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Life Energy - Lack of pH Balance was Killing Me!
A Practical Application of Yin/Yang

by Robert M. Stone, M.S.

I was dying and I didn't know why!

I have always lived a healthy lifestyle. No bad habits, no eating bad foods and drinking plenty of water. Of course, taking vitamins and minerals. Yet, I started noticing that I was falling apart about 5 years ago. In retrospect, I realize that it had started slowly much earlier; 30 or so years ago when I was in my early 20's but I didn't recognize it at the time.

I am a psychically sensitive person and I could perceive the various parts of my body deteriorating. None of it made sense to me as I was eating right, taking supplements and drinking plenty of purified water.

So, I began programming my subconscious for a solution. Every night, as I laid down to sleep, I would request that my subconscious give me the solution to my health problems.

By this time, they were very pronounced. I was having blood pressure problems, heart irregularities, nose bleeds, fungus on my legs that I couldn't get rid of, red splotches on my forehead, psoriasis spots, my hearing was fading, my eyesight was fading, I had developed tunnel carpal syndrome, I couldn't keep my teeth clean as they would coat up without eating anything and I developed a weight problem even though I've never been a big eater.

Doctors were of no help. They had their diagnoses of course and prescribe all sorts of chemicals but none of what they prescribe helped and I think it began to make things worse. I wasted thousands of dollars.

In 2004, I noticed I was beginning to have kidney problems and pain with my liver. Not good at all. At this point, I had spent 3 years and thousands of dollars trying to get help. I was taking all sorts of vitamins and minerals but I kept going downhill. I subscribed to alternative health newsletters and although there was some useful information in there which I implemented, I continued to go downhill.

It had been a frustrating 5 years beginning with breaking two ribs which didn't heal properly. Then, the development of the skin problems. Then the hearing and eyesight. High blood pressure. It seemed that I had every health problem except for cancer and I felt that was coming next.

Before I got my subconscious involved, through reading I had discovered some things that I had but had not been identified by the seven or eight doctors I'd been to. Now, I realize that all these health problems were all caused by one thing, lack of pH balance. My subconscious was what led me to this discovery.

The first thing I discovered by reading alternative health sources was that I had hypothyroidism. I had been ill a couple of times since 2000 and when I went to take my temperature, the thermometer read 96.5. I knew I was running some sort of fever so I assumed the thermometer was defective. It was a digital one so I tried the traditional type. I got about the same reading and assumed it was a cheap housebrand one from one of the pharmacy chains. At the time, it never occurred to me that the thermometers were accurate and my temperature WAS sub level because I didn't know how that could happen.

I also noticed that my skin had started getting very dry. I have always had oily skin. I come from a family with oily skin. Yet, my skin was becoming dry and scaly.

Then I found a doctor who had read Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness by Dr. Broder O. Barnes. I filled out the checklist for hypothyroidism and had a large number of the symptoms. He prescribed natural thyroid tablets and they did start helping.

However, my question was, Why? Why did I have hypothyroidism?

The answer came in one of my alternative health newsletters. In it, there was a simple test to determine if you had iodine deficiency. It said to get a bottle of tincture of iodine and paint a 1" square somewhere on your arm or leg. If the square was still visible after 24 hours your iodine level was fine; if it disappeared before that, you had an iodine deficiency. Well, mine totally disappeared in 4 HOURS! So, despite taking multivitamins with iodine, I was seriously deficient.

The article said to keep putting on the tincture of iodine until the patch stayed for 24 hours which would indicate that your iodine issue was resolve. Well I tried this. I kept putting it on and although it did stay on longer, I couldn't put enough on to solve the problem and eventually I got allergic to the tincture of iodine. Still my iodine level was deficient. There had to be a better way but I was on my own. Even the doctor who prescribed the thyroid hormone had never alerted me to iodine deficiency. How to get the iodine I needed.

In researching that question, I discovered the work of Dr. Abraham., an award winning biochemist. His work revealed that the RDA for iodine in the American diet of 150mcg was 1/100th of what was needed for health. Yes, if you took the RDA for iodine which I was doing, you were iodine deficient which is exactly what happened to me. You needed at least 100 times what the RDA said you did. Well, this explained why, even though I took multivitamins and minerals everyday with the RDA for iodine, I had a chronic iodine deficiency.

Dr. Abraham's work also revealed that many health problems are associated with iodine deficiency and resolving the deficiency removed the health problems. To get the iodine one needed, he developed a product called Iodoral. I got some and after a while, I didn't need as much thyroid hormone as my thyroid was working more on it's own.

