The Atlantean Trinity was Anatau, Jeortau, and Sanatau. This is the retreated triad that we spoke of last week.

Anatau is a FIRST RAY female and exists within a humanoid feline vehicle. The fur of this being is red and covers the hair portion of the head as with a human, but also a small narrow line of red fur goes down the spine and covers the nether regions; therefore this creature does not take to the wearing of clothing as humans do. This entity can be read about in the Egyptian myths of Sekmet.

Jeortau is a SECOND RAY male and inhabits a humanoid vehicle that has a huge wing span. He is buff or golden in color with huge bright blue faceted eyes. A truly magnificent creature. He and Anatau are twin beings.

Sanatau is THIRD RAY and more human like than the other two although he would stand out in any crowd. He has black, coarse pleated hair, beard plaited, tied with gold chain and the whole of his eyes slant upward. His eyes gleam rays of indigo or white light. Sanatau is as fierce looking as the golden dove (Jeortau) is loving, graceful and beautiful.

It is often said by entities within your system that love is the greatest power. We would like to clarify this statement. Love is not to be considered a power, in the true meaning of the word, as primal energy. Love is the motivating force.

The FIRST RAY is "will" = the power.

The SECOND RAY is love and wisdom = the motivator.

The THIRD RAY is manas (all mentation) = the means.

The three above entities are whom we spoke of last week as having arrived here from another universe. And having completed their task, retreated into a mountain fortress waiting to be summoned again.

These entities took upon themselves the task of personifying the three above aspects upon the physical. They are of a FIRST RAY triad. Therefore humans did not identify with them very well.

Their teaching for humanity was presented and taught by a SECOND RAY triad now known to you as Isis, Osiris, and Ra and a THIRD RAY triad of Tahuta (Toth), Venus, and Saturn.

In order for you to get a clear idea of the meaning and significance of these entities, we have had to mix the Egyptian, Roman, and Greek names. We will also use the Hindu names and descriptions when and where they are appropriate.

For you to get a better understanding of the manner in which the "gods" lived and worked, we will have to give you some background on their functioning. The species to which they belong do not biologically reproduce. When there is need of another of them, a triad creates another from energy. Hence, they work in threes - one analogous to a female and two analogous to males. The two males are the active workers whereas the female is the recipient and transmitter of her ray type energy.

Here you have the reason why Godheads usually have one female and two males. It is the result of this groups influence even unto this day. Also, this is why it was so difficult for the early humans to figure out the marital status of the "gods". The transfer of energy from female to male appeared to be sexual in nature. Whereas to these beings, sex had very little to do with reproduction and all to do with energy. Also, these beings could be related and look as if they belonged to different worlds. The system where they originated and their purpose is simply alien to the human mind.

We will give you detailed information concerning the rest of this pantheon so that you may become very familiar with them in order to better pick the one who's part you wish to play.


It is now time to proceed to the description of the MENTAL PLANE. You will note that there are three vehicles upon the MENTAL PLANE: the ABSTRACT MIND upon the top sub level; the SOLAR ANGEL (causal body, soul, egoic body, &c.) upon the second, third plus some on the fourth sub planes; and the CONCRETE MIND which functions on part of the fourth, the fifth, sixth and seventh sub planes.

The material of the bottom three sub planes retains form to your physical senses but the top three sub planes are formless as you would recognize form, although to the faculties native to that region there is form. These sub planes are made up of very tenuous material. Here your concrete mind is EXTREMELY busy thinking thoughts that create forms within this medium. The forms are created at the speed of thought which is measureless to the physical. In fact, upon the MENTAL PLANE there occurs an overlap of the past, present and future.

The SOUL is to the MONAD as the physical vehicle is to the SOUL. It is made up of a Deva, originating from the sun, that gives its essence so that the MONAD can incarnate into the physical and gain experience. The MONAD can only send itself downward to the point of the SOUL level. At this point, the SOLAR ANGEL collects the MONADs energy, circulating the energy through its essence, then redirecting it into the vehicles that make up the personality.

The SOLAR ANGEL performs this service of stepping the energy down for the MONAD until the material of the vehicles can take the charge. This occurs at the fourth initiation where the SOLAR ANGEL, having completed his task, is released and returns to the sun. At that point, the MONAD can transmit directly to the personality without shattering its vehicles.

The ABSTRACT MIND resides upon the first sub level of the MENTAL PLANE and is the instrument of thought on those levels for the MONAD. Here the entity lives within the group mind, ending separateness while preserving individuality.

Operating on the ABSTRACT MIND level, you deal with living forms of ideas. You do not have to talk about an idea that remains unseen to your senses, you have it before you with all of its aspects present for your consideration at once. Instead of the linear "one thing at a time" thought processes of the CONCRETE MIND, the ABSTRACT MIND perceives the whole form. This is a level that you can also perceive causes of the physical rather than dealing with results which is all the CONCRETE MIND has access to. The CONCRETE MIND is equipped to deal with analyses whereas the ABSTRACT MIND deals with the synthesis. It is possible for you to gain use of the ABSTRACT MIND. We will give to you a process for this next week.

The MENTAL PLANE is represented by the circle and the element air. Try viewing air and watch its movements. The untrained mind flits about in just the same manner. And if you happen to be on the THIRD, FIFTH or SEVENTH RAY, the flitting is even worse.