Seven rays are the differentiation of SOURCE during and for the duration of Creation.

There are three rays of Aspect:




These form the TRIAD of creation. In fact, they are prerequisite for creation to occur. Blending their energy into one unit, manifestation becomes possible.

FIRST RAY: Shakti. God the father. First aspect of the God-head.

SECOND RAY: Vishnu. God the son. Second aspect of the God-head. Office of Christ.

THIRD RAY: Shiva. God the Holy Spirit. Third aspect of divinity.

When manifestation occurs, the third aspect rays forth four attributes:

FOURTH RAY = balance. Harmony through conflict.

FIFTH RAY = concrete science.

SIXTH RAY = idealism.

SEVENTH RAY = ceremonial order and magic.

Characteristics of the rays relative to man:

1st RAY = power, will, purpose, creation, destruction, monadic.

2nd RAY = wisdom, love, consciousness.

3rd RAY = mind, manas, intelligence in action.

4th RAY = middle point, harmony through conflict.

5th RAY = science, concrete mind.

6th RAY = idealism, aspiration, devotion.

7th RAY = order by law of cycles, ritualistic magic, magic of ceremony.


All there is, is ENERGY!

Undifferentiated it is the one SOURCE. As the energy flows from the SOURCE it is differentiated into three types:

1. That which gives life = 1st RAY.

2. That which binds life = 2nd RAY.

3. That which actuates life = 3rd RAY.

Quality relates to the condition of life in the form. (2nd RAY perspective)

A. The state of the form (substance itself) = 3rd RAY.

B. The state of conscious persistent expression = 2nd RAY.

C. The resultant action of the will on form = 1st RAY.


SEVENTH RAY constricts action into or to from.

SIXTH RAY influences matter-consciousness through inspiration.

FIFTH RAY confines form and confines conscious action toward restrictive forms.

FOURTH RAY adds harmony and balance between purpose and inertia.

THIRD RAY deals with all action initiated by MANAS (mind principle).

SECOND RAY draws reactions inherent in substance into self consciousness.

FIRST RAY empowers the primordial paradigm with the necessary energy to create it and sustain its functioning.


The THIRD RAY is the grand architect of the God-head, the geometrician, the great logician, formulator, and supreme scientist of the heavens.

The SECOND RAY is the divine preserver, nourisher of life, fanner of the flames of consciousness in all forms, binder, cosmic lover, Savior of all life, the Great sacrificer, the cosmic Q'in, and the Christ.

The FIRST RAY is the creator, divine will, the purpose, the power; that which gives life to the forms of the THIRD RAY and empowers the SECOND RAY. It is the destroyer of out grown forms.

Even though the above list is concerning the God-head or TRIAD of any creation, remember the Hermes' adage "as above, so below." You can gain much from the analogy.

Also, how a ray is described greatly depends upon which ray is viewing it. For example:

A first ray will view everything from the stand point of purpose, power or one's will.

Second Ray - The power or purpose of love, or the will to love.

Third Ray - The power or purpose of intelligence, or the will to intellectualize.

Fourth Ray - The power or purpose of harmony. or will to harmonize.

Fifth Ray - The power or purpose of science, or the will to manifest.

Sixth Ray - The power or purpose of ideals, or the will to inspire aspiration.

Seventh Ray - The power or purpose of cyclic laws, the will to order.

SECOND RAY relates everything to love (the attraction and repulsion of the bipolar system, and radiation.)

The love of power/purpose.

The love of intellectualizing /action.

The love of harmony.

The love of manifestation.

The love of ideals.

The love of ceremonial order.

THIRD RAY relates to forms, structures, all of which are contained within the mind.

The form and order that power should follow.

The order and form that love takes.

The order and form of harmony.

The order and form of manifested mentation.

The order and form best suited to an ideal.

The order and form of ceremonial or cyclical law.

Since the third ray covers the other four, you can extrapolate, from the above list for the third ray, and tell how they would go.


It has been suggested, since the age that has just begun to dawn on the earth is ruled by the SEVENTH RAY, that we give you a more complete description of this ray, and possible changes that it will produce shortly upon your kingdom.

Sincerely, the Sirian Group.


The effect of the SEVENTH RAY that is going to be most felt in your era, is what the age of concrete science has falsely termed MAGIC.

The last time that the SEVENTH RAY was in power or incarnated was during the zenith of Atlantis.

Entities that have not reincarnated since that time have begun to do so, and will continue in number.

The energy necessary to carry out MAGICAL operations has not been available until this century and is still on the increase.


The SEVENTH RAY governs the physical plane. Its color is violet. The main function of the SEVENTH RAY is to organize the form to meet the needs of incarnating life. It expresses the essence of the life in form. In other words, the form (which is made of matter), is the artistic representation of the life inhabiting it which is produced by the SEVENTH RAY.

When you look at a diamond, you are viewing the physical plane representation of the indwelling life. This representation is the artistic endeavor of the SEVENTH RAY related to the mineral kingdom.

Great organizations are also expressions of their work. The economy and money system is SEVENTH RAY. You'll notice that about the time the SEVENTH RAY manifested, the gold standard was abolished and money became based on nothing - magic. You can expect some radical changes within the money system of earth. For money is suppose to represent concreted etheric energy, and SEVENTH RAYs deal with this etheric energy. It has been termed magic because most people cannot yet see on the etheric plane.

As more people develop etheric vision, life-after-death of the physical vehicle will be an established fact. Also, people will learn how to manipulate the etheric to produce effects that would have been termed "magic." The medical profession will be revolutionized. So will science. Interaction between DEVAs and humans will be common place again.


1. The form and order to achieve power. The form and order to uphold the purpose. The form and order to serve the will. The FIRST RAY and SEVENTH RAY are closely allied. The SEVENTH forever diligently working to fit the form to the purpose of the embodied life.

2. The form and order of nourished love and wisdom.

3. The from and order of mentation and law according to plane.

4. The form and order for balance and harmonious blending of the three aspects with the attributes.

5. The form and order of mentation into self consciousness.

6. The form and order for realized ideals and devotion due to aspiration.