In the work of Dr. Abraham, I learned that chlorine in drinking water damages the thyroid. Also, that fluoride in drinking water damages it even worse. The combination of the two was most serious as they are in the same family as iodine and if you have little iodine, the thyroid takes up the chlorine and fluoride which damages it. Well, I discovered that the local water authority had started putting fluoride, a toxic waste, in the local water supply a few years before I noticed my health was slipping downhill. A water system that had been in existence for over a hundred years without fluoride decided to start putting toxic waste in the water!

I had always had a water filter on my drinking water but discovered, through reading alternative health newsletters, that it did NOTHING for fluoride. It took out chlorine just fine but fluoride came right through. So, lack of adequate iodine coupled with unnecessary fluoride in the drinking water had damaged my thyroid.

I changed my filter system to reverse osmosis, which I learned in the alternative health newsletter, takes out everything harmful including fluoride. However, it introduced a new problem that again, none of the alternative health people talked about. They have been complaining about the hazards of drinking water for years and suggesting distilled water or reverse osmosis water but they NEVER, NEVER revealed the one hazard of this water. That one hazard was killing me. What was it? ACID! All purified water is ACID!

Every health problem I had discovered on my own, with no help from the medical profession and little help from alternative sources were indeed a problem. With the thyroid hormone and iodine, my skin dryness was resolved and my temperature was in the normal range. But, I still was going downhill. The leg fungus, the blood pressure, the hearing, the vision, kidneys, liver etc were still going downhill. I was doing everything right but it wasn't' working.

It was at this point where I intensely started programming my subconscious for a solution. I knew I had some sort of pathogen problem because of this chronic leg fungus, yet all the immune boosters and vitamins-minerals were doing nothing.

In the course of trying to heal myself, I had purchased a book called Natural Cures "They" Don't want you to Know About". I had been unimpressed with this book as it had NO natural cures in it. (Since I wrote this report, the book has been reprinted putting the natural cures in, doubling the size for the same price so it is now a useful reference.) I had put it aside because I didn't find anything of use in it. Yet, after programming my subconscious for a couple of weeks, I was compelled to get the book out. That's how the subconscious works. It doesn't TELL you, it applies nonverbal urges. After searching through the book, I discovered there was a web site associated with it. I was compelled to go look. The opening of the site was just promos for the book and speaking engagements. To see any information required signing up for 10.00 per month. What to do. A book that seemed useless and now, a pay per view site. What to do. Well, since I had been compelled to deal with this useless book, I signed up and entered the site. There was only one category there that had anything to do with pathogens. It was about the herpes virus but I know that was applicable to any virus or pathogen. The section recommended a book called Never an Outbreak by William Fharel along with his web site. I went to the site and read up on it. I ordered the kit that included the book, stabilized oxygen and DMSO. Again, I was urged to do this.

When I got the book, it opened the door; it had the solution that I was looking for. The pH balance problem. ACID as the source of health deterioration.

Fharel mentioned several books that dealt with pH balance and I ordered them all. Alkalize or Die by Theodore A. Baroody, The pH Miracle by Robert O. Young and Reverse Aging by Sang Whang. Out of all of them Whang's book was the most informative although they all had valuable information. Whang even created products to help achieve alkalinity which can be purchased from his web site.

According the books, upon arising (It's not accurate at any other time of day), putting saliva on a pH test strip shows your pH condition. It should be around pH 7.5, or slightly alkaline. That is the healthy state. As your pH drops, your health goes down with it. I tested my pH and it was 5.0; very acid. I tested my reverse osmosis water and it's pH was 4.0. Super acid. I was poisoning myself with "pure" water the alternative newsletters were always promoting. I had noticed that after I installed the reverse osmosis system in the fall of 2004, my health really started deteriorating. Thanks to Fharel and his recommendations for the various pH books, I now knew why.

The cells being acid caused a chemical reaction which depleted the oxygen from them. With low cell oxygen, pathogens flourish. With high acid, vitamins and minerals are destroyed before they can do any good.

