Most of us that have extensive contact with extra-terrestrial civilizations were kept blocked from the memories until 1989. I have been told this was for our protection. I won't go into that topic because it is an extensive category by itself. Because of this memory block, there were many events and aspects of our lives that we could not explain. When some of us were finally allowed to remember in 1989, many light bulbs began to shine. Many explanations of self came into focus. For me, one of those aspects involved my problems with time.

As a child, I was hopelessly lost in school for the lessons of telling time. It was in the third grade. The analog clocks did not make sense to me. But more important, I could not understand how you REALLY KNEW it was a particular time. My third grade teacher, Mrs. White, was a very nice person and very patient. But she eventually became frustrated with me as I could not understand how you REALLY KNEW it was a particular time.

One day, in frustration, she sent me down the hall to the large wall clock outside the main offices and told me to come back with the time. I dutifully went and stood staring at this meaningless device. Fortunately, it was about lunch time and as a class was going by to the lunch room, I asked someone what time it was and took the answer back.

I did not learn to tell time until I accepted the fact that it was ARTIFICIAL. When I accepted this as a child, I became fixated on time. Watches became a large part of my life; I needed one so much so, that I would sleep with one on. This little quirk is what first alerted me to Time Splicing although I did not realize it at the time.

When I was in college, my parents gave me a very nice watch one Christmas. It was a Bulova Accutron, one of the first highly accurate electric watches. It had a day and date wheel that changed at 12:05am every day. I was very proud of this watch. It had a tuning fork that gave off a very distinct hum. It was also waterproof and I wore it all the time. It was this infallible watch that alerted me to Time Splicing.

The first clue was when I went to bed one night wearing the watch. The next morning, the day and corresponding date were ONE DAY AHEAD! My rationalization was that the watch was malfunctioning but when I reset the day/date, it worked fine. So, I ignored it.

Then, there were times when the watch would be off 20 or so minutes, sometimes ahead, sometimes behind. It was not gradual, since I constantly monitored the time. It would be sudden. This happened at least two times and I thought the watch was malfunctioning. Maybe it needed a new battery. I was very surprised when the watch repair person told me the battery was fine and that his test instrument showed that the watch was keeping perfect time. Since he worked on Accutrons, he had a special test device to adjust them and my watch was right on time. Again, I thought it strange but ignored it.

However, a shift did occur. I found that I began to take the watch off at night. I had been sleeping with my watch on since childhood but suddenly found myself taking it off.

In 1989, I discovered my extra-terrestrial experiences. I eventually learned about Time Splicing.

Basically, Time Splicing is a person being gone during an extra-terrestrial contact experience for more than 24 hours but the extra-terrestrials put them back into the timeline within 20 minutes plus or minus of original departure. This is literally time travel and not every extra-terrestrial civilization is capable of it.

So, my Bulova Accutron was telling me the truth. To keep from discovering what was going on, I had been encouraged to stop wearing it when I went to sleep, since most contact experiences tend to take place at that time.

When you think about it, with numerous extended contacts with Time Splicing returns, you could be several years older than you think you are. It is rather a strange feeling to not really know how old you are, but then, contact with extra-terrestrials is pretty strange to.

After I learned about time splicing, I also noticed other clues to suggest that it had happened. Hair and finger nails growing "faster" than normal for example.

I know other people who have had these Time anomalies.

I don't know how the extra-terrestrials accomplish Time Splicing but it is for real. The next time your watch malfunctions, is it really?