We wish to proceed with instructions for the development of channels for unimpeded energy flow. This will take the place of your present meditation. This is the beginning of a process that will require about three months to complete. It will form a basis to help you to control your own energies upon the physical. Therefore we greatly encourage everyone of you to patiently practice these forms, even if they appear simple or if you have practiced them singularly for other reasons. Each step in this process is a facet of the whole, so give as much attention to that which you do not like as well as the ones you do for surely you wish to be a whole entity.

It will began with a breathing exercise, the explanation thereof following forthwith.

Turn to page 40 and examine the illustration of the seated yogin (illustration not currently available). Give your attention to the IDA which is the clear line, and the PINGALA which is the solid line. Notice that they inscribe each center, each crossing over to the other side as they intersect the SUSHUMNA.

These intersections become strong blocks for the rising Kundalini and must be cleared before that event. For that purpose, we give this first breathing exercise.

For the present, see the PINGALA beginning at the right nostril and ending at the left ovary or testicle; the IDA beginning at the left nostril and ending at the right ovary or testicle. Please note the right goes to the left and the left to the right.


1. Close your right nostril with the ring and small finger of your left hand and breathe in silvery CH'I in the left nostril to the count of four. See the energy collect in a spiral around the right ovary/testicle. Breathe out both nostrils to the count of four, seeing the spiral collected around the right ovary shoot up the center of the spine in the color and appearance of lightning. See it go out the top of the head.

Now, reverse the process and breathe through the right nostril seeing its CH'I as a bright red. It spirals around the left ovary/testicle and shoots up the center of the spine in the same color of lightning.

Be sure to force all collected energy around the testicle/ovary out into the base of the spine and out the top of the head.

WARNING: We are not trying to arouse the Kundalini. We are merely visualizing the energy going up the etheric SUSHAMA not the physical. We must build the structures carefully in mental, astral and etheric matter before bringing it about within the physical.

Do this breathing four times, meaning both sides four times. The exercise can be done up to three times a day. You can also do it before going on to the rest of the meditation.

2. Go through your polarization building the channel from the CONCRETE MIND to the ABSTRACT MIND, then on to the BUDDHIC.

At the BUDDHIC, pause, and see a line of energy going from the BUDDHIC, skipping over the MENTAL, going through the ASTRAL and straight into the HEART CENTER from the ASTRAL. The energy begins as yellow and ends in the ASTRAL as bright red and the HEART CENTER is pictured bright red. See this energy forming a permanent link straight from the BUDDHIC. See it nourishing the HEART CENTER over-powering the SOLAR PLEXUS and cutting off its energy from the ASTRAL.

Go back to the ABSTRACT MIND. See a line from it, orange gold, going straight into the ALTA MAJOR CENTER, skipping the ASTRAL. See this energy entering the brain in waves; with it comes long ago memories and super mental faculties and functioning.

At this point you may descend or assume the polarization to commune with your RAY FORM. After which you would of course descend.

........Be sure to practice your stretching and movements. If you have a vibrating or massaging machine, use it liberally from your big toes to all over the torso and neck. The head responds better to light sound waves than physical vibrations. But these have to be used with care on the head, lest it activate certain glands that produce substances ranging from sleep inducers to energizers.