A Channeled Lecture by Djwahl Kuhl (DK) Presented April 12, 1985


Greetings to you along the path it is I D.K., tonight we shall continue our presentation of life after death.

An individual follows a normal two to four week preparation period prior to death. The transition is made much easier. As you will recall, the transition period involves disengagement from the physical(a loosening of the binds to the physical body and the physical plane). As the actual time of departure approaches the individual begins to respond more to non-physical (for lack of a better word "things").

Entities known to the individual come to serve as guides of the actual passing. These guides could be loved ones that have gone before or non-physicals that have served as the link between the spiritual and the physical for the individual. The individual may actually see these non-physical forms or dream of them depending on the method of departure. If the method of departure is sudden such as a fatal heart attack, a stroke, or an accident, the individual usually dreams and recalls these dreams prior to the event. If the departure is a slow one in which the consciousness is still active, the person will usually perceive the non-physical levels as the final disengagement from the physical vehicle occurs. The individual who follows the slow transition has less of a recovery time than the other forms of departure.

At this point it is appropriate to mention belief structures and conflicts that may arise during the transition period. The beliefs in Western Society of either an idea of heaven or an ever-lasting hell or an abyss of nothingness serves to interfere with the natural transition. An individual who holds such belief structures experiences agitation, anxiety and depression prior to the final departure. They may blind themselves to the non-physical assistance that is there awaiting them; they may refuse to see; refuse to accept the fact of their transition.

The bodily consciousness (what you refer to as the pre-conscious) fights to continue it's existence. This serves to weight the person down, to cause disruption in the natural process and to blind them from the help that is there from the higher levels. We have found that it is better for an individual to have absolutely no thoughts or no beliefs of life after death, as opposed to the heaven, hell or nothingness that many people conceptualize. The reason for this is that the emotions are less activated and the person does not blind themselves to the non-physical forms of assistance that are there waiting.

During the transition period part of the process involves teachings from the non-physical levels in an attempt to calm the emotional vehicle; to neutralize negative beliefs. However, this is only marginally effective from this level for the individual is a function of their belief system. The belief system structures perceptions. In most instances the teachings do not reach the conscious level. This is why sensitives on your plane naturally attempt to calm and soothe a person that they perceive entering the transition phase.

And so the point of departure is reached. The entity sheds the physical shell and launches into an extended, and in a sense of the body that was left, a permanent astral projection. And what does the entity perceive at this point?

This of course depends upon the beliefs, the effectiveness of the transition period, and the openness to non-physical sources of assistance. For most people immediately following departure they find themselves erect, thinking, breathing, functioning except no one can see them. They see in many instances a body lying there, but being on the outside of the body looking in. For many it takes considerable time to realize that that was them; that was their body. When this realization takes effect, despair, grief, depression sets in, disbelief is also a key item.

You see, the emotions do not stop with departure from the physical plane. They are there none the less. The individual still walks and talks and pleads with the physical forms that it so clearly can perceive ...., strangers; acquaintances; loved ones; begging; pleading for recognition; for assistance. (Of course few if any respond to the pleas). The individual is at a loss. He can only go back and attempt to re-enter the shell that once was home. This does not work. In many instances the entity lingers around the body even after interment. At this time non-physicals are attempting to break through into the reality base of the departed. In many instances this is successful within three to five earth days, but there is always a percentage of entities that remain in this fixed state for an indefinite period of time. This is the state that has been referred to as "purgatory" and those in such a fixed state are best reached by those still living.

When the entity, the departed entity, finally accepts the concept of death, that he is dead, he is confused. He does not see what he expected to see. In many instances he walks the physical plane and responds to the physical plane just as he did in the physical body. With some, the realization of death activates whatever set of beliefs, expectations, that the individual held to be true. Some find themselves confronted by winged creatures in white with halos, playing harps to fly them away to heaven. Very few people ever construct a scenario of hell complete with fire and the devil. The angel in heaven scenario is much more common. For others, everything fades away into a grayness; a thick murky lifeless existence. This is confusing to them for their consciousness still exists. They believed that all would cease at death.

Depending on the strength of the beliefs these scenes continue for indefinite periods of time. These individuals are as if asleep. They are seen by other non-physicals but as one who is a sleep walker; they do not in turn see what is occurring around them. They see the illusions that their beliefs create for them. And unlike a sleep walker who can be awakened by activation of the physical senses, the non-physicals have difficulty awakening such an entity. This state of being is perhaps the worst possible condition that a departed entity can create for self. This is worse than any of the imagined punishments that have been constructed by the minds of men as punishment from a seemingly benevolent creator.

The important point of the transmission tonight is that beliefs of a heaven, beliefs of a hell, beliefs of nothingness are detrimental to the individual at the time of death. These beliefs retard the development, fixate the entity in "Limbo" for an indefinite period of time. Growth, evolution is halted during this period. It is important to create a system that will neutralize these beliefs in people.

The subject of death is one that few contemplate until the end approaches. Then you find many people grasping for something be it religion or consolation in nothingness. Neither approach is of benefit; neither approach takes into consideration the purpose of life and why the exiting of life is necessary as is the entrance. We shall talk more on the state of death in future transmissions. We shall attempt to present understandable forms that will appeal to people in general, that can perhaps at a subconscious level supersede their malformed and childish conceptions of life after death that many hold.