Electronic Voice Phenomena

Electrovoice Phenomena is sounds recorded on an audio tape at places likely to be haunted. When the recording is being made, the sounds are not heard. However, on playback, with the aid of a computer sound editing program, the sounds can be isolated and enhanced. The sounds basically are words/phrases, garbled most of the time but for the most part clear enough to hear.
Other groups have been recording these sounds for sometime. This site is just starting the process of collecting them.

The phenomena has been around since the beginning of audio taping but unless there was a very strong signal on the tape, which was unlikely, the sounds could not be heard. Years ago, we participated in an attempt to record spirit voices. We succeeded in getting some words but after a few plays on the tape recorder, it faded off the tape. This was disappointing to say the least. Current technology makes it easier to preserve and analyze the tapes. Once digitalized into the computer, it will not fade away. With sound analyzing software, what would ordinarily be missed on playback, can be identified and boosted.

The first time we went out, we got a couple of words. As we collect them, they will be added to this section.  


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