by A True Believer

[Editors Note: This case is representative of many that occurred between 1973-75. More than one person reported being followed by a UFO.]

This event happened to my mother, myself and my siblings in central Alabama. It was around 1974. I'm not sure of the time of year, but it seemed to be warm if I remember correctly. Me, my brother and sister were all asleep in the car (1973 Buick La Saber).

We were in route from Montavalo to Selma at about 11:00 PM, when my mother who was driving noticed a bright white light just above the tree tops following our car at the same speed. She became frightened and said she sped up around to 100 mph. The object consistently kept up with us. She did not wake us up at this time. Instead she stopped at the police department in Maplesville and ask the officer to observe, but the object had disappeared. He thought she was crazy, she said.

She then proceeded to Selma which is about 30 miles of solid wooded area. The object appeared again the same as before. This time my mother woke all of us and we saw it.

I was on the left side, the side it was on. I had a perfect view. At one point it shot straight up at tremendous speed, the radio went static and the windows fogged up instantly. In about ten seconds, it returned to its previous altitude. During this time it stayed consistently with our car. I watched it all the way to our home which was in a wooded area with a swamp behind it. As we pulled in, it proceeded slowly to the back of our house hovering over the swamp. My bed was in the bedroom facing the object. I went to sleep that night watching it from my bed. So many times I wish I had gone out back to see what might have happened. I didn't however and I'll never know.

A True Believer