1960s Era Central Alabama UFO Sightings

By Tim


I read the reports of the Alabama ufo incident's and would like to contribute my own sightings [both occurred in my childhood approximately 39 years ago so details are kind of cloudy].



The first sighting was in the Montgomery area when I was a passenger in an automobile. It happened around 12:00 am CST. I saw a large rectangular object illuminated in bright yellow light. There were 3 others in automobile but I was only about four years old at that time and don't believe the two adults would remember it.


My next sighting occurred at my home in Mt. Olive, Alabama [a small area north of Birmingham] when I was about 6 years old in 1965. I was awaken late one night, approximately 2:30 am CST, and looked out the window of my bedroom. I saw a glowing orange front of what appeared to be a triangular shaped object on the hill by the side of our house. I honestly cannot remember what occurred after I saw it, but when I looked again it was gone.


I am not trying to convince anyone that these incidents are real because they happened so long ago, but I believe that I saw them and therefore do believe that ufo's have been spotted in other areas of Alabama as well but not reported. I hope more sightings in Alabama will come forward as well [perhaps ones that observed the latter because this is my clearest memory of a sighting.