A Channeled Lecture by Djwahl Kuhl (DK) Presented March 29, 1985


Greetings to you along the path, it is I, D.K. Tonight we shall continue our discussion of life after death. When an individual is approaching the time to divest themselves of the physical vehicles, a set sequence of events usually occurs. The onset of this process is from two to four weeks prior to the actual departure. At this time the individual will become distant, introspective, perhaps frightened depending on the programming of the consciousness. The person will either accept or resist their impending departure. During this stage, prior to the departure, an actual loosening of the etheric and astral vehicles occurs from the physical. The bond is weakened so that the passing over can occur. Sensitive people usually are aware of this process occurring in those around them. The signals are there for all to see. During this period the consciousness may have dreams or flashes of the impending departure. The means of departure is of little consequence. This process occurs whether it be natural or assisted by elements on the physical plane. The person becomes less focused in the physical, they reflect upon their life. Sometimes they will discuss this with those around them. In some instances the impending departure will be discussed.

When such a process is set in motion it means that the natural flow of the particular physical existence has been satisfactorily completed. It is a time that should be filled with joy and celebration. However, in society, as it exists today, such signals are perceived as distress signals by those around the entity preparing to depart the physical. The entity themselves may be upset at an emotional level because of this impending departure. This in turn creates disruptive vibratory patterns and it has a building effect on the individual and those around them. Many people ignore the signals (both the entity preparing to depart and those around them) but the emotional impact is usually there. Very few entities depart the physical plane as a surprise because usually it is better coordinated than the entry into the physical plane by most entities.

As I say, this state is an important period. It is the transition period, the loosening of the physical ties and it is during this four to two week period where the entity will accelerate his passing through the lower planes or fixate himself there. The lack of conscious knowledge, the insulation of the consciousness from the inner self causes, in most instances, this transition period to hinder the entity. People responding to the cues in turn, send out emotional signals to the entity preparing to depart. All of it can create quite an emotional or astral fixation. For those entities that fear death, their fears and discomforts grow during this transitional period. They find themselves longing for certain aspects of the physical plane that they found desirable or pleasurable in their past. Usually these things are tangible in some sense being either a possession, a place or a living person. The entities rather than flowing with the loosening from physical, consciously attempt to grasp and cling to the physical. And when the hour of transition occurs they are disoriented and emotionally distraught. These are the entities that are likely to become stuck on the Astral levels. It is imperative that this transitional period prior to leaving the physical vehicle be defined and accepted by people, that it be a joyous experience, a graduation or a job well done.

Religion in many different forms down through the ages has attempted to counter the effects of the fear of passing after the fact usually, or during the actual transition, although the actual rites today are meaningless to most people. The Catholic religion's last rites at one time had their basis in attempting to ease the mind of the person who was passing. The Irish wakes (the celebrations upon the passing) also fit into this category. However, these after the fact or during the fact reactive measures would not be necessary if the individual was aware and fully benefited from the signals in the transition period. For most entities, the transition period is a neutral one. They are so closed off to their inner selves that to some degree they are aware that a change is approaching but are shielded or blinded by themselves to the nature of the change. Their loved ones around them do not want to accept what is about to transpire. This, in a sense, is due to the concept of "misery" loving company. The physical plane as it exists and has existed for thirteen thousand five hundred years is indeed a miserable place.

It does not have to be this way but the inhabitants create their own hell and they seek peace and joy outside themselves through the company of another. This external need depends on the other person being present in close proximity and of course continuing to live. This results in many entities spiritual evolution being retarded due to the strong willed influence of a well meaning or well intentioned loved one not wanting to let them go. When the person enters into the transition period, which as I mentioned before is pronounced and can be observed easily by sensitives and people who are not necessarily sensitive, the strong willed, well meaning loved one aborts through various means the loosening and literally stops the entity from divesting themselves of their physical vehicle.

This, from a Karmic standpoint, is not of benefit to the person who retards the evolution of their loved one and it is not love or the love energy that motivates the hindrance.

If you think about people that you have known in passing or that you have known well that have passed on, think about the period, if you were associated with them, two to four weeks prior to their departure. Think back to cues or signals that you may have received from them. It may have been verbal things or it may have been impressions that you yourself were picking up. But if you think about it, you will find at least one example, perhaps more, of this transition.

We shall more than likely broadcast more information about this transition period and appropriate strategies for dealing with it in the near future as we continue our series on "life after death". Part of it or I should say part of anybody's transition is related to those around them. And a new attitude towards the passing from the physical plane needs to be developed within people and within yourselves.

The physical vehicle is but a temporary focus for the spirit. Very few entities take care of their vehicles. They don't pay attention to the energies. They don't follow the necessary procedures to allow the vehicle, the physical vehicle, to function to its maximum potential. And so this makes the physical existence an unpleasant one. This is compounded by looking outside one's self for gratification, for companionship, for acceptance. All these things truly must come from within, but when they come from without we want the sources to remain with us. When one passes from the physical plane it should be a joyous occasion. The transition period should be a pleasant, joyous time, looking forward to the shedding of a heavy, sluggish, dense, grossly inarticulate vehicle. We shall have more to say on this in the future ................