In this lesson, we will look at the physical plane and its correspondencies: the SEVENTH RAY, the element earth, and the physical and etheric vehicles of MUN.


The physical plane is the bottom or 7th on your chart. Its color is violet because of the SEVENTH RAY energy with which it vibrates.

It is composed of seven subplanes. The numbering begins at the top with one.


1. VIBRATION (subatomic): Before matter is synthesized into waves and particulates.

2. THE WORD: The force or charge that will hold together the forms that matter will subsequently take. The physical known results of this force is synergy.

This force allows the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts.

3. LIGHT (all phenomena that can be classified as waves and/or particles.): Example is electromagnetic radiation.

4A. SOUND: Wave/particles are synthesized into atomic particles. This occurs on the top half of this subplane.

4B. COLOR: Diffraction into elements. Final step from etheric into gross matter. This occurs of the bottom half of this subplane. The whole plane is geometrically represented by a triangle or a tetrahedron.

5. GASEOUS: State of matter that remains as a gas. It is hard to confine into form, has great movement and expands indefinitely. Air is the element of the mind within man and relates to the fifth plane. Geometrically represented by a circle or a sphere.

6. LIQUID: The state of matter that remains in liquid form. It has contracted from the gaseous state, yet still has no fixed form. It readily takes whatever form that is imposed upon it. Water represents emotions and the astral plane. Geometrically represented by a crescent, an upside down triangle or a figure resulting from the rotation of the crescent about an axis perpendicular to the lowest point of its outside arc. Try that; you will find the design of value.

7. SOLID: The fixed state of matter where form is rigidly imposed upon it. The point where substance has imposed upon it the greatest amount of form, rigidity and inertia. The beginning of the return of substance on the evolutionary arc. Geometrically represented by a square or a cube.

The Physical plane is where involution turns into evolution; where consciousness begins to be fanned into SELF-consciousness and the return to SOURCE is begun.

The SEVENTH RAY is most vital on the physical plane for it forces the substance into forms best suited to the purpose of the indwelling life. The SEVENTH RAY is lord of order by forms. The SEVENTH RAY works closely with the FIRST RAY. When the form no longer meets the need of the indwelling life, the SEVENTH RAY calls the FIRST RAY who then shatters the form, freeing the life so that it can progress and the substance can be reused by the SEVENTH RAY.

The SEVENTH RAY and the FIRST RAY are ALPHA and OMEGA. They form the circle where the serpent of power bites its tail.

The physical permanent atom is on the first subplane. [There is a permanent atom on each plane. The permanent atom is the storage place for everything that has happened to an entity. From the information stored in the permanent atoms on each plane, the vehicles for the next incarnation are built.] The top four subplanes are considered the etheric.

The etheric centers of MUN are located within the fourth subplane although they have some of the higher substances within them especially if the person is on the path.


Earth, the element, represents INERTIA. INERTIA is the state of substance that offers the greatest resistance to change. Involution still retains a strong pull.

Earth is related to the mineral kingdom.

The element earth is the North cardinal point fixed by the

position of the pole star. It is often represented by the horn of plenty in earth tones with a splash of violet shades. Its guardian or arch angel is Ariel, who is also pictured as a beautiful purple deva.

In the Kabala, the element Earth is the sepher MALKUT and in the Tarot it is represented by the suit Disks, sometimes called coins or diamonds. In astrology, earth is represented by Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Once again let us emphasize. This information is different from what your culture would train you in. It requires a mode of thinking that has deliberately been left out of your educational systems for thousands of years. (If MUN does not know what he is, he is much easier to dominate.)

This method of thought trains your creativity and intuition. These symbols and various analogies call your Soul and Spiritual Triad into conscious functioning.

Don't try to memorize a great deal of this as if it were for a history test. Just read it over often. Notice the analogies and soon you will begin to relate them to all things around you.


A student of return should endeavor to uncover and explore ALL facets of himself. Each person (at present) is the sum total of his past. The old adage of what one doesn't know doesn't hurt him is one of the greatest negations of MUNkind. If you believed in the devil, that phrase would be his greatest slogan.

Always, it is what you do not know about yourself that can sneak up and cause you to react in a manner that is contrary to the results you wish to obtain.

How do you learn yourself? To begin with, it helps to establish how much you know about yourselves and how much thought is given to your every action. It will usually surprise you just how little this is.

At the close of the day, or several times a day if you like, reflect on why you did what you did and said what you said in every situation you found yourself in......