UFO Sighting with Radar Contact - from the Pensacola News - December 13, 1956

Swift Object Buzzes Miami - Leaves at 4,000 MPH

An unidentified flying object buzzed around 20 minutes over the southern tip of Florida one morning several weeks ago and then left at a speed of 4,000 miles an hour - or at least a radar screen indicated one did.

Donald Freestone, a radar operator for Pan American World Airways, reported he saw a blip Nov. 8 on a weather radar screen "four or five times larger than any aircraft observed in the past."

"It appeared at approximately 65 miles south-southwest of Miami at an altitude of between 7,000 and 8,000 feet. It disappeared and reappeared several times."

"It disappeared once at 70 miles and reappeared at about 55 miles, then moved back to 70 miles. The speed was estimated at 550 to 650 miles an hour."

Freestone, who explained he had always been skeptical of flying saucer reporst, said the object remained stationary at one point for two or three minutes, then moved off in the south-southwest direction it had come from.