majority hover around, oblivious to the ASTRAL surroundings. If they remember anything, it is as a vague dream. Some of these dreams aren't even of their own. They may have simply passed through someone else's thoughtforms.

For the MUN that can consciously project his vehicles, the ASTRAL is merely the crawl before the walk within the MENTAL plane and the run in the BUDDHIC and the soaring within the ATMIC.

As you learn the "raising on the planes", take care not to become enamored with the ASTRAL in that you do not try to go higher. Usually, if a person has no tasks or services to perform within the ASTRAL they will become bored with it rather hurriedly and seek to go higher anyway.


There are seven major paths of return corresponding, of course, to the seven rays. The ray types are actually psychological types in that the ray qualifies the thought and emotional processes.

There exist a method or path that is easiest for each particular ray. A MUN will usually find his ray's path and blend it with whatever ray is in power at the time to come up with the easiest method.

For the past 2000 years (until 1900), the SIXTH RAY was in power. Its path of return is idealism and/or devotion. The SIXTH RAY, as you recall, rules the sixth plane the ASTRAL. the emotions. Now, for the MUN, emotions are the prime motivation. And even for those who have transcended the MUN world, if they are to create on the physical plane, they have to seek the "vital energy" on the ASTRAL.

The problem is that it takes a fairly evolved entity to have rule over the negative emotions. Remember it is the second initiation that signifies this. For the last two thousand years the SIXTH RAY heightened emotion on a MUNkind that was sadly lacking in control. But from errors we learn. The ideals became dogmas that wars were fought over. Intolerance for other thoughts was rampant. Maniacal fanaticism and blind emotional following were the norm. This does not speak badly of the SIXTH RAY, only of the unthinking hordes.

The last time the SEVENTH RAY was in power, before now, was Atlantis. The path of this ray has come down to you being called MAGIC (In the present we would call it SCIENCE). Of course during the reign of the SIXTH RAY, MAGIC was maligned, followers were cruelly murdered, and all texts that could be found were either confiscated for the churches own use or burned. But the SEVENTH RAY rules the physical plane and it could not be expunged from the Atlantean memories. Also, there is just too much physical evidence of a better time (the pyramids, stone circles &c.) for man to be able to forget.

Since the SEVENTH RAY is back in power and will wax for the next thousand years before waning, it will be necessary for you to be able to work with it. It will also be necessary for a form of magical return to be developed for the coming generations.

Then you ask: what is MAGIC? And rightly so. In order to explain what it was, we we'll have to discuss the nature of MUNkind at the commencement of Atlantis.

Munkind on the planet Earth was greatly behind the schedule of the solar system. The planet had actually been aborted once before the remains of which are the moon. The intergalactic council, around 50,000 B.C., ask their members for "Peace Corps" volunteers to come to earth to raise its consciousness level by integrating into their planet as teachers; keepers; overseers &c. If all else failed, they would ask for volunteers to incarnate into MUN vehicles and work a "Trojan Horse."

"Why all the bother", you ask. This cannot be revealed by us; although it is within your memory storage banks and when you want to remember you can.

When the volunteers arrived, they developed a method for consciousness expansion that took into consideration the lack of a functioning concrete mind and the ray that was in power which was the SEVENTH RAY. MAGIC was their psychology, teaching aid, and science.

SEVENTH RAY causes substance to conform to the needs of the life that is to inhabit it. Whether it is a ceremonial form or a body. If an entity wishes to acquire enlightenment and he is following the SEVENTH RAY path, he will carefully construct a plan of living conforming all his actions, using devotion to this purpose, and culminating it in a ceremony to invoke conscious

conversation with his soul. His life becomes a living, holy ceremony to celebrate his divinity. You may be assured that the Cheops pyramid is a ceremonial law of order in stone.

The Atlantean MUNkind, as mentioned, did not have a developed concrete mind and could not think what you call logically or rationally. The door had not yet been closed on the ASTRAL plane and they dwelt there as much as on physical. They were not able to distinguish the two.

When the teachers taught them, they simply materialized the object physically or astrally. If you were to teach them about a bear, you materialized a bear for them to play with. Being child like, you did not reason with them about their anger, you materialized a copy of themselves to see being angry for them to learn from. When the psychologist there spoke of integrating a personality, he really meant integrating a batch of materialized selves for the MUN to see, and when the MUN would allow them to seemingly re-enter him, he was changed.

Please accustom yourself to the SEVENTH RAY and to Atlantis for you will be dealing with both. The methods used will be for a more developed race of MUNs, but reactivation of old habits can be unnecessarily painful.

We will discuss the other ray methods as combined with the seventh soon.