UFO Sighting
Central Alabama - November, 1975

In November of 1975, I was out planet watching with a telescope. At this time of year, Jupiter and Saturn are easy to find.

It wasn't late, sometime between 11-11:30pm. I noticed a dull yellow light moving across the sky from the East. It was moving South-Southwest. The light was fairly large and in no way resembled a star or planet. It reminded me of a airborne flare but rather than drifting down, it was moving across the sky.

The telescope I was using was a refractor, the type that you look through the bottom which makes it easy to find objects. The light looked strange and I wanted to see what it actually was.

I used the tube of the telescope to line up on the yellow light. It was moving slow enough that I was able to get it in the telescope's field of view. However, I immediately noticed something strange. When I looked at the large yellow light through the telescope, the yellow light disappeared. Instead, there was a dull gray saucer with two red lights and two green lights on it.

At first, I thought I wasn't on the light. However, checking the angle, I was indeed seeing what was making the yellow light. I again looked through the telescope and studied the object. There is no question it was a flying disk. I was seeing it from the side.

I was so impressed at seeing this object that I immediately wrote up a report to send to a UFO organization.

The next day in the back pages of the newspaper, there was a small article about an FAA observer in a major city to the S-SW of my location that saw the same thing I did and could not identify it. That was the direction I saw the object going. It arrived over the major city about two hours later which meant it was traveling a leisurely 80-90 mph.

There is no question that it was a flying disk or what people call a UFO. My report however never got filed. I received the letter back with a forwarding address expired stamp on the envelope.