Before getting into the various centers, let us review the function of the etheric vehicle.

From the soul or SELF viewpoint, the etheric is the vehicle of importance upon the physical plane. The gross body which you see with physical eyesight is an automaton depending totally upon the etheric for life. Also recall that the etheric is principally upon the 4th subplane.

Mun has seven main centers of energy reception, although the seven will differ at different stages of evolution.



Earth Adrenal or Kundalini

Sacral Gonads

Solar Plexus Pancreas

Heart Thymus

Throat Thyroid

Ajna Pituitary

Top Pineal

The preceding is the seven major centers throughout huMUNity in general. When MUN enters the path, the centers below the HEART center send their energy into the HEART center or to those centers above it.


Sacral Throat

Solar Plexus Heart

Earth Top(at 3rd initiation)

As the MUN progresses further there is a center that develops between the THROAT and HEART centers, approximately between the shoulder blades, which is a temporary nexus for energy flow. It goes into quiescence when all the head centers are operating. We will call this one the NEXUS center. It serves as a point of intersection for energies coming from the HEART and EARTH centers, going out each hand or into the AJNA center.

Still further along the path, the ALTA MAJOR center becomes active. It is associated with the carotid gland. When the ALTA MAJOR, AJNA and TOP centers become active; what is known as the THIRD EYE becomes functional.

MUN often confuses the THIRD EYE and the AJNA center. The former is located between the eyes just above the nose and the latter is higher on the forehead. The THIRD EYE and the AJNA center are on a line perpendicular to one that would be drawn through the eyes.

When MUN has completed his MUNship or his evolution as a MUN all centers are shifted to their analogies within the head.


The EARTH or KUNDALINI center is the connection to the life endowed in substance itself (sometimes called fire by friction, third logos, third aspect of the trinity, manas &c.) We will call it the energy of the THIRD ASPECT/RAY which is endowed in substance itself.

For a long period of evolution, this energy is a trickle; only allowing enough to keep the physical vehicle alive. It forms a large flat coil around the base of the spine. Relative to the physical vehicle, this coil covers the whole buttock area and is the primary that powers the "pole" (spine) which stands in its center.(Another tidbit for you lovers of the Tesla coil and other energy devices) As the path is paced, this coil draws more current from the planet and begins spreading its energy to various centers. At the consummation of the third initiation, (The initiations will be discussed in the following section) this energy has been combined with the SECOND ASPECT/RAY within the consciousness of the MUN. This brings down the "fire" from the MONAD which is of the FIRST ASPECT/RAY. Thus, MUN becomes a conscious, functioning MONAD on the physical plane.

The above description is the process that AGNI YOGA is to teach; the union of the three fires (fire by friction [energy from the earth] = THIRD ASPECT/RAY, solar fire [energy from the soul] = SECOND ASPECT/RAY, and cosmic fire [energy from the monad] = FIRST ASPECT/RAY) within MUN. The perfected MUN! This is the process that we are to bring to you.

Blessed be! It has taken so long to be able to get huMUNity ready; to get a unit within huMUNity to respond to the message and be willing to participate in the exercises. And then pass it on to others. We of the Sirian Cortege thank you for allowing us to present this system to you. Your participation; your putting forth the time and effort that is required, has allowed us to bring this through and it will allow it to be presented to huMUNity at large, shortly. We desire that each of you realize that you are performing a vital service for huMUNity and your planet by your participation. Thank you.


Now for a brief description of the other centers.

The SACRAL center is the center of creativity until MUN paces the path. Its use is that of continuity of the race. When MUN treads the path, he begins to use this energy consciously and it then is transferred to the THROAT center.

The SOLAR PLEXUS center is a massive connection onto the bottom 3 1/2 subplanes of the astral plane. When MUN becomes considerate of those around him and treads the path, this energy is transferred into the HEART center which originates on the BUDDHIC plane and comes through the top 3 1/2 subplanes of the ASTRAL.

The HEART center is used to influence huMUNity and is the center through which the love or the SECOND ASPECT/RAY is radiated.

The THROAT center is used in creative activities.

The AGNA center combines the HEART and THROAT energies within the SECOND RAY and projects this creative energy onto the physical. It combines the SACRAL, THROAT and AJNA for the THIRD RAY. But that belongs to the science of triangles or TRIADS which we will get into later. It also relates the spiritual triad to the life of the personality and is the SECOND RAY center within the head. Therefore it is a very important center for all.

The TOP center, or top of the head, or crown center is the seat of the MONAD and is the FIRST RAY center connected with the head.

The ALTA MAJOR center is the THIRD RAY center within the head. It comes into functioning between the second and third initiations.

There are other secondary centers that we will go into as the need arises, and you can add them to your diagram.


An initiation is a consciousness expansion event that has permanent effects upon the entities equipment. Within the earth system there are nine such graduated steps for the huMUN to go through.

The ceremony occurs on the nonphysical levels. The candidate is presented to the initiator by two advanced huMUN type entities and one deva. A burst of energy is passed through the representatives and then into the initiate for lasting consciousness expansion.

The first initiation is where the huMUN realizes that there is more to living than satisfying his physical desires and he steps upon the path.

The second initiation is where MUN has decided that fulfillment can come only from doing for others and he so often becomes a "busy-body do-gooder".

The third initiation is where the soul takes complete control of the personality and MUN is not controlled by the elementals within the vehicles. They still try to tempt the individual.

The fourth initiation is where the MONAD takes complete control of the personality, the veil between spirit and matter is destroyed and MUN has direct access to his spirit.

Further information on the initiations will be presented in the future.


As the Soul takes control of its outer form, its life and all events, it holds the personality accountable for time allotted to it.

Whether or not you have ever considered this - day to day life is a ritual and best performed rhythmically.

You arise at some point everyday relative to the rotation of the earth - another ritual - and you release your consciousness at some point in the night. Both of these ritualistic activities are dependent upon the ritual(rhythm and order imposed upon you by the sun and the earth).

Many of you, as the majority of MUNkind, are mostly involved in economic pursuit in order to maintain money (which is etheric energy) for the ritual of modern living.

You become so involved within the form of the ritual (of modern existence) that you forget the purpose behind it. And for many the result (money) becomes the purpose. That is the cart before the horse, but it has been intentionally distorted by our Cosmic challengers (and here, I am being diplomatic). May I digress here and say that so often our strongest points and our models for accomplishing "good" are used against us.

One is allotted a certain amount of time everyday in which he works. After that, the use of the time left is up to the person and his angel(soul).

Within the ritual of living, one should allot time for physical, emotional, mental and soul to re-create balance and harmony within and amongst themselves. Recreation is or should be a ritual of re-creation.