Part Three

Channeled by George


Doyle here. Tonight I shall take up the conversation where my learned colleague left off.

In referring back to the analogy of the onion with the rock in the center; you might say that Lodge is more concerned with the outer layers of the onion and I am more concerned with the center, or the rock, which represents human consciousness and its automaton, the physical vehicle.

The rock that is human consciousness has much unnecessary weight attached to it. This unnecessary weight has accumulated due to the nature of the physical plane. It has been referred to down through the ages as Karma.

Karmic patterns are not a necessary function of the physical plane. In other words you do not have to play out Karmic patterns. You are in control when you can neutralize the reactionary patterns of thought which is referred to as Karma. The reactions of Karma originate on the Astral and Mental levels; they in turn filter down and intermingle with the physical plane.

You might say that the consciousness is a spirit waiting to be born and that it is born into infinity. The spirit to be is encased in the matter of the astral and the mental. The excess weight must be chipped away, until the spirit is freed for its continued journey to the SOURCE.

For many people the astral and mental levels, through the process referred to as Karma, is like a snowball rolling down a hill. As time passes it gets larger and larger. And the entity within is encased more and more in Karmic webs and Karmic patterns. These layers, if you will, are strong energizers that affect the automaton that we refer to as the physical vehicle. This automaton can be controlled by the consciousness but it is also driven by the matter; the elementals, if you will, that comprise the mental and the astral planes. And so you have opposing forces here. You have the consciousness waiting to be born; waiting to be freed from its prison of encased matter and you have the prison itself wishing to remain intact and constantly building upon itself due to reactionary patterns.

When one dies and passes from the physical vehicle, he is temporarily freed and floats up as was mentioned before, but the matter that comprises these vehicles is carried also because it is not physical matter as such. It is a form of matter that is not recognized by your science. But it is matter none the less and it is magnetized towards the physical plane in a process that is quite unique to the earth's sphere.

The earth's sphere is a unique specimen in this universe. It was constructed for a specific purpose and it has served that purpose almost too well in that it is very difficult for an incarnating entity to break through the encasements on the astral and mental levels. And they are constantly adding to these levels until the consciousness realizes what is occurring and starts the processes of slowing the momentum down the hill, so to speak, that is accumulating more Karma. And begins the process of chipping away at all the events and emotions that have accumulated within the matter of the astral and mental levels.

And this can take several life times once the consciousness is aware. This is what we refer to as the path back to the SOURCE, or the path back to the true self. It is important to remove yourself from identification with your physical vehicle. And the reactions and constructs that comprise the Astral and mental levels. This is the key to slowing the momentum of Karmic accumulation and it is the way to begin shedding the weight of the accumulated Karma.

By following through with both methodologies, the initiate or student of the path begins to make progress and speeds up the vibrations. As each bit of accumulated ASTRAL and MENTAL matter is discarded, the elementals that form them are actually dissipated back into the environment and a literal weight is indeed shed. You can look upon this as if you had a problem in your life that you suddenly resolved and most people will describe it as if a great weight had been lifted from their being. Think about that because it admirably demonstrates what I am saying here.

Now look upon it in this manner, after a certain amount of weight is shed, you notice more lightness but then you acclimate to it and once again you notice the weight. This is why the lifting of the burden seems to be temporary. However the progress made is a permanent progress if you follow the requirements of the path. That weight that is shed is permanently gone from your being. Then it is time to tackle the next amount of weight that must be shed.

A great portion of the earth plane is devoted towards the interactions of entities. It is the interaction of entities that actually create the earth plane. It in turn is a living consciousness; a living being. And you might say that the entities that live upon this planet are in a symbiotic relationship with the planet. Each feed into the other. Unfortunately there has been a trend of humanity, certain phases of humanity, to change the symbiotic relationship to one of a parasitic relationship. If you recall the nature of a parasitic relationship, a parasite will attach itself to the host and it will eventually destroy the host even though it needs the host for continued survival. And this is what certain facets of mankind has done.

And the host, which is this planet, is sick. It is ill and as with any ill organism, it seeks to remedy itself; to destroy that which is causing its illness. In terms of the planet earth, it is humanity that is causing its illness and the planet is readying itself to purge the parasites that are damaging it.

Now you have wondered what it is that one must do to shake off this excess weight that is keeping you a prisoner here. Obviously simply dying does not free you from this situation or free you from coming back to the physical plane. The magnetic attraction to the weight is too strong. The key to resolving this excess weight lies in the area of attitudes, beliefs and emotional reactions. The attitudes and beliefs comprise the mental plane. The emotions comprise the astral plane.

You will find that the astral plane is closest to the physical plane and is a great impediment to reaching and objectively analyzing that which resides on the mental plane. And so, the primary task of those entering the path of evolution is to overcome emotional reactions. And I believe that in the future others of our committee will be instructing for various ways to accomplish this.

But set your minds to it, contemplate it, think about it. See if you can neutralize your emotional reactions be it fear, anger or even what is termed in this society as positive emotions; what is classified as love or caring, because any great emotion serves as a weight. There is a difference between caring and the emotion that embroils many of the people in this society. And that we will go into in more detail at a later time. But you must think about emotions. They are neither inherently bad or good but they serve as a weight, as a magnetic influence to draw you back to the physical plane. And if they are so strongly ingrained they will keep you on a low level when you make the death transition. And you can wander around in a fog for a long time.

The mental plane is comprised of events; events that have shaped attitudes and beliefs. These attitudes and beliefs color your views of reality. And they can serve as impediments to your growth; impediments to your evolution. That also will be gone into in more detail at a later time when we deal with these issues in more detail. And so, that is the follow up to one phase of the discussion presented the last time by Lodge.

Formulate your questions and we will design a system whereby we can attend to them. 'Tis best that you write them down and we will perhaps designate one individual to ask them and that way you will not have to be concerned about when to speak and when not to speak.

And with that I bid you a good evening although the energies are quite flowing tonight in startling contrast to the way they were the last time. But we feel that that is sufficient for you to think about.

Good evening.