The theories of cosmology, that we give to you, form a model to serve as a frame of reference for this work. The model is never to be viewed as scientific fact or to become any sort of dogma. It can serve as a reality that will allow you to escape all boundaries. Objective or scientific proof of this model may occur someday, however, such proof is not our objective - nor yours.


For too long humanity has ignored half of itself - the receptive or female half. The English language is notorious for avoiding acknowledgment of the female. We find this intolerable for our purposes. Instead of having to use the cumbersome term human (which still pays deference to the male) or the term humankind; we would like to use the word MUN. This is a short word with no discrimination attached for the ANTI-SELF to use against you. Thank you.


As a MUN, you must recognize that you are divine and that you are one with every thing. Due to oneness, your main responsibility to the whole is your own evolutionary development. That is your responsibility in the physical plane. The ONE, or whole, evolves by having many different parts of which you are one. The apparent separateness is to allow specialization.

MUN has been taught modesty, SELF-denial, and subjugation of SELF to others wishes and desires. This is necessary when MUN is first incarnating and learning to control and overcome the animal passions caused by the elementals of the vehicles which form the ANTI-SELF. This is a service to the elementals. However, evolution requires transcending, rather than just controlling, the limitations of the vehicles. When MUN has stepped onto the Path of return to SELF, as all of you have, your duty is to the PURPOSE for which SELF incarnated.

On the Path, MUN has to learn to love SELF and respect SELF's objectives. In finding the true SELF, you will find Unity with all for SELF is one.


These responsibilities are:

1. Love, respect, and consideration of SELF in every aspect of your life.

2. To align and harmonize all vehicles to Self.

3. To actively pursue connections with SELF leading to continuity of consciousness. In continuity of consciousness, you are aware of all levels, or planes, of activity. All these are under conscious control.

Responsibility one is accomplished by much deprogramming and learning the techniques of "Affirmative Thought". This is training of the emotional and concrete mind.

Responsibility two is accomplished by identification and communing with Self; to be an ongoing accomplishment in the meditation process.

Number three is consciously built, by the personality, using the methods of construction we will give you within the meditations. It involves coordinating the centers, then building these connections all the way to the Monad. It is a long journey but perfection of such a goal is always worth the effort.


When undertaking a program wherein a person will ultimately learn to manipulate energy consciously on the physical plane, whether it is to heal or spread will-to-good, the physical vehicle should be prepared to handle the energy. Otherwise, the body could become unnecessarily uncomfortable.

The body is made from and uses five groups of elementals corresponding to the five elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Akasha. It is important to learn to assimilate these five efficiently. This will be presented in more detail later.


See to your changing dietary needs, for the nutrients that the body will need will change as you progress. There will be certain vitamins, minerals and proteins that you will need in excess from time to time. There are plenty of books and people within the group that can help you out with this, if needed.


Water is a very important ingredient for anyone harnessing their fires. Drink lots of water, preferably that which has been treated within a pyramid, energy collector or sat in the sun with an iron rod or large magnet by it. This is so it will collect the PRANA and CH'I that has been processed out of it.

Remember the origins of life on this planet - the sea. It is good and cooling to the fires if you visit the oceans dipping yourself in them if you can. They have healing properties for your physical and the rhythm of the waves are soothing to the astral. PRANA and CH'I are drawn to the oceans.


BREATHING - so amazing and important a function, is little emphasized here in the West - so far. How you Breathe is important. Proper breathing will allowing your physical vehicle to handle higher vibrations. Air not only supplies oxygen, but is the carrier of CH'I. CH'I is the vital energy that fuels your nerve currents and travels major avenues or meridians within the body. It collects around and just over the heart center. This energy can be consciously directed out the hands to heal.

We have chosen to use the words PRANA and CH'I to represent two different energies even though some people use them to mean the same thing. PRANA is the vital fluid from the planet that is assimilated by the spleen center. CH'I is the vital energy received from the sun. It is assimilated by two centers that have no names in your system. One is located just below your solar plexus and the other just above your heart center between the shoulder blades.

Breathing techniques combined with some asanas (postures) can greatly aid the body to gather and assimilate its CH'I and PRANA. Later we will combine the above two with slow movement in order to impress harmony upon the three lower vehicles. It will be the

movements of fire.


First let's develop your abdominal muscles. Learn the backward stretch laying down and standing up.

For breathing stand with your knees slightly bent, exhale strongly and move your abdominal muscles in and out about five times before you breathe back in. Learn to do this about three times in a row. It is essential to gain control of your abdominal muscles for the control of CH'I.

Fire and Akasha will be discussed later.


The planes may be considered seven rarefications of substance, or energy, differentiated by the sounding of a keynote and held stable by the continuing vibration of that sound's tonic chord. The planes are presented from top to bottom.

First plane: influenced by first ray. This is the plane of the entity that informs the whole system. It is called LOGOIC. Logos is a Greek word for God.

Second plane: influenced by the second ray. This is the plane on which the Monad is anchored in this system. Therefore it is called MONADIC.

Third plane: influenced by third ray. This is the plane on which the Monad first projects its will. It is the first differentiation of the Monad's will downward for the purpose of manifestation. It is called ATMIC, a sanskrit word meaning the Higher Self.

Fourth plane: responds to the fourth ray. This is the plane on which the Monad projects its second aspect for manifestation. It is also the plane of balance. It is called by some the BUDHIC plane which means plane of enlightenment.

Fifth plane: responds to the fifth ray. A very important plane for humans. It is the plane on which the monad projects its unit of Manas called MIND or intellect. It holds the mental unit of the Monad called the Abstract Mind. It also holds the veil or vortex commonly called SOUL. It also contains the concrete mind of the physicalized human. This is the third aspect for the incarnating human unit. It's aptly called MENTAL plane.

Sixth plane: responds to the sixth ray. It is called ASTRAL. It contains the second aspect of the incarnating MUN called its astral or emotional vehicle.

Seventh plane: responds to the seventh ray. It is called the PHYSICAL plane and is where the etheric and physical vehicles reside.

Each plane has seven subplanes that are analogous to the seven planes.

Here are some tabulations to help you relate all this.


1st - is will, vibration - LOGOIC

2nd - is attraction, radiation, consciousness - MONADIC

3rd - is discrimination, akasha - ATMIC

4th - color, fire, diffraction, intuition - BUDDHIC

5th - air - MENTAL

6th - is liquid - ASTRAL

7th - is solid - PHYSICAL


1st - Vibration. The primary impulse that instills information in the substance. "The program" code. The signal.

2nd - Light. This is "at-one-ment" without the use of a discriminating faculty.

3rd - Sound. This is discrimination by vibration.

4th - color. This is "refraction"; differentiation harmoniously held together. Separation unseparated. A saturated solution of all possibilities unprecipitated.

5th - air. This is "repulsion"; like repelling like.

6th - liquid. Liquid is the "solid state" without the crystalline properties; rather that of adaptability.

7th - Solid. Solid is as gross and filled with inertia, which means that its substance has the greatest crystalline attraction for itself, as the relevant keynote can hold in its attractive field.

You will notice that what can be said of the planes can be analogously used for the subplanes, and vice versa.

Don't let all the details overwhelm you. They can be learned over time by frequent referral.


1. Take the thumb of the right hand and message between the eyebrows. Thrice daily.

2. Sitting comfortably with eyes partly closed, roll the eyes backward until they are focused on the area between the eyebrows keeping the eyes partly open. This may put a strain on the eye muscles at first, so do it only as long as the muscles are comfortable. This is also good for developing eye muscle control.

There are other methods for this that will be added as you progress.