Dr. Baroody had compiled a list of health issues associated with various levels of acid:

Beginning Symptoms:

1. Acne
2. Agitation
3. Muscular pain
4. Cold hands and feet
5. Dizziness
6. Low energy
7. Joint pains that travel
8. Food allergies
9. Chemical sensitivities to odors, gas heat
10. Hyperactivity
11. Panic attacks
12. Pre-menstrual and menstrual cramping
13. Pre-mentrual anxiety and depression
14. Lack of sex drive
15. Bloating
16. Heartburn
17. Diarrhea
18. Constipation
19. Hot urine
20. Strong smelling urine
21. Mild headaches
22. Rapid panting breath
23. Rapid heartbeat
24. Irregular heartbeat
25. White coated tongue
26. Hard to get up in morning
27. Excess head mucous
28. Metallic taste in mouth

Intermediate Symptoms

1. Cold sores (Herpes)
2. Depression
3. Loss of memory
4. Loss of concentration
5. Migraine headaches
6. Insomnia
7. Disturbance in smell, taste, vision, hearing
8. Asthma
9. Bronchitis
10. Hay fever
11. Ear aches
12. Hives
13. Swelling
14. Viral infections
15. Bacterial infections
16. Fungal infections
17. Impotence
18. Urethritis
19. Cystitis
20. Urinary infection
21. Gastritis
22. Colitis
23. Excessive falling hair
24. Psoriasis
25. Endometriosis
26. Stuttering
27. Numbness and tingling
28. Sinusitis

Advanced Symptoms

1. Chron's disease
2. Schizophrenia
3. Learning disabled
4. Hodgkin's disease
5. Systemic Lupus Erythematosis
6. Multiple Sclerosis
7. Sarcoidosis
8. Rheumatoid arthritis
9. Myasthenia gravis
10. Scleroderma
11. Leukemia
12. Tuberculosis
13. All other forms of cancer.

As you can see from these lists, many of the health problems that affect people are on it. I had most on the list. I was rapidly heading to the Advanced Symptoms list.

All of those books were helpful. Whang's book was the most realistic. Alkalize or Die and The pH Miracle are written by vegetarian advocates. I'm not a vegetarian and have no interest in becoming one. Their books are good in that they define the health problems of being too acid, and of course, being acid at all is too acid, and they also tell the acid/alkaline values of foods so you can make better eating decisions. I know there are a number of foods I have no use for anymore.

Whang's approach is more practical. He encourages drinking strong alkaline water. The only food he says should be avoided totally is soda due to the high acid content. After watching how acid has almost killed me, sodas, and I've drank literally thousands of gallons of it in my lifetime, are off my consumption list forever. How can you consume something that you know 100% is destructive to your health?

Whang developed several products to help people recover from acid. One is drops called Alkalife. He markets them at his web site I've purchased all his alkalizing products. Whang's book is great if you skip over the chemistry explanations.

However, to do the program economically, a water ionizer is necessary. You should be drinking a gallon of strong alkaline water per day. Where I live, the water is awful. The fluoride toxin they intentionally put in it is just one of several chemical contaminants. So, I have to use reverse osmosis. That makes the water super acid. It was drinking the reverse osmosis water that accelerated my health deterioration.

Using the Alkalife drops, to bring up a gallon of the reverse osmosis water to alkaline requires 60 drops. The alkalizer won't work on reverse osmosis water because there are no minerals in it. Most water ionizers have a place for a calcium cartridge but that alone was not making the water alkaline enough. I discovered that if you run the reverse osmosis water through a calcite filter and then into the water ionizer, it makes pH 9 water with no problem. I still use the alkalife because I want the pH of my drinking water to be 10 but I don't use as much.

Since Whang made it clear that being too acid meant low cell oxygen, I found a book called Flood Your Body with Oxygen by Ed. McCabe. The books a little dull to read but it is packed with great information on oxygen. Not only does he talk about all the oxygen therapies that exist, he has the best description of the detox symptoms I've ever seen.

So it is now two months since I discovered the alkaline program. After about 7 weeks on the program my pH came up to 7.0. Not where it needs to be but not acid. However, after a couple of days of being pH 7.0, I started having the detox symptoms. Fortunately, McCabe's book on oxygen had alerted me to this and also indicated it was a sign of making progress.

Something as simple as alkaline water and oxygen is restoring my health. Inexpensively. The ionizer cost me 975.00 because I bought the best there was at the time. Since my purchase, some more sophisticated models have been released. There are less expensive ones that are good too. Although that 975.00 sounds like a lot of money, consider the cost of blood pressure medicine of 150.00 per month for LIFE. Not to mention the misery that these chemicals cause.

After being on the program for a number of months now, myself, my family, my pets and my friends who all went on the alkaline/oxygen program are recovering from health problems that we've suffered for years.

Is it for you? Read the books and you decide:

Reverse Aging by Sang Whang
Alkalize or Die by Theodore A. Baroody
The pH Miracle by Robert O. Young

The alternative health guys have advocated drinking purified water since I started reading them in 1989. But not one of them addressed the acid problem. That is a serious failure. Both distilled and Reverse Osmosis water are very acid. Read the books and find out what being too acid does to your health.

I will never drink water again without knowing it's pH!

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