Spring-Summer 1974

This report is posted in memory of my father, the witness to these events.

In 1974, the Southeastern United States was having a very large UFO flap. It was during this time that two fishermen were picked up in Mississippi in an incident that was widely reported in the media. Less publicity was given, however, to the multitude of sightings that occurred in Central Alabama.

At this time, my father was working maintenance at a small, private airport about three miles West of his small Alabama home town. He was usually alone at the airport as there was no staff.

In the late Spring, around dusk, he started noticing a large, disk shaped craft that would silently approach the airport. There appeared to be a ring of port-holes around the rim with light shining out.

This craft would fly the perimeter of the airport shining a brilliant white beam of light down at the ground. It would move around very purposely, almost as if mapping the place and then leave.

This took place several times. My father told the supervisor of the airport property but was laughed at. So, he challenged the man to be down at the airport at the time this flying disk appeared. In an attempt to show my father up, the supervisor did come to the airport at the appropriate time.

Although he was expecting a big laugh, he got what he didn't expect. The flying saucer showed up silently around the appropriate time and shined that brilliant white beam of light down on the ground, calmly tracing over the ground like it had done a number of times in the recent past. The supervisor turned white and didn't say a word. He just got in his truck and left, never mentioning the incident again.

This flying saucer appeared a number of times during the Spring and Summer of 1974. One evening, my father decided to shine a spotlight at it to see what it would do. He aimed the spotlight at the flying disk and turned on the powerful beam. Simultaneously with the spotlight, the saucer went dark and disappeared. My father turned off the spotlight. A few minutes later, the saucer reappeared farther away and started the brilliant white beam again tracing the ground.

I do not know how many times my father observed this circular craft. It happened more than once and at a fairly regular time. Consistent enough that he got a witness to observe the saucer.

It is obvious that some form of consciousness was operating the saucer as it responded to a light beam directed at it. Also, it was very purposely tracing the ground with that brilliant white light beam.

There were numerous witnesses to UFO activity in 1974 in Central Alabama. However, to my knowledge, there was never any investigation. If there are any witnesses to the Central Alabama UFO Flap of 1973-75, I'd like to hear from you and post your experiences. Just e-mail from this web site.