Unbeknownst to most of MUNkind, the planet Earth has a rock tube-like structure running from the North pole to the South pole which is analogous to the spinal column within the huMUN. And as the huMUN has centers along the spinal column, so does the planet Earth along its rock tube.

As evolution proceeds, different centers become energized. You are familiar with the many changes a MUN makes as the emphasis in life changes; as when the PATH is ascended. So it is with the Earth. As the planet reaches points of evolutionary advancement, it brings about major changes, such as shifting its energy from a lower center to a higher one. When this occurs, energy within the planet physically shifts its location of concentration and as it radiates out from the new point, the surface area will change accordingly in order to meet the demand for the life expression.

Major catastrophes, e.g. where whole civilizations are mostly wiped out, come when the planet undergoes initiation. When an initiation occurs, wide spread new forms are needed to express higher Spiritual energies that are then available because the old life forms are no longer capable of expressing or handling the higher vibration. Thus, destruction of vast numbers of old forms occur with new forms taking their place.

Such a time is upon you. Sanate Kumara is about to undergo the THIRD Cosmic initiation. (Third as is relative to his class of entity) You will recall that this initiation marks a major increase in Spiritual consciousness. It is the one where upon the SOUL comes in control of the personality. This initiation marks the first initiation that brings in higher energy from an outside source. After this initiation, Earth will become what is referred to as a Spiritual or Esoteric planet. Heretofore, that has definitely not been the case.

You also recall that the SEVENTH RAY has recently come into power. The SEVENTH RAY governs the center at the base of the spine, which encapsulates the Kundalini. This center is analogous to the South pole. Now recall that the TOP CENTER is sympathetically connected with the base of the spine. Any action on one brings a concomitant response from the other. The results within a huMUN is the drawing of the head backwards to meet the base of the spine, which is then corrected by a downflow of energy into the head from the SOUL or higher levels. To the Earth then, this will mean that there will be forces drawing the North and South poles together until it is offset by an influx of energy from the sun into the North pole. The North pole will then be pulled closer into line with a stream of energy straight from the sun which will result in a physical repositioning of the poles relative to the axis of revolution.

That means soon, the North pole will have much more affinity for the energy coming from the sun and will seek to position itself into a direct line with it. This line up will not completely occur until the Earth goes through its seventh initiation. So you have a while to go.

Since the Third initiation deals with the mental body and MUNkind, as a whole, makes up the mental vehicle for the planet, you may expect considerable change within the consciousness of MUNkind that will be rapidly reflected within all of MUN's institutions. Therefore, you will have major surface changes and at the same time, MUNkind will experience a tremendous expansion of consciousness ability. The mere influx of this energy into the huMUN organism, taken here as a whole, will render unprepared vehicles dead or insane.

There has been much stress on the surface changes to be made on the planet and the surviving of them, but there is a greater need for the preparing of huMUN vehicles to cope with this surge of tremendous higher energy.

The surface changes could become moderated if MUN would expand his consciousness to include the planet consciousness, or at least the two could work together to minimize the destruction to MUN. Earth would gladly warn her children of impending changes and how to avoid some. But as it is, it is left to the intuned members of MUN to prepare to handle the expansion of consciousness and to be able to lead the others after the event has occurred. Many that survive the surge will be temporarily blinded by the light. Their bodies and minds will have to be helped. Of course, this presupposes that their will be those who have known what was going to happen, taken appropriate measures to survive and have prepared to serve MUNkind in this fashion. See to it!