EVP Leads to Spirit Rescue 

On December 17, 2009, I decided to do a brief spirit voice recording session of about 10 minutes. This led to a fascinating experience.

Although it is extremely easy to do recordings for EVP, actually having an EVP is rare. You have to listen through a lot of time to see if anything is there. Most times, there is nothing. You also have to use computer sound editing software to find many of the EVPs that are impossible to hear otherwise.

On this night, I sat on the couch in the living room, started the digital recorder and ask: "Does any spirit want to speak?"

I then waited for a couple of minutes. When you are doing EVPs, it's unlikely you will physically hear it even if you get a spirit voice. So, you state your question, wait a while for the response and then go to the next question.

After about six minutes I said: "If any spirits are here, please give a sign." Almost immediately, there were two sharp raps on a cabinet close to the couch. I could tell by the tone which cabinet it was. After I finished recording, I got up and attempted to duplicate the raps by knocking on the cabinet. Although the sound was close, I couldn't duplicate the sound with my knuckles.

I found this every interesting so I was anxious to proof the recording. I loaded the sound file into the computer (digital recorders make this every easy) and opened the file. Using headphones (always preferred) I started listening and didn't hear anything unusual until about 1min 36sec into the recording. At that point, I identified a wave form that sounded like two words. HERE IS THE WAVE FORM. What do you think it sounds like?

To me, it sounded like HELP! I boosted it and filtered it to hear it better as the sound was very weak. It was clearly HELP! So, using the speakers on the boosted sound segment, I had another person listen without telling them what it said. Again, HELP! was clearly heard. I e-mailed the sound segment to a friend with the question, "What does this sound like to you?" That's all I said in the message. I got back, "Definitely, HELP!"

While I was working with the sound file, some unusual things went on. There were some more noises and some things fell down without any cause. At this point, me and AnnaLee, who has contributed experiences to this site, decided to have a session to see what the request for HELP! was about.

Tuning in clairvoyantly, I perceived an elderly man, with his face not clearly defined. He was dressed in gray dress pants and a patterned shirt. He was standing there looking confused. The name Ralph was impressed upon my mind.

Over the years, there have been a few times when I've called for help to assist a spirit that has been stuck or earthbound. The form the helpers take has always been pretty consistent; wise looking entities dressed in various colored robes. But for Ralph, it was different.

The process started with a brilliant white spot appearing, like a brilliant white spotlight. Out of this light came angels! I was surprised at this as I've never seen such. They were glowing white with, yes, wings. I was musing over this and figured this must be what Ralph expected.

There were a number of angels but two approached Ralph, who was facing me, and stood by either side of him. I saw him turn his head and look at one, then the other. A smile came over his face. Each angel put a hand on Ralph's shoulders.

They turned, and started walking to the brilliant white light. About halfway to it, Ralph turned around and said, thank you, thank you, thank you with a smile of relief. They entered into the white light and it closed just like shutting down a spotlight. The experience was over. The atmosphere of the room felt lighter and there were no more strange noises or things falling over that night.

How did Ralph find my place? Well, I'm located a couple of blocks from a very large, active cemetery. Spirits can see energy and I figured he was attracted to it. He was too confused to speak except to ask for help and then, when his help came, he was focused on literally, getting to the light.

Ancient cultures had teachings to help people pass over to the other side. Our culture has lost that teaching. How many other Ralph's are there? Probably many, many thousand. At least Ralph found his help and eternal peace!