Finding good UFO books is difficult because the so-called debunkers title their works deceptively to lure the UFO novice. We have read the following books have found them to contain useful information to aid in learning about peoples experiences with UFOs and extra-terrestrials..

Tesla - Man Out of Time

by Margaret Cheney

The story of Tesla and a revealing historical look at the Robber Barons, such as J. P. Morgan and Thomas Edison, that handicapped him and deprived the world of the wonders that Tesla wanted to give to the people of Earth.


Tesla: Man Out of Time

Tesla - Master of Lightning

By Margaret Cheney & Robert Uth

This is a fascinating book filled with rare historical photos and drawings of Tesla's work. Had the business world cooperated with Tesla rather than try to destroy his work, the cause of many human problems would have been eliminated.

Tesla: Master of Lightning

The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time

by Preston B. Nichols and Peter Moon

The title of this book covers only one aspect of this fascinating story. The story is so far out the author says to read it like science fiction if you must. However, I can say that the concepts presented in this book are NOT science ficition, it is extra-terrestrial technology being developed by humans.

The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time

The Montauk Files

by K. B. Wells, Jr.

An interesting presentation of the Montauk mystery presented by someone who has researched the topic. Has some interesting historical data on the mind control experiments associated with the Montauk Project.

The Montauk Files: Unearthing the Phoenix Conspiracy

Alien Agenda

by Jim Marrs

Jim Marrs is an investigative reporter who has researched and written about a number of coverups. This is a thought provoking book of information.

Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence among Us

Crash at Corona

by Stanton T. Friedman

Stanton T. Friedman has extensively researched the New Mexico spacecraft crashes of 1947. This book presents some of his findings.

Crash at Corona: The U.S. Military Retrieval and Cover-up of a UFO

Top Secret/MAJIC

by Stanton T. Friedman

Details Friedman's eleven year search for the truth about Operation Majestic 12, classified TOP SECRET/MAJIC.

Top Secret/MAJIC

The Day After Roswell

by Col. Philip J. Corso (Ret.)

Col. Corso, in 1961, was given command of the Pentagon's classified weapons development budgets and was given the details of the U.S. government's greatest secret, the dismantling and appropriation of the Roswell extra-terrestrial spacecraft by the army. Elderly at the time of the writing, Col. Corso wanted to reveal this information before he passed on. Now deceased, Corso leaves us with a fascinating presentation of his experiences. Although bashed by some researchers, this is a very good book.

The Day after Roswell




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