Ancient carving of Grey Alien at Tiahaunaco, Bolivia on Lake Titicaca.

TIAHUANACO - Extra-Terrestrial Connection?

By Bonnie Ryan

[Editor's Note: Tiahuanaco first received wide-spread notice in 1974 when the NBC network presented the special, In Search of Ancient Astronauts. This show was based on Erich Von Daniken's, Chariots of the Gods ?. Von Daniken presented a number of ancient sites, vividly present on camera by NBC, that suggested that in ancient times, humans had contact with spaceships and their inhabitants.

It is been said that at Tiahuanaco, an advanced race of extra-terrestrials genetically engineered Neanderthal man into the various races that exist today. Their work was completed 100,000 years ago.

In December of 2002, the author of this article went to Tiahuanaco, located in the vicinity of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.]

For many years I have wanted to go to Peru. There was something about the area that called to me. Finally, I started making preparations for the trip in the Fall of 2002 with the visit scheduled for December; summer in South America. In discussing the upcoming trip with a friend, it was asked if I had scheduled a visit to Tiahuanaco. I had not since it is located in Bolivia and I had scheduled for Peru. However, I contacted the tour company and made the necessary arrangements to include a visit to Tiahuanaco. I'm glad that I did because it was the most meaningful experience of the entire trip.

Tiahuanaco is located in a sparsely populated, mountainous region east of the southern part of Lake Titicaca on a toll road that goes from La Paz, Bolivia to Desaguaradero, Peru . There is nothing around it for many miles.

At Tiahuanaco, I documented several electromagnetic anomalies with a compass.

Akapana Pyramid - Levels 3-5 located at Tiahaunaco, Bolivia on Lake Titicaca

One anomaly was at a structure called the Akapana Pyramid. I climbed the seven levels of the ruin which was in the process of being excavated. It had a large pool at the top from which my guide said ancient astronomers studied the stars from reflections in the pool. Only on one side could we get close to the rim. This was the first spot where I noticed an electromagnetic change. The needle of my compass was about 40 degrees off the determined location of North when checked at the center point on the part of the observation rim that was accessible. The affect, to a lesser degree, was present at all points along that rim.


Oversvation pool at top of Akapana Pyramide at Tiahaunaco, Bolivia

A short distance from the Akapana Pyramid, there was a very intriguing structure. It was a large basement - like room well below the current ground level. It was about the size of two basketball courts. It was about eight feet below ground level. There was one set of stairs about ten feet wide with about eight rather deep steps. The walls were about eighteen inches thick.

In the center of the room, there were three monoliths. A tall one with two smaller, same sized monoliths on either side.

The most interesting part of this room was that all along the walls were heads sticking out of the wall! About every 3 feet there was a new head! The human heads were representing the facial features of races of people from all over the current world! The guide pointed out two heads that Thor Hyadahl said also represented the skulls of aliens.


Basement of the dead at Tiahaunaco, Bolivia on Lake Titicaca

Alien head at basement of the dead in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia

Alien head in basement of the dead at Tiahuanaco, Bolivia

Head in basement of the dead at Tiahuanaco, Bolivia. This head appears to have had goggles of some sort over the eyes.

It was impressive to me to see facial features of people from all over the world represented in a wall assumed to be over 5,000 years old. It certainly made me think that the builders may have had contacts with people from other parts of the universe also when I saw those two heads that were alien-looking. I saw many places where I thought the stone had been stripped of ornamentation because of flat, bare places on the faces of some of the stone protruding occupants in this area. In its original form, the room must have been spectacular!

To say in that era that builders had contact with people from all over the world and perhaps outside of this solar system, and then say they were so primitive that they had to make blueprints out of stone, move stone without the wheel, cut and fit stone walls perfectly without adequate tools seemed to be a contradiction. Most of the workmanship at this site was very intricate, not primitive by modern standards. I was uncomfortable with the assumption that the people who built this basement of heads were primitive!

Further evidence of the Tiahuanaco people's familiarity with the various races of the Earth was presented in a number of museums at the archeological site containing local artifacts from many different time periods. There was ancient pottery on display that also had faces of every human nationality known to us now ! One could discern Middle Eastern faces, African faces, European faces, faces like the current local inhabitants and every other human race that I am aware of. How did an ancient race, thousands of feet above sea level in a land locked country know what all the other races of Earth looked like?

Gate of the Sun at Tiahuanaco, Bolivia






Another significant structure at Tiahuanaco was the Door of the Sun. It is a famous stone carving in the shape of a doorway. Above the doorway, are four rows of carvings attributed with various meanings by modern theorists.

Door of the Sun at Tiahuanaco

About twenty feet to the left of the Door of the Sun, I had my most exciting moment. I walked up to a large black stone that seemed to have no particular reason to be there. My guide did not call attention to it but I stopped and got out my compass. I was more interested in it than the Door of the Sun, the main attraction! I felt an excitement about being close to the flat black rock and wanted to stand on it. It felt very good to stand on it. Usually the guide did not want me to encroach on special sites but he had no reaction to my standing on this rock. My compass gave vastly different readings at different points on its surface. The most outstanding reading was exactly 180 degrees wrong for due north! The electromagnetic strength of the spot was the most amazing I have ever seen. It was, by outward appearances, nothing special but inwardly, emotionally, I felt like that rock was the most important thing I had seen on my trip. The atmosphere and altitude of the place was not appealing to me emotionally but that rock was as magnetic to me as it was to my compass! I would have liked to spend more time on that rock. I would like to know what part it played in ancient Tiahuanaco.

My trip to South America was my "dream vacation". I do not really know why I had to go but I did. No one I know has every traveled to South America but that did not even slow me down. I did not speak adequate Spanish but that did not stop me. It meant going alone but I went anyway. I DID need some help so a tourist agency planned my accommodations, some meals, English speaking guides and transportation. Going on this trip, I found that I needed some special services but the expense was less than I though because of the comparatively high value of the dollar there.

It was unforgettable. It was like arriving at Mt. Everest. TIAHUANACO was there and so was I !


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