Possible UFO Effect - Central Alabama - May 1974


[Editors Note: This incident took place in an area where there had been numerous UFO sightings between 1973-1975. Several people known to the editor's family reported being chased by objects in this area between 1am and 6am while it was dark.]

I read your article about your Dad. I also had an experience during this time period.

While driving to Dothan from Columbus, Ga. somewhere between Eufaula & Headland my engine & headlights went dead. I struggled to pull off the road with no power steering & it was pitch dark.

I sat there for about ten minutes wondering what happened, no traffic at around 5:30 a.m. & I felt very spooked, suddenly the engine & lights came back on which freaked me even more.

I don't remember seeing anything out of the ordinary but what came next is even more strange. I arrived at my destination thirty minutes earlier than I normally did.

I have seen et craft many times but not on this occasion .