Robert M. Stone, M.S.

An Edited Version of a Presentation at the 1997 Ozark UFO Convention:


Extra-terrestrials exist. There is too much documented evidence, too many witnesses, for any rational person to think otherwise. This is a brief summary of the extra-terrestrial groups.

There are three different categories of extra-terrestrials as defined by myself. The bad guys, the little gray aliens, are the ones you always hear about in most presentations. They abduct and exploit humans. The good guys, called the Peacekeepers, are ones you rarely hear about, perhaps because they look human rather than humanoid, thus, not visually exciting; also contact with them is more difficult to remember and the memories are more difficult to retrieve. I will explain this memory difficulty shortly. With some of the human looking alien civilizations, one could be sitting next to you right at this moment and you wouldn't know they were an extra-terrestrial.

The Peacekeepers prevent the bad guys from running rampant exploiting humanity and earth.

The final group is composed of disinterested extra-terrestrial civilizations. I call them tourists. This type passes through from time to time and sometimes picks up a human for study. However, it is nothing more than curiosity and they are aware of the planetary rules; human returned unharmed.

In all the years I have been attending these conferences, all you hear about are the gray aliens, alien hardware that might exist, abductions, sliced-up livestock and to some extent, hybrids. Never what it all means or what is going on. Today, you are going to hear what is going on from a new perspective. You are going to learn about the neglected aspect of the extra-terrestrial equation; the Peacekeepers.

In the short amount of time that I have to speak, I cannot do the subject justice. However, I will talk fast.

The story has to begin with fairly modern human history but the good guys have been watching over mankind for a long time and the bad guys have been trying to exploit mankind for a long time. There is a planetary charter enforced by a consortium of powerful extraterrestrial civilizations that states No extra-terrestrial civilization can exploit or directly control humanity.

The Peacekeepers' task is to enforce this planetary policy. The loophole in the policy is that anything that has an aspect of human or earth in it is considered a part of earth. The Peacekeepers realized that eventually the gray aliens would figure this out and make their move to integrate themselves into humans as soon as human technology reached the point where they could do so. The key factor is that humans had to provide the means; human knowledge and technology had to evolve to a point that the gray aliens could utilize it for their agenda. The charter specifically prohibits extra-terrestrials from officially providing hardware. They can tell you about, even tell you how to build it, but they can't do it for you.

Anticipating this move the Peacekeepers began following genetic lines of human families between 350-400 years ago to find suitable host vehicles to counteract the threat from the gray aliens when the time arrived. Although 400 years sounds like a long time, the average life span of a Peacekeeper extra-terrestrial is 10,000 earth years.

The reason for the gray alien hybridization program is that they are a dying civilization. Currently, they live a few hundred earth years although in times past, they lived much longer. Around 15,000 years ago, they lived 1200-2000 earth years. This has been rapidly declining. With their reproductive capacity failing and their longevity diminishing, the only hope they have of continuing their civilization is by creating a viable hybrid with a human. The gray aliens want this planet for their own. If their hybridization programs succeeds, they will fulfill the loophole and have a more superior being than humans but being part human, the planetary policy, and the enforcement associated with it, does not apply.

The Peacekeepers solution to this problem is genetically engineered humans who will counteract the gray hybrids when it becomes necessary. Thus, an alien hybrid will not be allowed to dominate humanity because they will be neutralized by a superior, human being that exceeds the capacity of the typical gray alien.

It needs to be mentioned that the least sophisticated extra-terrestrial is vastly superior to a human. This superiority can take the form of physical strength but usually does not. The alien technology is superior and their personal electro-magnetic field is so strong that capacities that humans call extra-sensory, such as telepathy and telekinesis, is routine for the average alien. Some do it naturally, others use technology to boost inherent abilities; abilities that humans also have dormant within them.

A point I would like to make is that both the Peacekeepers and the gray aliens have bases on earth, usually in general proximity to each other. The Peacekeepers tend to have their earth bases inside of mountains. The gray aliens, have their bases underground or underwater. The level of technology is a deciding factor. The Peacekeepers have an incredible technology and can create bases inside of mountains that have no access unless you dematerialize the rock to get into them. The gray aliens have actually had to have humans build their bases for them.

In summary, there are three classes of extra-terrestrials consisting of a number of different civilizations from numerous solar systems in this galaxy, associating with the planet earth. The good guys act as Peacekeepers preventing primitive humans from being exploited. The bad guys, as represented by the gray aliens, are the ones that go around slicing up live stock, an occasional human and doing the abductions that you have heard so much about. Finally, a third class, which I call tourists, have some degree of curiosity about human beings and some degree of contact with them on a research basis.

This summary would not be complete without making a definitive statement. The Roswell, New Mexico incident, actually one of several in the Southwest in 1947, DID OCCUR!

These crashes were not accidents. They were a direct result of a confrontation between the gray aliens and the Peacekeepers. The Peacekeepers selected remote locations for the confrontations to prevent injury to humans. The Peacekeepers selected land sites to send a message to the humans. I will explain that shortly.

Those craft that crashed were shot down, and believe me, the US military, or no other military on earth, has the capacity to confront even the most primitive extra-terrestrial in 1947 or the present.

Those crashed vehicles in 1947, as I mentioned, were shot down. It was no accident that they were in the United States. You see, the US inherited more than just the Nazis scientists after World War 2, they assumed the alliance with the gray aliens as well. The Peacekeepers were sending a message to those humans foolish enough to embrace the gray aliens; you may be impressed with gray technology but we can destroy it anytime we want. The Peacekeepers have continued to destroy gray aliens that have violated the planetary charter. These battles, although not frequent, take place from time to time. Some people tend to interpret them as thunderstorms due to the nature of the weapons. A battle took place over the Gulf of Mexico in the late 1980s.

In 1947, and whenever possible, some agency of the US government recovered the vehicles and bodies. I would like to point out that there was a response team who was very well aware of what they were doing and very well practiced at retrieving these vehicles and silencing the local population. If you read the descriptions of the threats made against the witnesses of Roswell and it reminds you of tactics of the Nazis, you are right on target.

The purpose of retrieving the hardware and dead aliens was to support their new allies by keeping them secret and to find out more about them. After all, no self respecting, live gray alien would allow himself to be disected. Also, getting the hardware indirectly was a loophole too. The humans hoped that they might be able to repair the equipment with the technical advice of the gray's and use it, gaining centuries of technical advancement for quick use. I don't believe it has worked too well due to lack of human technology to implement the advice of the grays. As I say, they can tell you about Zook, they can demonstrate a Zook, they can tell you how they build a Zook, but they can't build a Zook for a human. It is ironic that the gray agenda is hampered by the very beings they wish to control.

It is interesting that the witnesses to the Roswell situation were confronted with an issue of national security. The only reason to keep knowledge of the gray aliens a secret for national security would be to hide the alliance that some element of the United States had with them. Perhaps the humans behind this alliance were afraid that every other country would want their own gray alien alliance so they wanted to keep it secret. Of course, the gray aliens have made alliances with whatever human governments they feel will suit their agenda. It is likely that Saddam's admiration of Hitler also includes a gray association.

You've heard about the gray alien hybrids many times at these conferences. The gray alien hybrid program began in 1930 with an alliance formed with Hitler which empowered the Nazis regime. I have a great deal of detail related to this alliance but probably won't have time to present it due to time constraints. If I have time, I will give you the history beginning in 1930 with the Nazis. However, the genetic engineering of the Peacekeepers is more important and I will focus mainly on that aspect.