By a Pensacola, Florida Resident

In the late Spring of 1993, a most unusual event occurred that had paranormal phenomena with physical manifestations.

Let me begin by saying that in early 1993, there was a problem with automobiles being vandalized in driveways at night in my neighborhood. In response to this problem, I installed a surveillance camera on the driveway attached to a VCR set to record the entire night period (where the surveillance equipment was set up in the dining room, a 4 foot twin fluorescent light was left on), a motion activated light on the driveway and a security light on the side of the house that activated at dusk. It was my routine to review the tapes every few days to reuse them if nothing suspicious was observed.

One night, I had gone to the bedroom about 2am to take a shower and go to bed. I had just started to prepare my shower when the lights flickered. These are fluorescent lights.

This happened a couple of times. Then on the side of the house with the bedroom and attached bath, there were noises; banging on the side of the house and garbled sound like voices. The lights flickered a couple of more times.

At this point, I decided I should investigate as it sounded like prowlers. I went into the living room and immediately discovered that the twin fluorescent light over the surveillance equipment was out. The light was still on in the kitchen however, so I proceeded out the back sliding glass door on to the back porch. Outside, I immediately noticed that my security light was OUT on the side of the house where noises and muffled voices had occurred. I ran back inside for a flashlight and other security equipment as it appeared I had intruders in my back yard.

When I quickly came back with the light, I investigated the area but saw nothing. This didn't take but a couple of minutes as it is a small back yard. I was confused as there was nothing there and no vehicles or people on the street.

So, I assumed that the light was out because the outside circuit breaker, a ground interrupter unit that had given me much trouble, had tripped again. However, I discovered that the circuit breaker was NOT tripped.

After checking the breaker in the garage, I went back into the house and climbed on a chair to check the twin 4 foot fluorescent light fixture that was out. I immediately discovered that the primary tube was hanging partially OUT of the fixture. I reinserted the tube properly and the light came back on. The weird thing was that I had been in that room before going back to the shower to check the surveillance equipment and the light was WORKING. If you know anything about fluorescent tube lights, they do NOT unscrew themselves.

I was rather worked up at the prospect of having a prowler and was moving pretty fast. It should have taken less than 10 minutes to check outside, check the breaker box and check the light fixture. However, when I got back to the bedroom, the clock indicated more than 25 minutes had elapsed. My wife, who participated in the event from inside the house, and I were confused as to how much time had passed. It simply did not take that long to check things out.

Then, once again in the bathroom I looked out the window and the security light was ON!

However, the final evidence came a few days later when I was reviewing the surveillance tapes. When reviewing the one from that night, at the time when the disturbance occurred, approximately 2:05am, there was over 18 minutes of BLANK RECORDING on the surveillance tape. This means that the VCR was recording but there was no signal for over 18 minutes. With no lapse in the recording signal, the driveway suddenly reappears.

I still don't know what happened that night but the facts are rather simple. Something disrupted the electric power but did not knock it out, something knocked out the security light, something unscrewed the primary tube of a twin 4 foot fluorescent fixture to render it inoperable, something was banging on the side of the house with the deactivated security light with other strange sounds resembling muffled conversation and the surveillance VCR recorded a BLANK signal for over 18 minutes; the perceived length of time of the incident. The security light and the surveillance camera started working again at approximately the same time after the incident.

I can only say that my wife and I KNOW that it did NOT take long to check things out. And we both were surprise at what the clock registered; we commented to each other that it did NOT take that long. I have no doubt that something weird happened that night. The light fixture had been in place for 9 years and never unscrewed itself. It has not done it again in 6 years. Nothing else has malfunctioned either.

From past experience, I would say that this was classic extra-terrestrial activity. I feel that the light fixture was intentionally deactivated in a mechanical way (no feasible explanation) to draw attention to the incident. The other occurrences could possibly be explained away but a fluorescent tube does not unscrew itself from the fixture.

Perhaps one day I will find out what REALLY happened that night that is now referred to as WEIRD MONDAY.