Cheatham Hill Battlefield

Cheatham Hill, located in the vicinity of Kennesaw and Marietta, Georgia was a site of a fierce battle between Union and Confederate troops in the Atlanta campaign during the war between the states. The battle took place June 27-29 of 1864. This was a major battle resulting in many deaths. Trauma contributes to hauntings.

The unfortunate side effect of seeking spirit voices is you have to go to places that were sites of great negativity. Although a beautiful park today, the atmosphere of Cheatham Hill still reflects the great tragedy to the sensitive.

View from edge of woods facing Cheatham Hill. This is the site where the largest number of casualties took place.

View of Cheatham Hill from edge of woods. The hill is much steeper than it looks. 

The two voice clip recordings took place within 15 feet of where the Union attack stalled. In a desperate attempt to reach their objectives, Union troops at this point began digging a tunnel in an attempt to get explosives at the edge of the Confederate defenses however, the Confederates withdrew before the tunnel was completed.. The small tunnel still remains and has a memorial built around the enterance. (See Photo 1)

:The first sound is a gasping HELP!. The second sound. occurred about 4 seconds later. It is unclear but seems to say Who are you? (To hear clearly, you have to turn your PC sound up. Too low volume and you can't hear it.)

A few feet into the woods is a stream. Although I don't know for sure, it would seem that aide stations would have been set up around the stream so that the water could be used. Photo 2 shows view from top of Cheatham Hill looking down towards treeline. The stream is about 20 feet inside the treeline.

Photo 3 shows a view almost to top of hill. A white marker has been place on the photo to show where EVP voice was recorded. Cheatham Hill Photos


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